Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 299: Another Enem...Nope Probably not.

A small groan escaped Yuna ’s mouth as she slowly woke up from her alcohol-induced sleep. Before even opening her eyes, the first thing she did was circulate Kurama ’s chakra to get rid of her hangover, and a few moments, she sighed in relief.

’*Phew* I have to say your chakra is a good hangover remedy, Kurama. ’

Kurama snorted in disdain when he heard Yuna ’s words and restored them immediately.

[It can heal someone piercing a hole through your stomach, so curing a little headache is obviously no big deal.]

’Hehe, that ’s true, I guess. ’

Moments later, Yuna realized that there were too soft bodies pressing into her, and when she opened her eyes to see who it was, she clicked her tongue in annoyance.

’Damn, they are both fully clothed. What a pity. ’

Right now, Hinata and Mei were clinging to her right and left arm, respectively, but both of them were fully clothed, just like Yuna, making it rather unlucky that something happened yesterday.

’Let ’s see; what is the last thing I remember? Right, the bar was about to collapse, so I picked up the already sleeping Hinata and Mei and carried them out of a door. Even after bringing them all the way to a hotel, neither of them woke up, so I gave up going a few rounds with them. What a pity. ’

[Out of curiosity, why didn ’t you just teleport to somewhere safe?]

’Because Hinata might have puked, and Mei would have definitely puked if I did so. Hinata is already somewhat used to teleporting, but Mei isn ’t at all. ’

[Got it.]

Moments later, Hinata started to stir, and just like Yuna, a groan escaped her lips after waking up. Unlike Yuna, Hinata didn ’t have Kurama ’s chakra in her to help her get rid of the headache, so she chose another option. The skin around her eyes turned blue as she started circulating natural energy through her body, and after a few minutes of doing so, she sighed in relief and opened her eyes.

Her eyes scanned the room, resulting in a slightly odd expression appearing on her face before it was replaced with a smile when she saw Yuna.

”Good morning, Yuna. ”

”Mhh, Goor morning, Hinata; You were great yesterday. ”

Although Hinata got the sexual innuendo, she only rolled her eyes at Yuna and ignored it. Instead, she focused her eyes on the person lying next to Yuna, who started stirring as well. Hinata scoffed in annoyance, got up, sat down on Yuna ’s stomach, and gave her a deep kiss.

Although Yuna knew that Hinata was doing that to mess with Mei, how could she not take advantage of Hinata ’s behavior? So, without further ado, she started massaging Hinata ’s butt.


Mei opened her eyes when she heard someone moaning next to her, and the first thing she saw was Yuna and Hinata entangled in a heavy make-out session.

”What *groan*… ”

She wanted to complain about what the duo was doing right next to her, but unlike Yuna and Hinata, she had nothing to get rid of her headache.

Moments later, the duo separated, and when Hinata saw the grin on Yuna ’s face, she couldn ’t help but chuckle a little as well.

”Good morning, Mei. After going wild like you did yesterday, you are probably still pretty exhausted, but do you want to go for another round as well? ”

”E-EH?! *Groan* ”

Mei wanted to question Yuna ’s words, but before she could, another painful sting went through her head and prevented her from speaking. Meanwhile, Hinata nodded her head at Yuna ’s words and greeted Mei as well.

”True, I wasn ’t expecting the dignified Mizukage to go that wild. Oh well, good morning. ”

If it were the usual Mei, she would have probably seen through Yuna and Hinata ’s lie rather quickly simply due to the smell in the room and the fact that all three of them were fully clothed. However, Mei was heavily hungover and woke up only a few seconds ago, so she was still muddleheaded.

”N-No way, I don ’t remember anything. That ’s impossible. ”

A sad expression appeared on Hinata ’s face when she heard Mei ’s words.

”N-No way, so you don ’t even remember all the things you did with me? ”

”Huh? I-I did w-with y-you? W-What did I do? ”

Hinata ’s sad mood vanished instantly as she answered Mei ’s question with a slight chuckle.

”Hehe, you helped me get Yuna drunker. Have you really forgotten that? ”

Mei ’s face became blank when she heard Hinata ’s words as her brain slowly started piecing together what had just happened.

’Now that I think about it, neither of them ever mentioned anything about sex, so in conclusion… ’

Mei continued pondering, and moments later, her glare landed on Hinata and Yuna, while a slight blush appeared on her face due to misunderstanding the situation.

”You tricked me! Owowow, my head. ”

Hinata giggled and got off of Yuna and plopped down on her right side again.

”I did. Although I rarely play pranks like that, it is rather amusing on some occasions, especially if I can get someone who wants to be part of Yuna ’s harem. ”

While Mei was busy glaring at Hinata, Hinata couldn ’t help but let her eyes wander through the room again. The first time she saw it, she suppressed her questions since Yuna didn ’t seem to pay attention to what was happening in the room either, but now she could no longer hold back her curiosity.

”Say, Yuna, what is going on with these people? ”

At first, Mei was confused by Hinata ’s question, but when she let her eyes wander over the room, she was utterly dumbfounded by what she saw.

Currently, around a dozen Suna Anbu were walking through the room. However, every one of them had their hands stretched forward like they were walking through absolute darkness while trying not to bump into anything.

Additionally, they were only walking in small circles that were interwoven with each other, and every time one of them was about to bump into someone else, a cake would hit him in the face to avoid the collision.

Yuna looked at the spectacle and could only chuckle in amusement.

”Well, we would have to ask Drunk-Yuna to answer that question because I have no clue. Apparently, she installed some security seal ’s in this room, and I haven ’t bothered looking through them yet. ”

[Why do you talk like you are not the one responsible for this?]

’Isn ’t that obvious? How could sober me possibly be responsible for that drunk me did? That ’s just unreasonable. ’

[Right, you are insane. I forgot about that one.]

Yuna chuckled in amusement at Kurama ’s words as her eyes started scanning over the seals in the room. Moments later, a frown appeared on her face.

”Well, this is quite dangerous. ”

Hinata and Mei widened their eyes in surprise when they heard Yuna ’s words, and Hinata quickly started speaking.

”Are they in danger? Do we need to save those Anbu? ”

Yuna looked at Hinata weirdly before shaking her head in denial.

”The Anbu are fine, but this seal array uses too many cakes. With the rate it is going at, I will be out of cakes soon. *Sigh* Drunk-Yuna sure likes to splurge, huh? ”

Hinata and Mei instantly deflated when they heard Yuna ’s words and flopped back on the bad. They decided to sleep a few more hours and let Yuna deal with whatever problems currently needed solving.

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