Neji couldn ’t help but be surprised by Hisoka ’s outcry. So far, he had never seen her show any strong emotions. Somehow, Neji really didn ’t want to know what she had to go through so far to push her to this extend. Nonetheless, he would still fight with everything he had, so he activated his Byakugan and prepared himself for the fight.

Hisoka ’s palm strike approached him, and in the usual Gentle Fist fashion, he stood his ground and swatted it away with his own palm and went for a counterattack with the other. Unlike Neji, Hisoka didn ’t block the attack and dodged it instead.

While Neji didn ’t move his legs much, Hisoka was constantly moving around. This was the modification Yuna and Hisoka applied to the Gentle Fist. Instead of relying on strong, deadly attacks that forcibly push through the opponent ’s defense, Hisoka went for fast footwork and agility.

Meanwhile, in the Kage ’s VIP box, things have calmed down a little, and Mei was currently sitting in her seat with a loose smile on her face.

Tsunade decided not to comment on Mei ’s current condition and watched the match between the two Hyuga ’s instead. She couldn ’t help but be slightly interested in the way Hisoka fought.

”Seems like you taught Hisoka a modified version of the Hyuga clan ’s Gentle Fist, Yuna. ”

”Naturally. I do not deny that the Gentle Fist is a decent fighting style, but it simply didn ’t fit Hisoka ’s body type. She herself was aware of that as well and had already started changing a few things before she became my student. Unfortunately, the Hyuuga clan doesn ’t want its members to learn anything but the original Gentle Fist, so she had to do so in secret. ”

Tsunade gave Hisoka another before she shook her head in annoyance.

”The Hyuga clan won ’t be happy about that. ”

Yuna shrugged her shoulders in indifference when she heard Tsunade ’s words.

”It doesn ’t matter. I told Hisoka to put all the blame on me, and the Hyuga clan can touch neither my Uzumaki clan nor me. ”

Tsunade held her head and groaned in pain after Yuna finished speaking.

”Do me a favor and don ’t destroy the whole Hyuga clan. ”

”Hehe, no worries. I don ’t plan to. And even if something happens, I can guarantee you that no civilians will be hurt. ”

Tsunade pondered Yuna ’s words for a short moment before nodding her head in agreement. That promise was acceptable for her.

Unlike most people in Konoha, Tsunade had at least a rough idea about Yuna ’s strength due to Mito telling her about her fight with Yuna. So, she was fully aware that Yuna ’s level of power was no longer on a level she could contest against.

The only person in Konoha who might still be able to threaten Yuna was Guy after opening all eight gates, but Tsunade didn ’t know how strong that would actually make him, so she couldn ’t be entirely sure about that.

Anyway, none of that mattered for the situation with the Hyuga clan since Tsunade was absolutely certain that they didn ’t have someone of that caliber in their clan since they would have already boasted about that person ’s strength if they did.

Meanwhile, inside the arena, Neji had a frown on his face as he was defending himself against Hisoka ’s assault. He had already fought against her once and lost that battle, but it was at least a close fight at that time. Now, about a month later, Hisoka ’s strength has improved quite a bit, resulting in the gap between them widening.

’How did she manage to get this much stronger in only one month? ’

Neji ’s gaze subconsciously wandered towards Yuna and then to Hinata before focusing back on Hisoka again.

’What kind of crazy training methods does Yuna have, and how are they so efficient? ’

Neji shook his head to get rid of his idle thoughts and changed his stance, which immediately caused Hisoka to take some distance from him.

”Let ’s finish this, Hisoka. There is no point in prolonging this fight anymore. [Eight Trigrams One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms] ”

Hisoka nodded her head and took the same stance as Neji. Unlike the usual Gentle Fist, this technique has a heavy focus on speed and precision, so it fit Hisoka rather well.

Naturally, as a branch family member, she wasn ’t taught how to use it, but when she fought Neji the last time, he used it as well, giving Yuna the chance to copy it for Hisoka. Well, he used it inside the Uzumaki compound, so Yuna only had to tweak a few seals to make a recording of it.

When Neji saw that Hisoka copied his stance, he could only smile wryly. A month ago, he managed to pressure Hisoka quite a lot with this technique, and now she could actually use it as well. He already expected to lose against Hisoka, but now his defeat was inevitable.

Hisoka and Neji both started moving at the same, and their chakra-filled fingertips met midair. Typically, Neji could pressure Hisoka in a contest of pure strength like this, but this technique didn ’t use much force to begin with, so that advantage fell almost entirely flat. Instead, Hisoka was the one at an advantage due to her superior speed.

Their exchange continued as they started moving faster and fast, but only a few seconds later, Hisoka managed to get the first hit in. From there on, it only went downhill for Neji as more and more attacks hit him until he finally collapsed, with over 50 of his tenketsu being sealed.

Hisoka sighed in relief when Neji collapsed and started speaking with him.

”Well, I assume you give up Neji? ”

”*Urgh* Do I look like I am in the condition to continue? I give up. ”

Back in the Kage box, Yuna nodded in approval. Hisoka only had a month to learn that technique, and Yuna was satisfied with her progress.

She could feel someone glaring at her and noticed rather quickly that Tsunade was the one responsible, causing Yuna to tilt her head in confusion.

”Is something wrong, Tsunade? ”

”That technique Hisoka just used isn ’t taught to the brach family, right? ”

”Correct. A pretty stupid decision if you ask me. I understand that they don ’t want to teach it to outsiders, but what ’s the point of hiding it from family members? ”

When Yuna stopped talking, Tsuande ’s glare became even angrier, causing Yuna to tilt her head in confusion. After thinking about it moment, Yuna realized what the problem was and chuckled in amusement.

”Now, now, calm down. I didn ’t break into the Hyuga compound to steal it. Neji used it in front of me, and I memorized it. ”

Tsunade sighed in relief as most of her anger dissipated when she heard Yuna ’s explanation.

”You memorized it after seeing it only once? ”

”This might surprise you, but I have quite high mental capabilities. Well, I usually use them to mess with people, so there is nothing that can be done about it. ”

Tsunade only snorted in disdain when she heard Yuna ’s answer and put her attention back on the arena where the next two fighters had already appeared. Lee and Shira; two people who can only use Taijutsu.

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