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Hinata, Anko, Naruto, Ino, and Haku were currently gathered inside a vast training hall, due to Yuna calling them here. While Hinata, Anko, and Naruto could somewhat guess what Yuna wanted from them, Ino and Haku had no idea what this was about since they hadn ’t been told about the incident with Orochimaru yet.

A short moment later, Yuna entered the room with a casual smile on her face and started greeting the other five people.

”Yo, thanks for coming. I wanted to introduce you to two people who will be residing inside the Uzumaki compound for a few months. ”

While Hinata, Anko, and Naruto got their suspicions about today gathering confirmed, Ino and Haku still had no idea why Yuna would bother gathering everyone just to introduce two new residents.

”Well, might as well start the introductions. I choose you! Mito Senju! ”

” ” ” ” ”… ” ” ” ” ”

A small token appeared in Yuna ’s hand, and moments later, she made an extravagant throwing motion while yelling out Mito ’s name and tossed it a few meters away from her.

Meanwhile, everyone else in the room gave Yuna a weirded-out look due to her yell, which Yuna ignored utterly.

[You do realize that none of them could possibly get that reference and that doing it just made you look like a weirdo, right?]

’Nothing great was ever accomplished without making sacrifices. ’

[Are you alright, Yuna? That was a rather ordinary saying, and you didn ’t even mention the Dao once. I ’m getting a little worried.]

’Meh, I ’m fine. I guess I ’m still a little exhausted from fighting Mito and the Third Raikage yesterday, and let ’s not forget about the night activities that followed after that. ’


While Yuna and Kurama were talking with each other, a complex arrangement of seals started unraveling with the token Yuna just threw at the source, and moments later, Mito Senju appeared in the middle of the room.

At first, she looked around the room in confusion, but when she noticed Yuna, she charged towards her without hesitation and punched her in the face.


The Yuna Mito just punched shattered and turned into ice dust, and a second Yuna appeared nearby with a confused look on her face.

”Why are you asking a question you already know the answer to? I hide sealing formulas inside cakes. ”

Mito ’s eyebrows twitched in irritation when she heard Yuna ’s words, and she was just about to go for another attack when Naruto stepped between the two people.

”Hehe, how about we all calm down a little. There is no point in getting angry at people from the same clan, don ’t you think so as well, grandma Mito. ”

She was just about to push the intruder in her conflict aside when she heard Naruto call her grandma Mito, which immediately attracted her attention.

After looking at Naruto ’s face for a short moment, she immediately noticed his similarities to Kushina and remembered what Yuna told her about her family.

A doting smile appeared on Mito ’s face as she immediately started petting Naruto ’s head.

”Hahaha, very good. Just look at you; you are much cuter than that crazy child over there… ”

”Oi, that ’s rude. ”

”…Just look at your pure blue eyes; They make you look so innocent, unlike that battle junky over there… ”

”Is it just me, or are you saying all of that just to insult me? Are you perhaps hungry? It seems like you like the cake I served you, so would you like another one? ”

”…I wonder how you managed to get blonde her? How weird. While that monster over there has the proper Uzumaki hair color, the much cuter sibling gets the unusual hair… ”

”Yeah, now it is official. You are definitely craving for another cake. ”

While Mito was praising him, insulting Yuna, and Yuna was retorting to those insults, Naruto had sweat flowing down his back like a waterfall. He just wanted to alleviate the situation a little, and now he somehow stumbled into the crossfire of the duo ’s verbal battle.

His eyes were wandering all over the room to seek support from the other people that gathered here, but neither of those four people seemed to have even noticed the current conflict and were animatedly talking with each other like they never had a more exciting conversation in their lives.

In conclusion, they straight up abandoned Naruto to his fate. Wasn ’t he the one to walk straight into the crossfire himself? Since it was his decision, he should be the one to live with it.

The back and forth between Yuna and Mito continued a little longer before it started calming down a bit, which caused Naruto to sigh in relief. Since Yuna ’s barbs continued being rather playful, and Mito never really said something that Yuna considered to be actually insulting, the situation calmed down relatively peacefully.

Yet again, Mito ’s gaze wandered through the room, and this time she inspected the other for women who she hadn ’t interacted with yet. Although she had seen Anko before, they didn ’t exchange a single word either, so this could probably be considered their first proper meeting.

The first thing she noticed was that all four of them gave off a rather unique feeling. Despite everyone being somewhat young, all of them gave off a sense of strength and confidence, which Mito found rather unusual for such young people.

However, as an experienced shinobi, she could easily tell that this wasn ’t baseless confidence. All four of them had the strength to back up their confidence and could be considered Elite Shinobi even during her time.

That, felt highly unusual to Mito. She could easily assume that the four women in front of her were the girlfriends Yuna mentioned, but how is it possible that all four of them were powerful shinobi as well? From the way Yuna told her story, Mito didn ’t believe that this was arranged in any way so that only leaves one conclusion.

’Their strength significantly increased after they got together with the twins, but that should be impossible. ’

Mito glanced at Yuna for a split second, and when she saw the knowing smirk on her face, a shiver went through Mito ’s spine.

’That damn monster, just how many tricks does she have up her sleeve? ’

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