Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 293: The Bad Day of a Normal Bartender

A few minutes prior Yuna settling the conflictTsunade looked at the scene in front of her with glee. Yuna has been messing with her quite a bit, and the addition of Mito in the Uzumaki compound certainly didn ’t improve the situation either.

However, now was finally the time to get some payback. She had no clue why and how, but Yuna apparently had a relationship with Mei Terumi, the current Mizukage, and Hinata clearly wasn ’t happy about that. Tsunade was genuinely looking forward to Yuna being in trouble. As for why she decided to get drunk, she thought she would enjoy it even more like that.

Although Tsunade was slightly baffled that Yuna ’s first action was kissing Hinata, but she could help but chuckle in glee when she saw Mei ’s facial expression while it happened.

’Hehe, yup, now she ’s in trouble. I can ’t wait to see how this ends. ’

Tsunade glanced at the young man standing next to her, who was currently happily drinking from a large bottle filled with high-quality alcohol, and gave him a smug look.

”Hehe, it seems like this bet is my win. I hope you are ready to fork over your money to me. ”

Gaara put down the bottle and smacked his lips in pleasure due to the taste.

”Delicious~ I haven ’t lost yet. It seems like despite interacting with her on a daily basis; you still don ’t understand one of the most important things about Yuna. ”

Tsunade raised her eyebrow when she heard Gaara ’s claim. By now, she thought she had a pretty good understanding of Yuna, so she had no idea what Gaara was referring to.

”And what would that be? ”

Gaara took another sip of the bottle before answering Tsunade ’s question.

”Yuna makes what every other person deems impossible possible. ”

Tsunade ’s severe facial expression faltered for a moment when she heard Gaara ’s claim before a worried expression appeared on her face.

’Somehow, that is correct. But no matter how I look at it, turning this situation around is impossi…Shit! ’

Gaara noticed Tsunade ’s change in mood and couldn ’t help but chuckle a little. Actually, he didn ’t even remember the last time he chuckled or whether he ever had done it, but right now, he was feeling pretty good, so he took another sip.

When he put down the bottle again, he felt a little dizzy due to the alcohol, but before he could sway too much, the sand covering him moved and stabilized his position.

’Thanks, Shukaku ’

[Are you an idiot? What are you getting drunk for?]

’Well, the feeling of dizziness is a unique experience, and the alcohol tastes excellent, so I thought about giving it a try. You want to take over and get a taste of it as well? ’

[Oh? Has the alcohol gotten to your head? You dare to give me control? Aren ’t you afraid that I will go on a rampage and start killing the people gathered here?]

’Nah, Yuna is here, after all. ’


”*Sip* ”

[F* you.]

Gaara chuckled yet again at Shukaku ’s curse and put his attention back on what was currently happening.

”Would you two mind if I put my head in between your touching breasts? ”

Gaara tilted his head in confusion when he heard Yuna ’s question. He didn ’t understand why Yuna would want to do that, but his gaze still subconsciously landed on the pair of meeting breasts. Without even understanding why he couldn ’t help but be fascinated by the view.

’I don ’t really get it, but I have the same desire as Yuna for some reason. How weird. ’

Meanwhile, Tsunade couldn ’t help but laugh out loud when she heard Yuna ’s question.


Unfortunately for her, her enthusiasm was stifled rather quickly when Hinata and Mei both ignored Yuna ’s question and continued arguing instead.

Gaara was awoken from his reverie when he heard Tsunade yelling next to him. Now that his fascination for breasts was awoken, his eyes subconsciously wandered over Tsunade ’s, and he almost exclaimed in surprise when he realized their massive size.

’They must be incredibly soft. ’

When he realized what he was doing, he quickly averted his eyes back on the quarreling duo while taking another sip from the bottle that was getting lighter and lighter.

Although Tsunade noticed Gaara ’s gaze, she didn ’t care about it in the least. She was used to people ogling her chest and, in fact, was somewhat surprised when that was not the first thing a young man like Gaara did when they met for the first time.

”Nice, and now kiss. ”

Tsunade couldn ’t help but be utterly dumbfounded by Yuna ’s behavior, but moments later, she got out of her stupor and started laughing again.


”Now, now, considering how beautiful I am, I understand your heated gazes, but we are in public right now, so if you want a threesome, we should do it somewhere else. Well, I don ’t really mind, but… ”


” ”SHUT UP, YUNA! ” ”


”See? You two are already good enough friends to speak simultaneously, so everything worked out in the end. ”

Tsunade grew even more excited when Yuna kept getting more and more shameless in her behavior. Although she didn ’t understand why Hinata and Mei hadn ’t attacked yet, she was certain that it was only a matter of time before Yuna received the punishment for her conduct.

”Hehe, now let ’s all be peaceful with each other, or I might have to give you a spanking… ”

Seemingly without even noticing the dangerous atmosphere around her, Yuna continued her shameless behavior. Tsunade saw that Yuna whispered a few more words, but when Tsunade tried to read her lips, her eyebrow twitched in irritation due to what she read.

”Lipreading is forbidden. ”

Moments later, a blush appeared on Hinata ’s face as she said something to Yuna and then to Mei, which Tsunade couldn ’t hear for some reason. Yet again, she tried lipreading, but the only thing she could read was Hinata saying, ”Lipreading is forbidden ” over and over, resulting in her irritation growing even stronger.

However, one thing was rather evident to Tsunade: The atmosphere between Hinata and Mei was getting better.

”Nonono, that can ’t be! This is impossible! ”

As if to spite Tsunade ’s words, Yuna fondled Hinata and Mei ’s butts yet again and said a few more words she couldn ’t hear, resulting in both of them pinching Yuna ’s waist.

”Owowow, I give up, I give up. ”

After Yuna said that, Hinata and Mei seemed to be satisfied. After glancing at each other again, they simply averted their gazes from each other and started nestling closer to Yuna instead.

Naturally, Tsunade was utterly dumbfounded by this. A few moments ago, it seemed like a life and death battle was about to happen due to Yuna taking in an additional person for her harem. The next moment, Yuna settled the matter by behaving without a modicum of shame and receiving some light pinches to the waist that probably didn ’t even hurt.


Gaara couldn ’t help but chuckle yet again when he heard Tsunade ’s outburst. Although he didn ’t know how Yuna would do it and still doesn ’t know how she did, he expected this outcome from the start.

”*Hic* Told ya. ”

He noticed that he had a little hiccup but wasn ’t really bothered by it. He took another sip from the now empty bottle and started walking towards Yuna, Hinata, and Mei with a smile on his face and slightly unsteady steps. The moment he got into the speaking distance, he started talking.

”Alright, now that that is resolved, let ’s drink to celebrate the occasion. I just won some money, so the bill is on me! ”

Before the trio could answer, Tsunade appeared next to Gaara and started talking as well.

”I ’m coming as well! I just lost a lot of money, so I need to drink my sorrows away! ”

The trio could only chuckle in amusement before nodding their heads in agreement.

Meanwhile, the surrounding Shinobi had not the slightest clue what was going on. Somehow, the seemingly unavoidable battle between at least two Kage-level Shinobi turned into a party where five of them wanted to get drunk together. They had no clue what to make out of the current situation, and they could only awkwardly look around their fellow Shinobi and wait for one of them to make a move, which never happened.

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