Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 356: Reporting to Tsunade

”Yuna-sama, we have an important report from Suna! ”

While Yuna was relaxing on her couch inside the living room, Tayuya entered the room with hurried steps, and, to her credit, her eyebrows only twitched once when she saw a tied-up Karin hanging from the ceiling.

”Oh? What is it about, Tayuya? ”

”Apparently, their village was attacked by a blonde person using explosive clay, whom we presume was a missing-nin called Deidara. Gaara-dono managed to repel him while protecting Sunagakure by transforming into the Ichibi, but got overwhelmed when another person whom we presume to be Sasori of the Red Sand joined the fight. ”

Yuna let Tayuya ’s words sink in, and moments later, a deep sigh escaped her lips.

”Seriously, why am I even giving my teleportation kunai ’s away when no one is willing to use them? Wait here a moment, Tayuya; I will be back soon. ”

Without waiting for Tayuya ’s answer, Yuna teleported away, leaving a tied-up Karin and Tayuya behind.

Tayuya noticed how Karin looked at her smugly and could only roll her eyes at that.

”Seriously, how often do I have to tell you that I have no interest in your weird competition of who is the more perverted maid. ”

”Mmmh mh mmmhp mmmpf. ”

Naturally, Karin was gagged so that she couldn ’t get out a single comprehensible word, but Tayuya nonetheless knew what she said.

”DAMNIT!!! I often do I have to repeat myself!? I ’m not acting like this so that you would let your guard down! Could you please leave me out of your degenerated fantasies!? ”

Despite Tayuya ’s words, the fighting spirit in Karin ’s eyes started burning even brighter, resulting in Tayuya sighing in defeat.

”*Sigh* God f*ing damnit. ”

The moments those words left Tayuya ’s mouth, her eyes bulged out as she quickly started scanning the room to see whether Yuna was back already or not. When she realized that that was not the case, she sighed in relief. ”

Meanwhile, Yuna teleported to the kunai she had previously given to Gaara and could feel her eyebrows twitch in irritation as soon as she arrived.





That ’s right, she teleported straight into Gaara ’s office and was immediately surrounded by a bunch of ANBU. Luckily, one of the ANBU realized who she was and cleared her identity.

Funnily enough, as soon as the other ANBU realized her identity, they frantically hid away their weapons like their life depended on it.

When the chaos in the room started dying down to a manageable degree, Yuna opened her mouth and started speaking.

”I heard what happened to Gaara, so I came over to take a look. Well, during the last chunin exam, I gave Gaara one of my teleportation markers, so I thought I could resolve this matter rather easily, but it seems he didn ’t deem it necessary to carry it with him while fighting. ”

As Yuna said that, she opened one of Gaara ’s office desk drawers and pulled out one of her kunais.

’That idiot. As expected, I should have placed the seal directly onto his skin despite the trouble of piercing through his sand armor. ’

Meanwhile, the surrounding Anbu couldn ’t help but sweat a little due to the unhappy mood radiating out of Yuna. Somehow, they got the feeling that their Kazekage would have to go through some hardships even if they somehow managed to save him from his kidnappers.

”Anyway, since Suna and Konoha are allied, and my little brother considers Gaara to be his friends, Konoha will help with the rescue operation. For now, I will go back to Konoha to collect some reinforcement; is there anything I need to know before I leave? ”

Although the Anbu were a little bewildered at how casually Yuna decided to help in this matter, they naturally wouldn ’t reject that help. Suna wasn ’t exactly at the peak of its power, and the support of someone as powerful as Yuna would be a considerable advantage in the inevitable fight against two S-Rank shinobi.

”If possible, we would like you to send someone over who can heal poison. Suna is more proficient in creating poison rather than detoxifying it, and during the fight, a few of our shinobi got poisoned. ”

Yuna nodded her head in acknowledgment, waited a few moments longer to ensure there were no other requests, and then teleported back to her living room.

Currently, Tayuya was inspecting Karin ’s position with great interest. Even though she wasn ’t really into bondage, she couldn ’t help but be fascinated by how the ropes tying up Karin were digging into her flesh while highlighting some parts of her body.

”If you are interested, I can teach you how to do that. ”

”HYKYAAA!!! MOTHERFFFFF…..udge. Please don ’t scare me like that, Yuna… sama. ”

Somehow, Tayuya managed to suppress the whole curse before it left her lips, which made Yuna nod in approval.

”Anyway, playtime is over, Karin; we have something to do. ”

Then, Yuna started to skillfully untie Karin, while Tayuya looked at the whole process in fascination, and not even a minute later, Karin was back on her own feet, with a slight pout on her face.

”Haha, don ’t be like this, Karin, this is actually somewhat important. Don ’t worry; I will come up with a nice compensation for you later after we are done with this. ”

Karin ’s eyes shone in excitement when she heard Yuna ’s words and started eagerly nodding her head.

”Yes, Yuna-sama. Let ’s go! I can ’t wait to get this started. ”

Yuna couldn ’t help but roll her eyes at Karin ’s sudden shift in mood.

’More like she can ’t wait to get this finished, but I guess as long she is motivated, it ’s fine. ’

”Anyway, Tayuya, please find Naruto and tell him we will be going to Suna soon and that he should teleport to me as quickly as possible. For now, I ’ll inform Tsunade what we are about to do since I doubt that she has gotten any reports about Suna yet. ”

”Yes, Yuna-sama! ”

As soon as she heard Yuna ’s order, Tayuya swiftly left the room while Yuna ’s gaze landed on Karin.

”Well, are you ready as well? ”

”Of course, Yuna-sama! ”

Yuna nodded her head and grabbed Karin ’s shoulder, and moments later, both of them teleported out of the living room.

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