Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 345: Helping out the Future In-Laws some more

A few days passed since Naruto, Ino, and Haku returned to Konoha, and Ino and Haku were currently sitting in front of Yuna with nervous expressions and a slight blush on their faces.

Additionally to Yuna, Hinata and Anko were present as well. While those two had no clue what Ino and Haku wanted from Yuna, Yuna herself could make a good guess about that.

”So, you two wanted to talk to me, please go ahead. ”

Ino and Haku eyed each other nervously before Ino opened her mouth.

”*Cough* W-Well, when Haku and I started dating Naruto, you said you would help us if there were any problems. W-Well, there is something we would like your advice on. ”

Yuna nodded her head in acknowledgment and motioned Ino to continue speaking. Ino and Haku shared enough nervous glances while the blush on their faces became more pronounced.

”We feel like N-Naruto isn ’t…err… satisfied after we are… w-well, after we are done. ”

As soon as Ino finished speaking, a wry smile appeared on the faces of Hinata and Anko. After all, they have had similar problems. Well, since Karin joined them at night, things became at least a little more manageable for them.

”Well, that certainly is a problem, but I don ’t think that is what you wanted to talk about, right? ”

Ino and Haku shivered a little when they saw the amusement in Yuna ’s eyes, but Ino continued talking nonetheless.

”Err…no. W-We heard that you usually sleep with more than one person, Yuna, s-so we were wondering if… err… N-Naruto would l-like to do the same. W-We j-just don ’t want him to be weirded out if we make a suggestion like that. So we wanted to know if he had ever mentioned something like that to you. O-Of c-course we w-would never actually do that, we were just curious. ”

While Ino was going into denial, a slightly bewildered expression appeared on Yuna ’s face. Yuna expected the duo to want someone who could ”convince ” them that a three-way was a good idea, but it seems they had already convinced themselves about that, while the only remaining hurdle was absolutely trivial. Instead of answering Ino, who was still muttering this and that, Yuna ’s gaze landed on Anko.

”So, Anko, so that I don ’t misunderstand the situation and talk nonsense. These two in front of me are worried that, when two beautiful women who know each other and are both knowingly the same man ’s girlfriends, ask their boyfriend for a threesome, that he might find it weird? ”

”Hehe, that seems to be the case. ”

A deep sigh escaped Yuna while Ino and Haku looked at her in confusion. They didn ’t understand why Yuna and Anko both were acting like their worries were unfounded.

”*Sigh* Fine, let me explain. ”

Yuna stood up, took out a blank scroll, and unfurled it.

”Let ’s assume this is a list of all the fetishes an average man has. ”

Although Ino and Haku ’s eyebrows twitched at the length of the scroll, they assumed that there were no relations between its length and the actual number of fetishes.

Yuna took the scroll and tore the bottom half off.

”This is the number of fetishes he knows he has. ”

She tore it in half again.

”The ones he is willing to admit he has while drunk and with only male people he considers close friends. ”


”He will tell his wife about. ”


”He will tell his girlfriend about after they slept together a few times. ”

Finally, Yuna crushed the scroll with her hand and tossed it aside.

”And the ones he will tell his girlfriend about before they had their first time. ”

Hinata, Ino, and Haku were rather dumbfounded by that demonstration, while Anko only chuckled in amusement, and Yuna sat back down.

”So, any questions? ”

Although Ino and Haku weren ’t entirely sure what to do with the information they had just received, they decided to keep the conversation going for now.

”What you want to say is, that you are certain that Naruto will happily agree if we ask him, right? ”

”Hehe, nope. He won ’t ’happily agree ’; he will either instantly tear your clothes to shreds and attack you, or he will carry you to the bedroom first and then do it. ”

Ino and Haku both blushed furiously, despite somewhat doubting that. So far, Naruto has always been very gentle with them, so they didn ’t believe that Naruto would do that.

After taking a few deep breaths, the duo managed to calm down while reducing the redness of their faces. Haku managed to get the picture of Naruto attacking her and Ino simultaneously out of her head first and resumed the conversation.

”A-Anyway, so we don ’t need to be worried that Naruto will have a negative reaction at all, correct? ”

”Yup, that ’s correct. And if he is, by some kind of weird reverse miracle, weirded out by it, I guarantee that will do everything in my might to fix the problem. ”

With Yuna making guarantees like that, Ino and Haku were satisfied and said their goodbyes to Yuna, Anko and Hinata.

Later that evening, Naruto, Ino, and Haku were eating dinner together, but Naruto could tell that the atmosphere felt somewhat off. As far as he knew, he didn ’t do any major pranks since he returned to Konoha, so he was relatively confident that they were at least not angry at him.

After a few minutes of awkward silence, Ino and Haku ’s gazes met, and this time, Haku was the one to initiate the conversation.

”Naruto…err…you know, Yuna…err… ”

While Haku was stammering out words, her cheeks became redder and redder, causing Naruto ’s eyebrow to rise.

’Did nee-san somehow manage to seduce Haku? No, I ’m pretty sure she wouldn ’t do that. ’

”Yes? What about nee-san? ”

”W-Well, you know how she usually s-sleeps with more than one person, right? Well… err… that is… ”

Naruto ’s eyes widened when he realized where Haku was going with this, but before he took any hasty actions, he glanced at Ino, who immediately blushed furiously and averted her gaze.

Having his assumption pretty much confirmed, Naruto ’s eyes shone with desire as he immediately teleported behind Haku and picked her up.

”Wha-What are you doing, Nar… ”

Before Haku could finish speaking, Naruto disappeared and again and appeared next to Ino this time, picking her up as well.

”N-Naruto, you… ”

”Hehe, no need to play coy now. I wasn ’t expecting you two to be the first ones to suggest a threesome.

”T-T-Threesome!? N-N-No, we were just…uhhh. ”

Naruto chuckled in amusement and started walking towards the bedroom while carrying Ino and Haku on his shoulders.

”Well, you can tell me to stop at any time, but I don ’t think I will be able to control myself after we enter the bedroom, so you might wanna hurry up. ”

Ino and Haku somehow managed to blush even harder when they heard Naruto ’s words, but neither of them said anything to stop Naruto. Well, in the end, they were the ones who asked first, so except for the embarrassment, there was nothing to complain about.

Moments later, Naruto reached the bedroom put the duo on the bed, and then climbed on top of them. Right now, he had a greedy expression filled with desire on his face.

”Hehe, I hope you two didn ’t plan to get any sleep tonight~ ”

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