Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 338: Sasukes Reality Check

Moments later, Sasuke found himself inside a dark corridor, which confused him quite a bit. So far, whenever he tried doing what he just did, he ended up inside a sewer system after all.

”What is going on here? Where am I? ”

As if to answer his question, a pie came flying towards his face, which caused his eyes to widen in surprise. Just before he was about to be hit in the face, he slightly tilted his head, resulting in the pie missing its target.

”What the hell was th… ”


The moment the pie sailed past him, it started spinning and somehow managed to turn around in mid-air as if it was a boomerang, resulting in it hitting his face anyway.


Naturally, Sasuke became angry after getting ”attacked ” like that, but he couldn ’t see the person accountable no matter where he looked.

”Kukuku~ ”

Eerie laugher echoed through the corridor, causing chills to go up Sasuke ’s spine. Somehow, that laughter reminded him of a memory he tried to suppress with all his mind.

Moments later, a slim figure appeared on the other end of the corridor, and as soon as Sasuke saw who it was, he instinctually took a step.

”Kukuku, it is finally time for me to enter your body, Sasuke-kun. ”

Naturally, that person was Orochimaru himself, and as soon as that sentence left his mouth, he struck out his tongue and greedily licked over his lips with an excited expression on his. But, unlike the normal Orochimaru, this one was wearing a tight green spandex suit, had massive eyebrows, and had a splendid, shining bowl-cut hairstyle.

If it was the normal Orochimaru, Sasuke couldn ’t care less about him, but the one currently standing in front of him caused waves of absolute terror to course through his body.

Sasuke wasn ’t sure why, but he felt like Orochimaru ’s appearance gave him flashbacks of something terrible that happened in the past. So, without a second of hesitation, Sasuke turned around and ran away.

Unfortunately, Orochimaru wouldn ’t give up so quickly and started slithering after him.

”Kukuku, don ’t be afraid, Sasuke-kun; I swear I will enter you gently. ”

The hairs on Sasuke ’s back started standing upright while another shiver of disgust and terror went through his body. His speed seemed to increase even further, while creepy laughter that seemed to originate directly beside his ear pushed him even further.

By now, he tried multiple times to pull back his consciousness, but no matter what he tried, he was stuck here and couldn ’t get out. Although he didn ’t know what was going on, he didn ’t need to be a genius to understand that something clearly went wrong.

A few moments of running later, Sasuke reached a door, and to his relief, it wasn ’t looked either. The moment he passed the door, the feeling of someone chasing him down vanished, causing him to sigh in relief, just for his body to stiffen again when he saw what greeted him behind the door.

A genuinely gigantic fox was currently lying on the ground while looking at him like it had just found an incredibly amusing little toy.

Sasuke heard that the Kyuubi was around 100 meters tall, which was already incredibly massive, but the fox in front of him easily was ten times that size.

[Well, well, well, to think that a little Uchiha baby would stumble in here; how amusing~]

When the fox spoke, the air itself seemed to tremble, and Sasuke couldn ’t help but take a step back from the pressure alone.

However, after regaining his wits, his Sharingan activated while meeting the fox ’s gaze. He heard that the Sharingan was the best tool to subdue a Bijuu, and that was what he was going to do. Unfortunately, all he got for his attempt was a chuckle of amusement from the fox.

[Hehe, will you look at that? The little baby wants to influence me with his immature eyes. How cute~]

Naturally, Sasuke ’s temper flared from being repeatedly mocked like that.


Another low, rumbling chuckle escaped the fox ’s mouth, causing Sasuke to stagger back some more.

[My current size is due to me being at my actual peak of power, unlike the suppressed version I had to manifest previously. As for your Sharingan, it is indeed a Bijuu ’s natural enemy; luckily, I have my obedient little puppet to dispel its influence for me.]

Naruto appeared next to it as the fox said that, but unlike his usual vibrant facial expression, there were absolutely no emotions on his face, while his eyes seemed distant and unfocused.

Sasuke ’s eyes widened when he saw Naruto ’s current condition, and after letting his Sharingan wander over the fox and Naruto, his face blanched.

”Y-You are not sealed anymore. ”

Sasuke might be arrogant and prideful but even was not delusional enough to believe that he could fight the strongest of the Bijuu all by himself.

[Wrong, I was never sealed in the first place. Let me ask you a question, little baby. Do you think Naruto Uzumaki actually exists? Do you believe that a newborn could contain my power? Laughable. The moment I was sealed, I could have broken free instantly, but I was weakened due to various reasons, so I decided to keep this convenient body and recover my strength.]

Naturally, Sasuke was gobsmacked by that ”revelation ”.

”W-Why are you telling me all of this? ”

The fox ’s face distorted into one filled with nothing but pure glee.

[Because I genuinely hate the Uchiha clan, and there is nothing more pleasurable for me than to see, and Uchiha ’s face distort into terror and fear after he realizes that he just doomed himself.]

[For example, after he realizes that he just invaded the mind of a being that was alive even before Uchiha Madara ’s grandparents walked this world, that the only reason he managed to enter the previously mentioned mind was due to being allowed to, and that he currently had no way of getting out.]

Sasuke ’s facial expression changed, and he immediately tried to muster all the chakra he could, but no matter what he did, he couldn ’t return his consciousness to his body.

[Yes, that is precisely the facial expression I was talking about~]

As the enormous fox said those words, it got up from his prone position, showing a ferocious smile on its face.

[Well then, little baby, I hope you can entertain me a little before you perish.]

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