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Sasuke was currently sitting inside a cave quite the distance away from where he met Naruto. He had a deep frown on his face and was constantly muttering to himself.

”What am I supposed to do now? I can ’t win against Naruto; he ’s a monster after all. Yuna is probably the same, so I can ’t win against her either, which only leaves Itachi. But is Itachi truly weaker than those two? I don ’t believe it! No, I ’m not willing to believe that! ”

Sasuke ’s anger exploded, causing him to smash his fist into a nearby wall, resulting in the whole cave shaking.

”Seriously, what am I supposed to do now? Should I try to become a Jinchuuriki as well? That should help, right? But, as far as I know, that won ’t be easy at all. Additionally, that weirdo with the orange mask told me that his organization is collecting the Biju, and I doubt he would be willing to give me one of them. I probably will have to hunt one of them down myself. Additionally, I will have to find out how the sealing process works. ”

When Sasuke thought about hunting down a Bijuu by himself, he couldn ’t help himself and tremble a little as the image of Naruto in an eight-tailed chakra cloak popped up in his mind.

As soon as he realized what had just happened, he gritted his teeth as anger flooded his body.

”Damnit, I ’m not afraid of that idiot! NEVER!!!

Moments later, Sasuke ’s face scrunched up as a really nasty smell reached his nose while the sound of footsteps echoed through the cave.

’N-No way is Naruto coming after me? I need to run. ’

Sasuke was just about to flee when he saw who entered the cave, which almost caused him to trip over his own feet.

The person wore the usual Akatsuki robe, but his hair had a glossy pink color, and he was wearing a colorful clown mask. Additionally, the man seemed to be the source of the nasty smell.

Although Sasuke wasn ’t entirely sure about it, he assumed that the person in front of him was Tobi, who he ditched a short while ago. Sasuke was quite astounded that the man managed to survive Naruto ’s onslaught, but his outfit was currently more shocking to Sasuke.

”Err, why are you wear… ”

”Do. Not. Ask. About. That. ”

”Err, okay Anyway, why did you follow me? Do you want revenge for me ditching you? ”

As Sasuke said that, his Sharingan activated, and he got into a combat-ready stance. However, Obito only shrugged his shoulders in disinterest.

”I don ’t care about that. After all, we have only seen each other as useful tools from the start and not as allies. Isn ’t that right? ”

When Sasuke heard Obito ’s question, he simply nodded his head in agreement while relaxing his stance.

”That ’s right, but that still doesn ’t explain why you came here. ”

”Indeed. Frankly, I only came here for a little conversation. Why do you think you lost so easily against Naruto, Sasuke. ”

”Because he has a monster sealed inside him. ”

Although Sasuke wasn ’t happy that Obtip mentioned his defeat, he still answered him instantly. The mere idea that there might be another reason for his failure didn ’t even cross his mind for a second.

”Correct, so there are only two options to best him. Either you capture your own monster and seal it inside you, or you become a monster yourself. ”

”Become a monster myself? What is that supposed to mean? ”

”Hehe, the condition to evolve the Sharingan, do you know about it? ”

Sasuke ’s eyes shone when he heard Obito ’s words as he realized what he was missing to defeat Naruto.

”Right, I have to kill my most treasured person… but I have no one like that. ”

As soon as he realized the problem, he couldn ’t help but deflate a little. Not because he had no one he treasured, but because he had no one, he treasured that he could kill to get stronger.

”Yes, that is one method, but that one is actually not that great. If you evolve your eyes like that, they will have a considerable weakness. The more you use them, the blinder you become. ”

Sasuke ’s eyes widened in surprise when he heard Obito ’s claim.

”So you are saying that there is a method that prevents that from happening? Tell me! What is it!? ”

Although Obito was somewhat annoyed by Sasuke ’s commanding tone, he didn ’t care about that for now.

”You have to steal the eyes of your brother and use them yourself. Now, I think you got a pretty good idea why Itachi allowed you to live all these years ago. He doesn ’t care about you in the slightest; he only wants you to live so he can harvest your eyes when the time is right. ”

Sasuke ’s eyes widened in shock when he heard Obito ’s claim. Although he was dumbfounded by what he had just heard, he believed Obito ’s words nonetheless. After all, that would be the perfect explanation for why Itachi didn ’t kill him.

”I see; he wants my eyes. Hehe, so what? I will just take his before he can take mine. And then, I will be able to kill Naruto and Yuna, hahaha. ”

While Sasuke was going a little mental, Obito could only shake his head in pity. A few minutes ago, Sasuke was despairing over his weakness, and after giving him a little push, he instantly makes a comeback and immediately starts fantasizing over his revenge.

Well, Obito was rather happy that Sasuke was like that since that made it very easy to manipulate him. If Sasuke weren ’t the best way to get rid of Itachi, Obito would probably not have been willing to deal with him.

Moments later, Sasuke snapped out of his fantasy and eyed Obito with suspicion.

”How do you know about all of that? ”

Right now, Obito would have liked to take off his mask and show Sasuke that he was an Uchiha as well, but unfortunately, no matter what he did, the clown mask wouldn ’t budge.

Instead, he simply activated his Sharingan and showed it off to Sasuke. Although quite a bit of flair was lost, Sasuke could still see Obito ’s Sharingan change through the eye hole of the clown mask.

”Because I went through the same process to get mine. ”

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