A loud groan escaped Jugo ’s mouth as he slowly opened his eyes. He looked around in confusion and immediately noticed that he was lying on a couch and that Suigetsu was lying on another one.

Jugo sighed in relief when he realized that Suigetsu seemed to be fine and processed to inspect the room he was currently in.

He quickly noticed that there were more people in the room. Four women, three of which were leaning onto each other on a couch opposite of Jugo, while the fourth one stood behind them and was massaging the shoulders of the woman sitting in the middle. But…

”A little harder, Karin. ”

”Yes, Yuna-sama. ”

”Yuna~ more headpats~ ”

”Hehe, you sure are spoiled, my little Hinata. ”

”Hiss. ”

”Haha, nonono, you aren ’t spoiled at all, my little Akane. ”

”Geez, Anko, you sure love playing with your snake, huh? ”

”That was a pretty weak innuendo. ”

”*Sigh* I can only work with what I get after all.

…neither of the four were paying any attention to him and apparently didn ’t even notice that he had just woken up. So, Jugo decided to use the time before they noticed him to think about how he got here.

Moments later, a frown appeared on his face when he remembered fighting a blond woman who couldn ’t be hurt by him no matter what he did. While he was in his crazed state of mind, he couldn ’t think about the situation correctly, but now that he had calmed down, he realized that he was very likely trapped in a genjutsu.

’She managed to trap me in a genjutsu while I was in my crazed state? I thought only Sasuke could do that. ’

Moments later Suigetsu woke up as well, but unlike Jugo, he immediately jumped up and drew his sword.

”Where am I?! Who are you, people?! Where is that bitch that froze my body? I will cut her to pieces! ”

When Yuna heard Suigetsu ’s questions, she removed her hand from Hinata ’s head, resulting in her glaring at Suigetsu, who couldn ’t help but shiver a little due to her glare.

”Well, you are in the Uzumaki compound. I ’m Yuna, the one addicted to head pats is Hinata, the one who can ’t stop playing with her snake is Anko, and the one whose hands are slowly wandering to places that are usually not involved in a shoulder massage is Karin. ”

Yuna wanted to continue talking, but Suigetsu interrupted her before she could do so.

”You are Yuna Uzumaki?! You are the one who Sasuke wants to kill!? ”

Yuna chuckled in amusement when she heard Suigetsu ’s words.

”Oh my, so the little boy actually wants to kill me for my little prank; how cute. ”

Suigetsu was shocked that Yuna dismissed Sasuke so casually and was just about to continue talking when the atmosphere in the room changed.

”Well then, I am right in front of you, so do you want to try to fulfill Sasuke ’s ambition? ”

The moment Yuna stopped speaking, she flared her chakra, causing the floor and walls to crack. Suigetsu paled when Yuna ’s powerful chakra washed over him while his body slowly started to turn into water and flow away.

’Sasuke wants to fight this monster!? Is he insane!? ’


Suigetsu paled even further when he realized that Jugo had snapped and would undoubtedly attack Yuna, which was a very likely death sentence.

But, just when Jugo was about to lung at Yuna, he met her eyes and immediately froze up. Jugo felt like he had just met eyes with an ancient monster, and the urge to kill was snuffed out instantly. His knees crashed on the ground while his whole body started shivering in fear.

”M-M-Monster, a-a-a m-monster. ”

Yuna chuckled in amusement when she saw that.

”Oh my~ you have pretty good instincts. How interesting~ ”

Meanwhile, Suigetsu was shocked by what had just happened. As far as he knew, there was very little that could stop Jugo once he started going berserk, but it seemed like a single glance from Yuna was more than enough to stop him.

Yuna decided to ignore Jugo ’s plight and started speaking again.

”Anyway, as I was about to say before I was interrupted, the person who froze you only delivered you to me and then left again. Additionally, I recommend that you don ’t call her a bitch in the future since she is my little brother ’s girlfriend, and I might have to discipline you if you curse her again. Understood? ”

Suigetsu ’s eyes widened as he obediently nodded his head. After feeling Yuna ’s chakra crashing down on him, he would do everything he could to avoid conflict with Yuna.

After seeing that Suigetsu was getting more obedient and that Jugo was slowly regaining his wits, Yuna continues speaking.

”Well then, you are probably wondering why you are here. The reason for that is relatively simple. I find the condition of your body interesting, and I want to research it. ”

A frown immediately appeared on Suigetsu ’s face when he heard Yuna ’s words.

”So you want us to be your test subjects? ”

A disgusted frown appeared on Yuna ’s face before she shook her head in denial.

”I do not treat people like test subjects. At least not when I don ’t consider them my enemies. Whenever I want to test something, I will ask you for consent beforehand, and you will be compensated for your troubles. If there is something you don ’t want to do, then I won ’t do it. ”

Although Suigetsu was still frowning, he still nodded his head in understanding.

”What kind of compensation are we talking about? ”

Yuna pondered for a short moment before shrugging her shoulders.

”What kind of compensation do you want? Money, perhaps? There is very little I can ’t give you with my current position and power. For example, I could slap a seal on your friend over there that stops him from going berserk permanently. ”

As Yuna said that last sentence, she pointed at Jugo, whose head immediately snapped up when he heard Yuna ’s over.

”C-Can you really do that. ”

Instead of answering Jugo ’s question, a chain shot out of Yuna ’s body and pierced into his stomach. Moments later, a complex array of seals appeared all over Jugo ’s body, and before he could understand what was going on, the seals started shining and retracting, forming a small Uzumaki symbol on Jugo ’s stomach.

”Done. ”

Jugo looked at the small seal on his stomach in bewilderment, but despite not believing for a second that his problem could be fixed so quickly, he felt incredibly calm. The monster inside him that wanted to break out and start slaughtering as soon as possible was gone. He could no longer feel the irrational anger that was always boiling within him. Without a second of hesitation, he bowed his head towards Yuna.

”Thank you. Whatever it is you want me to do, I will do my best to do it for you. ”

Yuna casually waved Jugo ’s words away as her gaze landed on Suigetsu.

”Well, what do you want? ”

”The Kubikiribocho. ”

Suigetsu answered Yuna ’s inquiry without a moment of hesitation, but Yuna had to shake her head in denial this time.

”Sorry, but that one isn ’t possible. Zabuza, the wielder of Kubikiribocho, is working for me, and I won ’t backstab my own people. ”

Instead of being sad about that, Suigetsu ’s eyes started shining.

”Does that mean that Zabuza is here? Inside the Uzumaki compound? That is even better! I will challenge him to a duel and take the sword from his corpse! ”

Yuna could only shake her head at Suigetsu ’s mindset, which was still very ”Kiri ”, but she didn ’t mind. In fact, she was certain that Zabuza would accept a challenge like that as well.

”Fine, I will introduce you to him, and you can issue your little challenge. ”

Suigetsu ’s eyes shone in enthusiasm when he heard Yuna ’s promise.

”Hahaha, great, I will finally become the wielder of Kubikiribocho! ”

Naturally, Yuna could only shake her head at Suigetsu ’s delusions. He might have been a match for Zabuza three years ago when Yuna met him in the Land of Waves, but Zabuza has grown significantly stronger over the course of the last three years, so she doubted that Suigetsu was his match.

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