It has been a day since Naruto left Konoha with Ino and Haku in tow. In the end, Naruto managed to convince Inoichi somehow, but considering that the sound of a frying pan hitting someone ’s head echoed through Konoha on that day, Ino ’s mother definitely helped persuade him.

Currently, Yuna, Hinata, and Anko were sitting side by side in the living room while chatting with each other. After the trio had talked for about half an hour, there was a knock on the door, and moments later, Karin entered the room with a fierce blush on her face.

First, she looked and Yuna and then at Hinata and Anko and bit her lip. Desire was written all over her face as she slowly approached the trio.

This wasn ’t the first time this kind of scene happened over the course of the last week, so Hinata and Anko couldn ’t help but wonder if Karin would finally manage to say what she wanted to say.

Moments later, Karin stood in front of Yuna, but all she did was open and close her mouth.

”Can I do something for you, Karin? ”

Karin became even more flustered when she heard Yuna speaking to her kindly. From an outside perspective, this might look like Yuna was trying to reduce Karin ’s nervousness, but Karin could clearly see the twinkle of mischief in Yuna ’s eyes.

”Y-Yuna-sama… ”

”Yes, Karin? ”

Karin thought that she could say it this time, but before she could do so, Yuna interrupted her, resulting in her confidence vanishing.

The duo ’s eyes met again, and Karin could easily tell that Yuna found the current situation incredibly amusing. Karin gritted her teeth as her desire pushed down the humiliation.

”Yuna-sama, please give me a spanking! ”

Karin sighed in relief when she was finally able to say it, but Yuna ’s following words immediately shattered her enthusiasm.

”Oh? Okay, then pull down your panties and get over my lap. ”

”Eh? H-Here? ”

Karin ’s eyes widened in surprise when she realized that Yuna wanted to spank her in front of Hinata and Anko. She couldn ’t help but glance at the duo. Hinata had a light blush on her face that couldn ’t hide her interest and amusement at all, while Anko had a sadistic grin on her face.

”Well, obviously. Why would I change locations to spank my personal maid? Since you asked me to spank you here, in front of these two, I will do it here. ”


Although Karin wanted to yell these words out loud, she didn ’t. Only now did she realize that she walked straight into Yuna ’s trap. Well, it was not like she could have done anything to prevent it, but it still annoyed her a bit.

Yuna casually patted her lap, motioning Karin to lay over it, but the more Karin thought about the current situation, the more flustered she got. She herself wasn ’t sure why she was this flustered. When Yuna sat on her back while she was introducing herself to Sai and Hisoka, Karin didn ’t feel even a speck of embarrassment. Now, however, she was close to dying of embarrassment because Yuna wanted to spank her in front of Hinata and Anko, two people she had spent a lot of time with and had seen in compromising positions as well.

Frankly, she put all the blame on Yuna kissing her. Somehow, that made everything more real to her. Now, everything wasn ’t just a perverted fantasy she wanted to experience, but part of a real relationship.

Karin was getting more and more flustered due to the current situation, and after about half a minute, she finally overheated. Steam shot out of her ears as she fainted and fell forward. Yuna casually caught her before she hit the ground and placed her on a nearby couch.

”Hehe, that was rather fun. I wonder when she will be able to overcome her embarrassment and ask again. ”

Hinata and Anko couldn ’t help but chuckle as well. The first of those two to speak was Hinata.

”Hehe, I didn ’t expect that Karin could actually feel shame; how surprising. ”

”Indeed. I wonder what ’s the cause for that. Considering what we have seen from her so far, I wouldn ’t think she would have any trouble getting spanked even if it was in front of us. ”

”Although I can only guess, I think that happened because I kissed her. ”

Hinata and Anko both looked at Yuna weirdly when she made her guess, and Hinata was the first to react.

”Why would that change her perverted behavior and install shame into her. ”

”Oh, Oh, I know. It ’s like that Yin and Yang stuff Yuna occasionally talks about. Since Yuna has absolutely no shame, the little bit Karin had got enhanced to balance it out with Yuna ’s nonexistent. ”

While Hinata was giving Anko a weirded-out look, Yuna pondered Anko ’s words and nodded in approval.

”That theory is complete bullshit. I love every single part of it. ”

Anko couldn ’t help but puff out her chest while Hinata looked at the duo in bewilderment.

’Okay? Could someone tell me that is going on? ’

Meanwhile, quite a distance away from Konoha, Naruto, Ino, Haku, and Jiraiya were sitting around a campfire.

”So, Naruto, Yuna said that the seal that was keeping the Kyuubi at bay has already been removed. If that is the case, then why isn ’t he trying to break free. ”

Naruto couldn ’t help but smirk at Jiraiya when he heard his question.

”Well, if he were to break free, I would die, so he obviously isn ’t going to do it. ”

Naturally, Jiraiya was taken aback by that answer.

”Why would he care about that? ”

”Hehe, isn ’t that obvious? It ’s because we are friends. You wouldn ’t do something that would kill your friend either, right? ”


Naruto chuckled when he saw the bewilderment on Jiraiya ’s face, while even Ino and Haku couldn ’t help but chuckle a little.

”Yup, we are. Are you interested in finding out more? ”

As Naruto made that offer, he raised his fist and pointed it towards Jiraiya, clearly asking him for a fist bump. Jiraiya hesitated for a while, but after a few seconds, he lifted his arm and met Naruto ’s fist with his own.

”Very well, I don ’t really understand what is going on, but I will trust you. ”

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