Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 285: Chatting with Mito and Tsunade

Over the course of the last few months, Tsunade Senju had truly started enjoying her new job as Hokage. Now that the other council members began doing their jobs properly, her paperwork was reduced significantly, and she even had enough time to relax during her work hours occasionally.

Naturally, some of the new council members tried to mess with her again, but their enthusiasm was stifled rather quickly when one of them bit off more than he could chew, which earned him a lovely all-inclusive trip to Konoha ’s T&I department.

After that incident, things calmed down considerably. Of course, those vultures still tried to earn themselves some advantages, but they were much more subdued in doing so. Well, as long as they didn ’t take it too far, Tsunade would allow it. It ’s not like she didn ’t take advantage of her position, after all.

Another thing she was rather happy about was that her gambling time was barely reduced since she became Hokage due to a huge casino opening relatively close to the Uzumaki compound. Despite the Uzumaki name not appearing in any of the contracts, Tsunade did not doubt that that was Yuna ’s doing. Another thing that should be mentioned was that gambling was illegal in Konoha, but since Tsunade is the Hokage… Well, that hurdle was cleared relatively quickly.

Despite her gambling time staying the same, she fully repaid her debt a few weeks ago, and she didn ’t even have to siphon any money out of Konoha ’s coffins due to all the people that wanted to ”welcome the new Hokage with a little present ”. In conclusion, she was swimming in money, and her alcohol collection was growing at a decent pace, which was no easy feat considering how often she plundered it.

For example, just yesterday, Yuna gave her a massive bottle that would probably last her a few days. Tsunade noticed that Yuna was plotting something beyond making her forget to ask questions about Orochimaru, but there was honestly nothing she could do about that. Yuna was always plotting something, after all.

It was previously mentioned that she was enjoying herself, but that was actually not entirely true due to…

”*Groan* it feels like my head is about to explode; I should seriously cut down on the alcohol. ”

…currently having a massive hangover.

Tsunade just woke up, and after taking a glance at the window, she concluded that it was either early morning, which meant she woke up just in time for her job or late afternoon, which meant she slept through a whole workday.

After considering whether she should stand up to actually look outside the window to confirm which guess was correct, she decided to close her eyes again and go back to sleep. She concluded that Konoha would probably survive one day without the Hokage.

However, before she could go back to sleep, a loud banging echoed through her residence, which caused her to wince due to being hungover.


Tsunade winced again when she heard the loud voice echoing through her house while an annoyed frown appeared on her face. Although she now got the confirmation that she indeed slept through her whole workday, she still wasn ’t happy that someone would dare to speak to her like that.

’Who the hell was that!? Who in Konoha would dare to speak to me like that!? Well, Yuna probably would, but there is no point in her doing so, and neither was that her voice. Now that I think about it, that voice sounded somewhat familiar. Who was that? ’

Tsunade pondered some more, but no matter how much she thought about it, she couldn ’t associate the voice with anyone. Unfortunately, if she was sober and didn ’t have a severe headache, she would have considered the current situation a little longer, but that wasn ’t the case.

She stood up with an annoyed scowl on her face and shakily walked towards her house door, which was still producing loud banging noises due to the unknown person knocking on it.


Tsunade became even angrier when she heard the other person scolding her like a child and forcefully opened the door, almost removing it from its frame.


The moment Tsunade finished speaking, the air seemed to solidify. Tsunade didn ’t understand why, but a shiver of pure terror went through her spine.

She didn ’t understand why she felt like that, so she decided to inspect the two people who stood in front of her for now.

The first person she looked at was Yuna, whose face was twisted in inhuman amounts of glee. For a moment, Tsunade thought that Yuna ’s face had very little resemblance to a human right now, but she concluded that that must have been her imagination.

Then, her eyes landed on the other person, who was probably responsible for all the yelling and knocking. The moment Tsunade saw the person ’s face, she flinched and instinctively took a step back while her face paled.

”G-Grandma!? H-H-HOW!? ”

Meanwhile, the hair of the other person, Mito Senju, Tsunade ’s grandmother, started menacingly floating around her head while a dark aura began oozing out of her.

”Hehehe, very good, brat. It seems like you have grown up relatively free-spirited, huh? Cursing at your grandmother, heavy drinking, neglecting your responsibilities as a Kage, and sleeping through your workday instead. ”

Before Tsunade could defend herself, Yuna decided to chime in as well.

”Let ’s not forget about the gambling. ”

If looks could kill, Tsunade ’s glare would have probably killed Yuna a few hundred times, but no matter how much she glared, nothing happened to Yuna, whose smirk only distorted even further.

”That ’s right, the gambling. *Sigh* Your grandfather really spoiled you rotten. Good thing I am here now to turn you into a proper lady Tsunade. ”

Despite Mito ’s words being much calmer now, a dangerous aura was still leaking out of her, which caused Tsunade to take another step back.

”C-C-Can ’t we talk about this grandmother. T-This isn ’t what it looks like. A-Actually, Konoha ’s has been flourishing under my rule, and our financial situation is much better than it ever was. ”

However, Mito only scoffed at Tsuande ’s words while her hand shot forward and grasped Tsunade ’s right ear at lightning speed. Without giving Tsunade a chance to resist, Mito pulled on her ear, resulting in Tsunade being pulled back into the house.

”Don ’t think just because I wasn ’t around for a while that you can trick your grandmother so easily. I have already talked about Konoha ’s current situation with Yuna, and it is rather obvious that the reason for its current prosperity is due to the Uzumaki clan and has very little to do with your rule. In fact, Yuna even helped you get rid of those corrupted council trash bags, so how dare you try to steal her achievement like that. I really need to reeducate you from the ground up. ”

Tsunade shot another scalding glare at Yuna, but she only winked at her in amusement before making a praying gesture in her direction. Although Yuna didn ’t say anything, she still mouthed a few words to Tsunade. As a skilled shinobi, Tsunade could easily read her lips to find out what she said.

”Have fun~ ”

Tsunade wanted nothing more than to reply, but Mito pulled her away before she could do so.

”Owowow, please stop pulling my ear, grandma; I can walk on my own. ”

However, Mito only scoffed and continued pulling Tsunad away by her ear.

The moment the duo was out of sight, Yuna nodded in approval.

”Well, that was fun~ ”

[DING! The hidden title ”Heartless Abomination ” was unlocked due to pushing a fellow human being into the depths of despair with a smile on your face.]

’Geez, you are extravagating, Kurama. It won ’t be THAT bad. ’

[Are you sure about that.]

’Not in the slightest. ’

[Right, give me a minute. I need to come up with another title.]

’Sure, we have time. I might as well send a message to the Hokage office that Tsunade hired a new assistant to speed up the whole matter. I bet Tsunade will be elated that she will be able to work side by side with her beloved grandmother from now on. ’

[Truly worse than the devil.]

’Hahaha, keep those praises coming. ’

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