Moments later, Yuna and Karin appeared inside Tsunade ’s office, causing her to sigh loudly.

”I ’m almost done with today ’s portion of my paperwork, Yuna. I really hope whatever you have to say won ’t change that fact. ”

Before Yuna could answer Tsunade, a person that was wearing a white mask with a red Uzumaki symbol started speaking.

”Don ’t be like that, Tsunade; I ’m sure Yuna wouldn ’t come here if she didn ’t have anything important to tell. ”

At that statement, Tsunade scoffed in disdain.

”Yeah, right, grandma. We both know that Yuna loves nothing more than messing around with people. ”

The masked person, Mito, wanted to answer Tsuande ’s banter, but before she could do so, Yuna intervened in the conversation.

”Sorry to break up your fun, but this time I actually have something important to say. ”

Tsunade ’s eyebrows rose in doubt, but when she saw the severe expression on Yuna ’s face, that doubt quickly vanished.

”Very well, what happened. ”

”A short while ago, Suna was attacked by Akatsuki, resulting in Gaara getting kidnapped. Usually, I would just waltz over there and kill everyone involved, but I decided to throw you a bone for once and inform you beforehand. You may now proceed to proclaim your gratitude for that. ”

Meanwhile, Tsunade completely ignored the second part of Yuna ’s statement while solely focusing on the first.

”Gaara got kidnapped?! Are you serious, Yuna? Where did you get that information from? ”

”Yes, he did. Yes, I am. The Uzumaki clan has a rather efficient seal-based information gathering network, and a village spanning fight can naturally not be concealed from it. I ’m sure you will get a report about this relatively soon as well. ”

Tsunade pondered on Yuna ’s words for a short moment before simply nodding her head. In her opinion, there was very little reason for her to lie about this matter, so Tsunade was rather confident that Yuna was telling the truth.

”Very well, go over there and safe Gaara. I assume you want to take Karin with you? Are there any other people you would like to take? ”

Yuna was rather satisfied that Tsunade immediately switched gears without giving her any bullshit about the detail of how she managed to get that information and nodded her head in acknowledgment.

”Naturally, I ’m going to take Naruto with me as well. He considers Gaara to be his friend, after all, and would be rather pissed if I didn ’t take him with me. ”

Although Tsunade wasn ’t happy that both of Konoha ’s Jinchuuriki would be leaving the village for the same mission, considering the duo ’s strength, there was very little she actually had to be worried about. Additionally, she received a kunai from Yuna and Naruto, so even if someone she couldn ’t handle suddenly decided to attack Konoha, they could be back within an instant.

”*Sigh* Fine, although I feel like that is a little bit overkill, take him with you. ”

”Speaking of overkill, how about you come with us as well, Tsunade? ”

Tsunade couldn ’t help but look at Yuna weirdly when she heard that question.

”Why would I? You two already have more than enough firepower to deal with the situation, while I can ’t exactly leave my post here in Konoha empty. ”

”Apparently, Sasori of the Red Sand is one of the people that attacked Suna, and he poisoned quite a few people. Although I do not doubt Karin ’s skill in medical jutsu, having an extra person that can heal an S-Rank shinobi ’s poison would, without a doubt, be helpful. ”

Tsunade pondered Yuna ’s words before shaking her head in denial.

”Although I agree with your assessment, a Kage can ’t leave their village so easily. Instead of that, you should be taking Sakura with you. Just like Karin, I have taken her in as an apprentice, and if it is only about medical jutsu, she is more skilled than Karin. ”

Yuna paused for a moment when she heard that name, and after a short moment of pondering, the image of a pink-haired girl with a banshee-like voice appeared in her mind.

When she realized who Tsunade was talking about, her gaze immediately landed on Tsunade, doubt filling her eyes, causing Tsunade to chuckle in amusement.

”Well, I can ’t really blame you for having some doubts about her capabilities, but I can guarantee you, that her medical skills are top-notch. ”

Yuna held eye contact with Tsunade for a bit longer to make sure she wasn ’t messing with her before nodding her head in understanding.

”Alright, since she has your acknowledgment, I will accept her participation in the mission. ”

Tsunade nodded her head and took a scroll out of one of her desk ’s drawers. She quickly wrote a few paragraphs on it before putting the Hokage ’s official seal on the bottom of the scroll and tossing it to Yuna, who caught it easily.

”Guess we should at least make this mess somewhat official, so here is my order to support Suna in rescuing the Kazekage. During this time of the day, Sakura will be most likely helping out at the hospital, so you should be able to pick her up from there. Good luck on your mission. ”

Yuna flicked her wrist, casually storing the scroll she just received in the storage seals hidden on her wrist before nodding in acknowledgment at Tsunade ’s words.

”Luck won ’t be necessary, but thanks anyway. See ya. ”

Yet again, Yuna grabbed Karin ’s shoulder and teleported out of the room. Although Yuna had no teleportation markers directly inside the hospital, she had at least one close by, which was her designated target this time.

A few hours later, when Yuna and her group had long arrived in Suna, an ANBU burst into the room with frantic steps while breathing heavily.

”Tsunade-sama, there is terrible news! Akatsuki attacked Suna and managed to kidnap Kazekage-dono! ”

”… ”

”I-Is something wrong, Tsunade-sama? ”

”*Sigh* No matter how I look at it, I need to coax the method to transfer information this quickly out of her, don ’t I? ”

While a chuckle of amusement could be heard from underneath Mito ’s mask, the ANBU had no clue what was going on. He was rather dissatisfied that Tsunade wasn ’t reacting to the message he had just delivered at all.

”Err, Tsunade-sama, how should we react to this information? ”

”*Sigh* We have already reacted to the situation. Your message was delivered to me a few hours ago, and I have already sent a team over to Sune to help solve the problem. ”

The ANBU completely froze up when he heard Tsunade ’s words. He had no clue how this message could have possibly been delivered hours ago. After all, he was the first one in ANBU who received that information and immediately started running back to Konoha like a mad man to deliver this crucial piece of information as soon as possible. Yet, someone, somehow, beat him to it by a massive margin.

”H-How? ”

That was all he could squeeze out in his bewilderment, causing Tsunade to look at him with a bit of pity.

”Yuna Uzumaki got involved in this matter. ”

”Ah, got it. ”

The moment Yuna ’s name came up, all his confusion vanished instantly, and he simply nodded his head in acknowledgment and left the room with an annoyed expression on his face, causing Tsunade to chuckle in amusement.

”Well, at least my ANBU bounce back relatively quickly in these kinds of situations by now. Although I am not entirely sure whether that is a good sign or a bad sign. ”

” ”Definitely both. ” ”

Tsunade off handily noticed that her inquiry was not only answered by Mito but by a second, old-sounding, male voice that came from the couch inside her office, but she decided to ignore that.

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