”Yo, it ’s been a whi…WHOA! ”


While Yuna and Anko were telling Hinata and Naruto about their encounter with Orochimaru, a big man with long spiky hair jumped through the living room window and greeted them.

Unfortunately for the man, the moment his feet landed on the ground, seals lit up all over the room, and moments later, he fell to the ground, had his chakra sealed was tied up, and had a cake in his face.

When the four people saw who the intruder was, they all rolled their eyes simultaneously, and Yuna started to speak.

”Seriously, Jiraiya, shouldn ’t you have learned not to enter our house through the window the last time this happened? ”

”How is this my fault!? I was given one of those black tokens at the gate and was told that that type of token grants me the most freedom of movement! ”

Yet again, Yuna couldn ’t help but roll her eyes at Jiraiya.

”That might be the case, but do you seriously think that that would include our personal living space? I might not be someone who is interested in what is considered common sense, but even I wouldn ’t give someone random the keys to my house. ”

”Hey! Who are you calling someone random? I ’m the great Jiraiya, the toad sage! ”

”Yeah, and you are currently wiggling around on the floor of my living room with cake in your face, so I don ’t really see your point. ”

An annoyed expression appeared on Jiraiya ’s face, and after struggling to get out of the ropes that were binding him a little longer, he decided to give up his struggle.

”*Sigh* Fine, I give up. Sorry for entering unannounced through your window, so can you free me now. ”

Yuna shrugged her shoulders and theatrically snapped her finger, resulting in Jiraiya ’s binding loosening.

While Jiraiya was getting rid of his binding and wiping the cake out of his face, Anko noticed something unusual about Jiraiya.

”Wait a moment, since this was the first time the seal caught you, that means that this was the first place you entered illegally inside the Uzumaki compound. How come that you didn ’t head for the Uzumaki compounds outdoor bathing area first? Or, to be more precise, the female-only section of said bathing area. ”

Everyone ’s eyes immediately landed on Jiraiya when they heard Anko ’s question. Only now did everyone realize that that was indeed rather unusual behavior for Jiraiya.

When he saw everyone looking at him weirdly, he scoffed in disdain while looking visibly offended.

”You really are looking down on me, aren ’t you? The reason I didn ’t go there first is that I didn ’t know that it even existed. Anyway, I have something important to do, so see you later. ”


Not even half a second later, Jiraiya returned to his initial position on the ground with a new cake in his face.


A few minutes later, Jiraiya was allowed to take a seat while there still was an annoyed expression on his face.

”Anyway, today I actually came here with an offer for you and Naruto, Yuna. ”

While Yuna wasn ’t too interested in whatever Jiraiya had to offer, Naruto ’s eyes started to shine with curiosity.

”Oh? What do you have for us, young pervert? ”

Jiraiya ’s eyebrows twitched in irritation when he heard the nickname Naruto had given to him but decided to comment no further on it. He already gave up that battle a while ago.

”As you already know, Akatsuki is after the Jinchuuriki, but I got some information that they won ’t make any moves for a year or two. So, I decided to take you on a trip to see other aspects of the world and not just the shinobi side. So far, you have only experienced life in Konoha, and every time you were outside of it, it was due to a mission. Seeing different aspects of the world while not on a mission will be helpful for your future. ”

When he was done speaking, Yuna instantly lost the little interest she had in Jiraiya ’s offer and immediately waved it away.

”I ’m not going. ”

Jiraiya nodded in acknowledgment when he heard Yuna ’s reaction. He honestly didn ’t think that Yuna would be interested anyway and only made the offer so she wouldn ’t feel left behind. From the beginning, Yuna never gave off the feeling of someone ignorant of the world, which was why Jiraiyawas confident that she would reject his offer.

Naruto, on the other hand, was genuinely interested in Jiraiya ’s offer. Although he had already traveled around quite a bit, it was true that that was always due to some kind of mission, which usually had to be done at a certain pace, which prevented him from enjoying the travel properly.

Despite being somewhat interested, a frown appeared on his face after a few moments of pondering, which caused Yuna to roll her eyes.

”Naruto accepts your offer, but only if Haku and Ino are allowed to come with you two as well. ”

”E-Eh? N-Nee-san, where did that come from? ”

Yuna gave the flustered Naruto an annoyed glance, while Hinata and Anko couldn ’t help but chuckle a little at Naruto ’s blushing face.

”Well, well, well, as a healthy young man, it ’s only natural that Naruto doesn ’t want to be separated from his two girlfriends, isn ’t that right, Anko? ”

”Indeed, I guess he can ’t even fall asleep without two beauties clinging to him anymore. Or maybe…he has reached a point where he could only fall asleep after a long session of night acti… ”



Before Anko could finish speaking, Naruto interrupted her by smacking his palms on the table in front of him. Unfortunately, he let something else slip during the following outburst, which caused Yuna to chuckle in amusement.

”Yet, huh? It ’s good that you have clear ambitions for the future, but make sure to wear protection when you do it. Do you want me to make a seal for that, or will you make it yourself? What kind of nonsense am I even saying? You probably already did, so you are always ready, right? ”

Naruto ’s face flushed crimson when he heard Yuna ’s words, which certainly wasn ’t helped by the fact that he indeed had already made a seal like that, which was a secret he wouldn ’t spill to Yuna even under the worst torture.

Since he was already backed into a corner, there was only one option left to save him from further embarrassment.

”I ’m coming with you if Ino and Haku can come as well, [Flying Thunder God Seal]. ”

Naruto hastily spoke a few words to Jiraiya and instantly teleported away. There was nothing more useful for getting out of an embarrassing situation than instantly teleporting somewhere else.

Meanwhile, Jiraiya didn ’t hear Naruto ’s words at all. In fact, he had exited the conversation a while ago and was currently furiously scribbling away in a notebook while a perverted chuckled would occasionally escape his mouth.

Yuna reconsidered allowing Naruto to travel with Jiraiya for a moment but decided not to bother about it in the end.

’It should be fine. Naruto is fully capable of functioning independently and is not stupid enough to stop his training while he travels like Hisoka ’s version did. And if he does, hehe. ’

After Naruto teleported, he thought he managed to get away from the whole situation, but moments later, a shiver went through his spine that caused him to look around warily.

’What is going on? For some reason, I feel like I am in danger. What has nee-san done this time? ”

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