Two fists collided, resulting in a strong shockwave spreading out from their point of impact while sending one person skidding backward.

Sakura looked at Yuna ’s fist, which collided with her own just now, and frowned.

”Why can you use Tsunade-sama ’s strengthening technique, Yuna? ”

”Why wouldn ’t I be able to use it? After all, everyone whose chakra control is precise enough should be capable of using it. ”

Sakura could only smile wryly when she heard Yuna ’s words. Although that wasn ’t entirely wrong, if it were that easy to learn Tsunade ’s technique, wouldn ’t everyone use it?

Having good chakra control was far from enough to use it in combat effectively. The timing when to release the chakra that was gathered on the fist was incredibly precise, and even the slightest error might result in the technique failing.

”On a side note, why are we doing a sparring match? Aren ’t we in a hurry? ”

”Although that is the case, I ’m not letting you anywhere near an S-Rank shinobi before I know what you can do. ”

Although Sakura felt a little annoyed that Yuna doubted her abilities, she didn ’t need to be a genius to know where that doubt was coming from.

”Very, well, let ’s do it. ”

A quick sparring match followed in which Sakura used her full strength while Yuna matched her pace. After all, Yuna only wanted to see whether Sakura could carry her own weight by now. Obviously, Yuna didn ’t expect her to be as strong as someone like Naruto.

Around five minutes later, Yuna stopped the match and nodded in approval.

”Not bad; it seems like you haven ’t been slacking during the last three years. You have become pretty strong. ”

Sakura could only smile wryly at Yuna ’s compliment. After all, while her breath was slightly winded and her clothes were a little disheveled, Yuna appeared to be wholly unbothered and did not even take a single step during the whole match.

’Although I already expected her to be significantly stronger than me, this is ridiculous. Just how massive is the gap between us? ’

Sakura shook her head to get rid of her idle thoughts and started speaking.

”By the way, Yuna, could you tell me how my current strength compares to Sasuke ’s? ”

Yuna tilted her head in confusion when she heard Sakura ’s question.

”Why do you assume that I know about Sasuke ’s current strength? ”

”No clue, but I feel like that might be something you know. ”

Yuna couldn ’t help but look at Sakura in amusement due to her unreasonable expectations before shaking her head in denial.

”I know about his strength around six months ago in case you are fine with that, but if I were you, I would ask Naruto since he is the one who met him. ”

Sakura ’s eyes widened in surprise when she heard that Naruto had met Sasuke and her gaze immediately snapped towards him.

”You have met Sasuke, Naruto? ”

Naruto, who had spectated the sparring match, shrugged his shoulders and answered Sakura ’s inquiry.

”Yeah, I met him while I was on a date with Ino and Haku. He was as arrogant as always and claimed that he would kill me, so I decided to beat the stuffing out of him. Unfortunately, someone intervened in the fight, and Sasuke could get away. ”

Sakura couldn ’t help but wince when Naruto said that Sasuke wanted to kill him. Somehow, her dream of bringing Sasuke back to Konoha gets more unrealistic every day.

Despite that, the determination in Sakura ’s eyes didn ’t dwindle as she directed her question at Naruto.

”So, could you please tell me to Sasuke, Naruto? ”

Naruto pondered for a short moment and compared how he just saw Sakura fight with how Sasuke fought him before nodding his head.

”Let ’s see. Obviously, your physical attacks are significantly more powerful than his. Sasuke speed is faster than yours, and he naturally has a more extensive repertoire of ninjutsu than you have. He has more chakra than you, but your stamina should be better. If you two were two fight, your strength would be about equal, but considering you can use medical jutsu, you would probably win. ”

One might expect Sakura to be happy about that, which she was, but it was rather obvious how Naruto meant what he just said.

”In other words, if Sasuke were someone without a special bloodline like me, I would win against him. ”

”Correct. Unfortunately, the Sharingan gives him a massive advantage in almost all situations and is especially advantageous against people who rely on power instead of speed like you do. Additionally, he has Orochimaru ’s curse seal on him, making him even more dangerous. ”

Sakura ’s shoulders sacked when Naruto finished his explanation. Although she expected there to be a gap between her strength and Sasuke ’s, someone actually confirming her thoughts didn ’t feel great at all.

”However… ”

To Sakura ’s surprise, Naruto continued speaking, which reignited her hope. He lifted up his arm and pointed his finger at the place in the middle of Sakura ’s forehead.

”…if you were to complete that technique, you could probably overcome that gap. ”

Sakura ’s eyes widened in shock as she instinctively covered her forehead while taking a step back.

”H-How do you know about this technique? Shouldn ’t this be Tsunade-sama ’s exclusive technique? ”

A knowing smile appeared on Naruto ’s face while he started stroking the long beard that he didn ’t have.

”Hehe, I have my ways. ”

”She started boasting about it while she was drunk and even told people that you were learning it as well. ”

While Naruto was trying to pull an ”I ’m a wise expert ” on Sakura, Yuna quickly intervened in the conversation and shattered that illusion.

While Sakura almost face-planted into the ground, Naruto glared at Yuna.

”Damnit, why did you mess with my prank, nee-san. ”

”*Mmph* I ’m the only one who is allowed to pull the ’I ’m a wise expert ’. ”

Naruto ’s glare intensified, but moments later, he simply averted his gaze. No point in quarreling over nonsense like this, after all.

”Anyway, Sakura, while we are talking about Sasuke, I might as well tell you that you don ’t have to worry about Orochimaru ’s seal. I modified it and can disable it whenever I want. ”

Yet again, Sakura ’s eyes widened in shock, and moments later, she sighed in relief. At least there was one less thing she had to be worried about.

”Well, we are done here, so let ’s go. We have a Kage to save. ”

” ” ”Yes, nee-san/ Yuna-sama/ Yuna! ” ” ”

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