Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 286: Yup Definitely Another Enemy for Life

A day passed since the Uzumaki compound got two new residents. While Haku was enjoying her time with Fuyu and was taught how the Yuki clan originally used their ice-style, Tsunade wasn ’t having a good time at all.

After what happened in front of Tsunade ’s house, Mito decided to forbid Tsunade from gambling and drinking as punishment. Now, Tsunade had a collection filled with delicious alcohol that was constantly tempting her, but she wasn ’t allowed to touch.

One time she walked past it, she could have sworn that she even heard tempting whispers from it, but she concluded that that must have been just her imagination. Or one of Yuna ’s tricks. Probably one of Yuna ’s tricks. Definitely one of Yuna ’s tricks.

Tsunade considered inspecting her collection to look for any hidden seals Yuna might have installed but then discarded the idea since she wouldn ’t find them even if she did.

Currently, three people sat together at a table, and while two of those people were casually sitting crosslegged and had a comfortable pillow under their butts, the third person was painfully seated in the seiza position without any comforting items underneath her.

Tsunade, the third person just mentioned, would have probably complained about the unfair treatment if it wasn ’t for the occasional glare that her grandmother, Mito, was giving her.

So, instead of complaining, she decided to be satisfied with glaring at the last person in the room as hard as she possibly could in an attempt to set her ablaze. So far, she didn ’t have any success, but neither did she plan to give up any time soon.

Honestly, Mito ’s reappearance was incredibly weird to her since she died quite a long time ago, but no matter how Tsunade looked at it, the person in front of her was the real Mito Senju.

Suppose it was just her personality that felt genuine. In that case, Tsunade might have felt like there was something wrong and that Yuna was messing with her again, but no matter how she looked at it, even the feeling of her chakra and her presence felt exactly like when she was alive.

No matter how much she pondered about it, Tsunade couldn ’t understand why Mito was alive, so she decided to simpy ask about the current situation. She removed her glare from Yuna and looked at her grandmother instead.

”Grandmother, no matter how I look at it, I need to ask this: How are you still alive? ”

”Oh? Doesn ’t my granddaughter want me to be alive? ”

”N-No! O-Of course, I want you to be alive! ”

She heard Yuna snickering at her when she finished speaking, so her gaze immediately landed back on her. To Tsunade ’s surprise, Yuna was currently in the middle of tricking a sip of tea.

’It was the same situation as with my alcohol collection. Am I going insane? I could have sworn that I heard Yuna laugh at me for a moment, but it seems like grandmother didn ’t hear anything either. Withdrawal symptoms? Nonsense, there is no way I would get withdrawal symptoms from not drinking a single day, so maybe I am really going insane? Nah, it ’s probably Yuna ’s doing. ’

Meanwhile, Mito chuckled a little at Tsunade ’s explosive reaction as well before she started talking again.

”Hehe, I was just teasing you a little; no need to get so agitated. As for why I am back under the living… ”

A few seals on Mito ’s face started glowing, and moments later, her facial features changed a little. Small cracks appeared all over her face while her eyes turned black; the typical feature of someone who got reanimated with the [Edo Tensei]

”…Well, I got reanimated. ”

Tsunade ’s jaw dropped when she saw Mito ’s changed facial features, and the moment she heard Mito ’s statement about being reanimated, she shot towards Yuna without a moment of hesitation and punched her in the face with all her might.


Yuna ’s head burst like a watermelon, but instead of blood, ice shards shot against the wall Yuna previously sat in front of, and moments later, a second Yuna sat down opposite the now melting, headless ice statue of her.

”Geez, you really need to work on your temper Tsuna… ”

Before Yuna could finish speaking, Tsunade ’s leg descended onto her head, causing it to burst yet again. Just like the first time, it exploded into a shower of ice, but this time the direction wasn ’t controlled at all, resulting in the whole room getting covered in ice dust.

A third Yuna appeared and sat down where she initially sat with an annoyed expression on her face.

”Could you let me finish speaking? Do you know how hard it is to pull this move off while making it look as smooth as I do? What would you have done if I failed the second time, huh? That would have made me look like an idiot. ”

Tsunade was about to attack again, but she suddenly felt an intense glare on her that made her shudder. She glanced sideways and saw Mito, who was currently covered in ice dust, giving her a harsh glare that instinctively made her shrink back. Despite that, she wouldn ’t lay down this matter so quickly.

”Grandmother, no matter what you say, Yuna pulling you back from the dead is wrong. ”

Mito scoffed when she heard Tsunade ’s words and nodded in agreement.

”Correct. That is indeed wrong, but since she wasn ’t the one who did, I won ’t say anything about it. ”

Tsunade couldn ’t help but be taken aback when Mito said that Yuna wasn ’t the one who reanimated her. She was certain that Yuna did it to strengthen the Uzumaki clan even further and to mess with her. Well, mainly to mess with her.

If the one who did it wasn ’t Yuna, then Tsunade had a pretty good idea who did instead. She gritted her teeth in anger as a single name escaped her mouth.

”Orochimaru! ”

”Correct, and if you would have just listened instead of immediately going on a rampage, then this room would have still been intact instead of getting turned into a freezer. ”

Tsunade could only lower her head while getting scolded by Mito, and while she did so, she could hear Yuna laughing at her yet again.

’Damnit, she is drinking tea again. Which one is it? Insanity or Yuna messing around? Maybe both? ’

Meanwhile, Yuna nodded in approval at her test run of a new communication seal Naruto developed. Although it was inferior to what the Yamanaka clan could do, that was, to some degree, intentional. Suppose Yuna wanted to make it as versatile as the Yamanaka ’s communication technique. In that case, only Naruto, Mito, and herself could produce it, which would be a massive waste of their time.

Additionally, she would rather not replace the special technique of one of Konoha ’s clans with a simple seal that everyone could use either. Well, one of Naruto ’s girlfriends, being a Yamanaka, certainly factored into that as well.

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