Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 301: Start of the Third Round

Yuna couldn ’t help but look at the overly polite Anbu in front of her weirdly.

’Why is he so polite? He probably assumes that Gaara is missing because of me, so shouldn ’t he be a little more aggressive? ’

[It ’s because you broke his mind and shattered his dignity.]

’Geez, you are extravagating, Kurama. It was just a bit of darkness and a few cakes, no big deal. Besides, didn ’t I deactivate the seals as soon as I could? ’

[First of all: No, you didn ’t. You straight-up ignored the Anbu in the room and only paid attention to them after Hinata asked you about them. Second, you only stopped the seals because you were almost out of cake. If you weren ’t, you would have probably attacked Hinata and Mei instead of helping him.]

’That… is surprisingly accurate. ’

When Yuna finished her conversation with Kurama, her attention returned to the Anbu in front of her, who flinched as soon as her gaze landed on him.

”Yeah, I can tell you where Gaara is, but I can also fetch him if you want me to. ”

Handa ’s eyes widened in surprise when he heard Yuna ’s offer before he started eagerly nodding his head.

”I would be incredibly thankful if you could do so. ”

Yuna nodded her head and vanished just to reappear not even a second later with a still shirtless Gaara in tow.

Handa was about to sigh in relief when he saw Gaara, but the sigh got stuck in his throat when he saw that someone had drawn a dick on his face. His eyes landed on Yuna for a short moment, who quickly answered his wordless inquiry.

”That has always been there. ”

Meanwhile, Gaara staggered a little due to the sudden teleportation, and moments later, he fell to his knees and…


…Started creating a rainbow.

’See, Kurama, I told you teleporting with drunk people usually results in them throwing up. And let ’s not forget that this is already the next day, so Gaara isn ’t even that drunk anymore. ’

[Is this what you call ”Show not Tell ”?]

’Sure, let ’s go with that. ’

In the meantime, Handa wasn ’t looking so good either, which couldn ’t be seen due to his mask. The Kazekage was currently kneeling in front of him and was puking his stomach out.

’H-How am I supposed to respond to this? S-Should I greet him or ignore the current situation? M-Maybe, I should leave and come back a few minutes later while pretending that I just arrived? ’

While Handa was still thinking about how he was supposed to act, Gaara stabilized himself and got up while using his sand as a crutch. He let his gaze wander around the room, and when he realized that he had just puked in front of a dozen of his Anbu, his eyebrow twitched in irritation with a surprisingly hoarse voice.

”You have seen nothing. ”


Handa sighed in relief when Gaara took the decision of what to do next from him. Additionally, now that Gaara was here, he would no longer have to talk with Yuna.

”Ohh? You didn ’t see that? No worries, I have a recording of it. ”

An annoyed frown appeared on Gaara ’s face while the surrounding Anbu pretended to be part of the room decoration, so they wouldn ’t have to interact with Yuna anymore.

Gaara thought about what Yuna said just now, but after a short moment of pondering, he decided that there was no point in thinking about it. Instead, he had something else he would like to ask Yuna.

”Why is my voice so hoarse? ”

”yesterday, at a certain point in time, you started singing. ”

Gaara frowned when he heard that he apparently started singing before he shook his head in denial.

”I can ’t sing. ”

Yuna nodded in agreement when she heard Gaara ’s statement.

”Well, that is correct. I had to slap a silencing seal on you to prevent my ears from bleeding after a few minutes of your singing. ”

Gaara nodded his head in understanding and asked his next question.

”Why is my upper body naked? ”

”I ’m not entirely sure since I couldn ’t hear you, but I think you thought that you nailed your singing performance and started swinging around your clothes like a flag to cheer for yourself. ”

Yet again, Gaara nodded his head in understanding and continued asking another question.

”Why is my face so sticky. ”

”You started getting rowdy, so I smacked one of my teleportation cakes in your face. ”

”I see, teleportation cake, huh, that makes sense. ”

Meanwhile, a silent scream of ”THAT DOESN ’T MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL!!! ”, was mentally shouted by the Anbu in the room.

Unaware of the plight of his subordinates, Gaara continued talking.

”What happened to Tsunade? ”

”No clue, I left her in the collapsing building. ”

Handa noticed that Gaara was calling Tsunade rather casually as well but would naturally not comment on it. However, he stepped forward and whispered information about Tsunade into Gaara ’s ear.

He could not help but notice that the dick that was drawn of Gaara ’s face was rather close to his mouth when he did so, but he was sure that was just a coincidence. He heard an immature snicker from Yuna, but he was sure that was just his imagination. Yes, a coincidence and his imagination. That was definitely the case.

”When you teleported me just now, did you know that I would puke? ”

”Yes. ”

After Handa finished telling Gaara about Tsunade, Gaara asked his next question, which Yuna swiftly answered. Another wave of irritation passed through Gaara when he heard Yuna ’s answer, but he pushed it down and continued asking another question.

”Was it really necessary to bring me here directly and have me puke in front of my subordinates? ”

”Yes. ”

”Why? ”

”Because I thought it would be funnier that way. ”


”Hehe. ”

”DON ’T LAUGH!!! ”

While Yuna and Gaara were arguing, Handa could only look at Gaara in complete bewilderment. He has been Suna ’s Anbu commander for quite a while, and he had never seen Gaara display this much emotion before.

Well, that wasn ’t entirely correct. Gaara ’s previous self displayed plenty of emotions. Like rage, or rage, or rage, or I really want to kill, and I am completely insane.

Anyway, after the chunin exam in Konoha, things changed, and Gaara became almost emotionless to the eye of an outsider, but Handa knew that he was still struggling to display his emotions correctly. However, now he did so seemingly without any effort.

Handa thought about how that was possible, and moments later, he realized what had happened.

’I see; Yuna-sama overloaded the cage that was trapping Kazekage-sama ’s emotion with pure crystalized anger, causing it to shatter. As expected of Yuna-sama. She can even get seemingly emotionless people angry. ’

Handa used his chance when there was a slight pause in Yuna and Gaara ’s conversation and started speaking.

”Kazekage-sama, the last round of the chunin exam is about to begin, and we still have to make you…presentable. I think we should leave now.

Although Gaara didn ’t understand what Handa meant by ”presentable ”, but he still nodded his head in agreement. He bid Yuna farewell, and after putting on a coat one of his Anbu handed him, he returned to his home.

Meanwhile, Yuna wiped a nonexistent tear out of her eyes as her gaze followed the departing group.

’Will you look at that? He has gotten much better at showing his emotions. ’

[Mainly his rage. Or, to be more precise, his rage for you.]

Yuna chuckled in amusement and nodded her head in agreement.

’Well, it ’s something. ’

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