. ”

Although Mei ’s chakra pressured Hinata at first, that quickly changed when blue markings appeared around her eyes, equalizing the situation.

”So? What do you want to do about it? ”

The situation was getting more dangerous by the second, and more and more of the surrounding people started retreating from the source of the colliding chakra.

Mei was just about to retort, but before she could do so, someone else started speaking.

”Nice, and now kiss. ”

The tension broke instantly, and Hinata and Mei both started glaring at Yuna instead, causing her to chuckle in amusement.

”Now, now, considering how beautiful I am, I understand your heated gazes, but we are in public right now, so if you want a threesome, we should do it somewhere else. Well, I don ’t really mind, but… ”

A fierce blush appeared on Hinata and Mei ’s faces as they glared intensified even further. Before Yuna could say any more nonsense, they interrupted her simultaneously.

” ”SHUT UP, YUNA! ” ”

Yuna chuckled in amusement and casually pulled the two apart and snaked one arm around each of their waists.

”See? You two are already good enough friends to speak simultaneously, so everything worked out in the end. ”

When Yuna finished speaking, her two hands moved, and instead of grabbing the duo ’s waists, she casually started massaging their butts, causing Mei to yelp in surprise and Hinata to moan in pleasure.

”Hehe, now let ’s all be peaceful with each other, or I might have to give you a spanking. Or maybe, I will give you one if everything proceeds peacefully? What do you think, Hinata? ”

Hinata couldn ’t help but shudder a little when Yuna whispered the last two questions into her ear just loud enough for her and Mei to hear it before she looked at Yuna in an accusing manner before glaring at Mei.

”D-Don ’t reveal something like that to others! If you leak information about my…preferences, I will hunt you down no matter where you are. ”

While the first part was directed at Yuna, the second one was for Mei. At first, Mei wanted to make fun of her, but after seeing the coldness in Hinata ’s eyes, she crossed that thought out for now. After her first meeting with Yuna, Mei started investigating the people around Yuna, so she knew about Hinata ’s ridiculous stealth capabilities. Mei would rather not have an assassin after her that could even evade a Byakugan that a full-fledged Hyuga used.

Yuna realized the atmosphere was getting colder again, so she casually pinched the duo ’s butts, earning her another moan and a yelp.

”Haha, sorry about that, Hinata, but there is no way you will be able to hide it from Mei anyway. Hehe, since I mentioned it previously, I think you know what I mean, right? ”

Hinata and Mei both blushed at Yuna, bringing the threesome up again and pinched her waist as revenge.

”Owowow, I give up, I give up. ”

Hearing Yuna ’s fake cries of pain and her giving up, Hinata and Mei nodded in satisfaction. They both met eyes for a moment before they snorted simultaneously and looked away, causing Yuna to chuckle.

’Well, that went well. ’

[As always, none of that made sense, but that is pretty normal by now.]

’What are you talking about? All of that made perfect sense. I ’m just that handsome. ’

[As shameless as always, huh?]

’Shame? I do not possess such a weakness. ’

[Pretty sure that shame, in general, is not considered a weakness.]

’It is if you want a harem. ’

[That… actually makes sense!?]

’Told ya. ’

Moments later, a grief-filled scream echoed through the desert.


”*Hic* Told ya. ”

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