Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 315: Asking for a Spanking

A few minutes later, Jiraiya was seated as well and even was given some tea. There was a cake on the desk as well, but Jiraiya didn ’t dare to get too close to it and was constantly eyeing it with suspicion.

”So, why did you come here, young pervert. ”

Jiraiya had stopped bothering about that nickname a while ago, so he immediately answered Naruto ’s question without a fuss.

”I previously told you that I wanted to take you out of Konoha so that you can see more of the world. I am here to tell you that we will be going in a week. ”

Naruto ’s eyes shone with interest when he heard that, and Ino and Haku started paying more attention to Jiraiya as well.

”Oh, so you accept that Ino and Haku will be coming with us? ”

Jiraiya only shrugged his shoulders when he heard Naruto ’s question.

”Sure, but you will be the one that has to convince Inoichi. ”

Naruto couldn ’t help but flinch when he heard the name of Ino ’s father while a wry smile appeared on Ino ’s face. Her father could be a little… difficult if it came to her. By now, he had at least accepted her relationship with Naruto, but this is an entirely different matter. Well, she was already considered an adult, so strictly speaking, she could do whatever she wanted, but she would still prefer it if she had her parent ’s approval.

”*Urgh* Although it will be a pain to get his approval, I will manage somehow. ”

Ino nodded in support when she heard Naruto ’s words and chimed in as well.

”Don ’t worry; I will help you, Naruto. ”

”Hehe, thanks, Ino. ”

Meanwhile, Jiraiya had already taken out his notebook and was scribbling away.

”Hehe, not bad. Two lovers unite against the in-laws to get their approval. I can probably use that. ”

Naruto rolled his eyes and was just about to awaken Jiraiya out of his trance when someone kicked the door to the room open.


In the door frame stood a young woman with tan skin and mint-green hair. Behind her stood a weird-looking turtle that seemed to be curious about the question as well and a dog-sized fox that was currently facepalming itself.

Jiraiya woke up from his trance when he heard the word ”spanking ” and looked towards the person who said it. When he saw the brown-skinned woman, Fuu, he felt like he recognized her but didn ’t know from where exactly. Next, his eyes landed on the weird-looking turtle, Isobu, and yet again, he felt like he knew this weird creature but didn ’t know where he could have possibly seen something like this before. And finally, his eyes landed on the dog-sized fox, Kurama, and he immediately froze up.

While everyone in the room had cold sweat flowing down their backs when they noticed that Jiraiya very likely found out Kurama ’s identity, Yuna was completely unbothered by it.

”A spanking is repeatedly smacking someone on the butt to punish them. ”

Fuu thought about Yuna ’s explanation for a moment before she titled her head in confusion.

”I heard Karin murmuring something about wanting to get a spanking from you; why would she want that? ”

”Ah, I understand your confusion. Karin is something we call a masochistic pervert. That means that she likes stuff that other people don ’t like, for example, getting spanked by me. ”

Fuu thought about Yuna ’s words some more before nodding her head in understanding.

”Okay, I think I got it. Thank you for the explanation. ”

Moments later, Fuu turned around and left the room, followed by her little entourage. While Yuna patiently explained to Fuu what a spanking was, Jiraiya managed to awaken from his daze. His eyes immediately zeroed in on Yuna and looked at her in bewilderment.

”That was the Kyuubi, wasn ’t it? ”

Yuna couldn ’t help but look at Jiraiya weirdly when he asked that question.

”What kind of nonsense are you talking about? That was Fuu; she has been living in the Uzumaki compound for about a month now. ”

Jiraiya was a little dumbfounded by Yuna ’s answer, but moments later, he snapped out of it and slammed his palm on the desk.


Yuna rolled her eyes at the yelling Jiraiya and casually took a sip of tea.

”Geez, if that is what you mean, then you should have said so from the start. There was no need to yell like that. As for the fox, yes, that ’s the Kyuubi. Well, at least part of it. ”

The air in the room solidified when Yuna finished speaking as everyone looked at her in bewilderment. Moments later, everyone except for Jiraiya managed to snap out of their daze simultaneously.

” ” ” ” ”YOU REVEALED IT JUST LIKE THAT!? ” ” ” ” ”

Yuna chuckled a little when she heard the synchronous yell and casually waved everyone ’s worries away.

”It doesn ’t matter anymore. If the wrong people hear about this, things might get annoying, but Jiraiya is not stupid enough to reveal such a secret to the world. ”

While everyone was still dumbfounded by Yuna ’s action and was thinking about her words, Jiraiya managed to wake up from his daze.


”Geez, could you please use your indoor voice? As for why he is roaming the compound, why wouldn ’t he? It would be boring to always stay at the same place, don ’t you think? ”

”*Urgh* Could you please take this seriously? The problem isn ’t that he is moving around the compound instead of staying in one place, but that he can move at all. Isn ’t he supposed to be sealed away? Isn ’t this incredible dangerous? ”

”Ohh~ So that is what you were talking about. Well, A chance came up to give a part of him a proper body, so I did. I don ’t think it ’s very dangerous, or did you perceive any danger? As for him being sealed away, hehe, I removed the seals on Naruto and me years ago. ”

” ” ” ” ”YOU REVEALED THAT ONE AS WELL!? ” ” ” ” ”

”Wow, you are really good at this synchronous stuff. Anyway, why wouldn ’t I reveal it? Naruto will be traveling with Jiraiya for a year, so the chance that he will find out about it is relatively high. I think if he knew from the start, the journey would be less awkward for everyone. ”

Meanwhile, Jiraiya was still digesting what he had just heard.

’She removed the seals years ago? When did she do it? After the chunin exams or even earlier? Wait, I remember that she allowed the Kyuubi to speak while she was fighting Hashirama, which is not a feature Minato ’s seal should have. I simply thought that Minato must have made some more changes to it, but it seems like I was wrong. The Kyubi was no longer sealed at that point in time; that was why he could speak. Wait a moment! The Kyuubi took over her body while he wasn ’t sealed anymore. Why didn ’t he stay in control permanently? Maybe, he did?! ’

A severe facial expression appeared on Jiraiya ’s face as he was carefully getting ready for a confrontation.

”Are you the Kyuubi? ”

”No, I ’m Yuna. ”

”… ”

Jiraiya ’s eyebrow twitched in irritation at Yuna ’s nonchalant answer. Here he was, getting ready to fight for his life while the party he was so wary of didn ’t seem to be bothered in the slightest. He was just about to specify his question when Yuna interrupted him.

”Okay, okay, I will tell you the truth. I ’m actually from the future, and I ’m here to fix something that went wrong. ”

”Bullshit. ”

Jiraiya commented on Yuna ’s claim without a second of hesitation. He was about to continue the questioning when a mysterious smile appeared on Yuna ’s face.

”Hehe, I knew that you wouldn ’t believe me; that ’s why I brought some proof with me. ”

A small book appeared in Yuna ’s hand, which she casually handed over to Jiraiya.

Jiraiya looked at the book with a weird expression but took it anyway. As he started reading, he quickly realized that it was his own book. Or, to be more precise, the book he was currently writing.

Jiraiya started sweating a little and started quickly turned the pages until he reached the most important one. The part he was currently stuck at. He has been stuck at the same place for quite a while now and wanted to get some inspiration by peek…*cough* doing some research at the Uzumaki clan ’s bathing area, but he was always captured so far.

When he reached the correct page, he could only stare at it in disbelief. ’The story actually continues!? How did she get this!? This is clearly my writing style! Did she copy it!? Or… is she really from the future? ’

Jiraiya lifted his head and looked at Yuna in disbelief. Before he could say anything, Yuna started speaking again.

”Take the book with you for now and read it. I ’m sure you will believe in my story when you are done reading. ”

Jiraiya absentmindedly nodded his head and made his way out of the door with a dazed expression on his face.

The moment the door closed, everyone in the room was looking at Yuna with a dumbfounded expression on their face. Hinata was just about to ask her why she pretended to be a time traveler when she saw a surprising severe expression on her face.

”You know what to do, don ’t you, Naruto. ”

Without a moment of hesitation, Naruto stood up and saluted towards Yuna.

”Yes, I will make sure to take a picture of his face when he realizes that you were messing with him, nee-san. ”

”Good, as expected of my little brother. ”


”Hahaha, you are getting better and better at this. ”

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