Kazumi trembled in fear when the bisected corpse of the ancestor landed a few meters away from her, which didn ’t improve after Yuna landed close by as well.

Kazumi noticed how Yuna took a few deep breaths, and seconds later, her eyes looked towards Kazumi ’S direction, sending another shiver through her spine. She wanted to run away but knew full well that there was no point in even trying.

Yuna approached her position with slow and measured steps, which made every step feel like a thunderclap to Kazumi, and a few seconds later, Yuna stood directly in front of Kazumi with an unreadable expression on her face.

”Y-Yuna-s-sama, I-I ’m so… ”

Before Kazumi could finish speaking, Yuna squatted down in front of her and softly held her cheeks with her hands, startling Kazumi.

”I really liked you, Kazumi. ”

”E-Eh? Wha… ”


”Therefore, I will grant you an almost painless death. ”

Kazumi ’s eyes widened in shock as her gaze landed on the sword that was pierced through her body. She looked up again to meet Yuna ’s gaze, and she couldn ’t help but be surprised that grieve was visible on Yuna ’s face.

When Kazumi realized that Yuna went for the kill despite liking her, a mirthful smile appeared on her face as she uttered her last words.

”Until the very end, you are a monster… ”

Yuna pulled her sword out of Kazumi ’s body, letting it lifelessly fall to the ground.

”Hehe, I know I ’m a monster. I always knew. That ’s why I always tried to suppress myself after all. Even now, I can hear voices telling me to continue my slaughter, to continue venting my grief over your betrayal. ”

A loud groan escaped Yuna ’s lips as she fell on her knees while holding her head in pain. She could practically feel the last vestiges of her sanity slipping away. She was very close to losing control of herself and go on an insanity drive massacre spree.

She could still hear the frightened screams of the still surviving disciples in the background, which irritated her greatly.

”*Urhg* Can ’t these people shut up? Can ’t they see that I ’m trying to concentrate? ”

As if the surrounding ice was hearing her request, it started moving, skewering the few that still survived with icicles, killing all of them. However, Yuna didn ’t even notice that as she was still holding her head in pain while trying to suppress the madness that was about to take hold of her.

’Damnit, at least those pests have finally shut up, but the situation isn ’t good at all. ’

Meanwhile, the light snowfall that was generated by the formation Yuna took over became stronger and stronger, turning into a powerful blizzard that very few could survive. Despite that, Yuna sat in the middle of said blizzard, utterly unbothered by it, while trying to regain complete control of herself.

Moments later, her eyes snapped open while a wry smile appeared on her face.

”Am I an idiot? I decided around an hour ago not to suppress my emotion anymore, and here I am, doing it again. ”

Yuna took a deep breath, which instantly calmed the blizzard down a little, while her posture relaxed as well.

’Obviously, I can ’t allow myself to be controlled by insanity, but there is no reason to suppress it. Control. That is the most crucial point. Freely displaying my emotions is no problem, but being controlled by them is. I will be the one in control. Always. ’

By now, the blizzard had pretty much calmed down, and a short moment later, Yuna stood up with a wide grin on her face.

”Hehe, this should be fine. The middle ground between being controlled by your emotions and completely suppressing them. Balance. It is all about balance. But why stop at my emotions in regards to balance? Aren ’t those senile fossils always discussing the balance between Yin and Yang? Why are you doing that while simultaneously preaching about suppressing emotions? As expected, they are talking out of their asses and have no clue what they are doing. ”

Yuna leisurely stretched her back while a relaxed smile appeared on her face.

”Despite having just fought quite the hard fight, I feel incredibly relaxed. Balance…Balance… Well, what should I do after having fought such a hard battle? Mhh, for now, let ’s go and have some fun. Step one, plunder this sect ’s treasury; there should be some good stuff in there, right? But what then? ”

While walking through the snow towards the treasury, Yuna noticed the corpse of a fat man in a lavish robe, causing Yuna ’s eyes to shine.

”Oh yeah, that ’s it. After I plundered the sect, I will change the city and act like a rich young miss, hahaha, that will be fun~ ”

A few years later, the place where the Supreme Flame Tiger Heaven Burning Sect ’s headquarters stood will become a sacred ground for ice cultivators. Despite the seemingly mild snowfall that covered the whole land, the environment was extremely deadly due to the frigid temperature within the sect ’s compound. But, with danger always came rewards, so the place was frequented by ice cultivators worldwide, who hoped to gain enlightenment by enduring the frigid temperatures while letting her senses experience the unique feeling the snow and ice were giving them.

Nowadays, the cultivation ground was frequently called the Frozen Tiger Sacred Ground, as a reminder of which sect met its end here.

Naturally, the story of how this sacred ground came into being was widely talked about as well, causing everyone who heard the story to tremble in fear.

One of the hegemony sects of the planet was destroyed simply because the grandson of one of the elders couldn ’t keep it in his pants and because the elder wasn ’t willing to let go of his pride.

This event caused quite a few elders who allowed their children to act rampantly to sweat profusely while going onto a scolding spree, hoping that their children hadn ’t provoked anyone they shouldn ’t provoke.

Additionally, Yuna ’s moniker: The White-Eyed Demongirl, was replaced with something else. The Calamity of Ice. After all, even years later, snow was still falling within the compound and showed no signs of ever stopping. And neither did the ice dome, which was covering the whole place.

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