Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 361: Pie Reigns Supreme!?

No flashy jutsu and basic close combat. Usually, he would throw in a few chakra-efficient illusions as well, but he was fully aware that that would serve no purpose against Yuna. She could shrug off powerful genjutsu when she was just a small child, and Itachi was under no illusion that that would have changed over the years.

There was a short slump in his fight against Yuna, so Itachi took the chance to take a glance and Kisame and could only shake his head. Naruto was pretty much toying with him. Kisame was already out of chakra when the fight started, while Naruto was pretty much in perfect condition. Naturally, Kisame could get his chakra back by using his blade to steal some from Naruto, but Naruto would obviously not allow that to happen.

Yuna mimicked Itachi ’s movement, and a look of amusement appeared on her face when she saw Naruto dodge one of Kisame ’s attacks while casually placing multiple seals on the ground without Kisame noticing.

”By the way, why do you and fish face over there have so little chakra? ”

Itachi thought about whether he should tell Yuna about it or not and concluded that there was no point in hiding it. He was just here to stall the pursuers anyway. Well, the fact that Yuna and Naruto showed up just a few hours after Gaara got kidnapped pretty much marked this mission as a failure anyway. Itachi didn ’t believe that the Ichibi could be extracted before Yuna arrived.

”It ’s a technique that allows us to put our chakra and consciousness into a dead body and control it remotely. ”

”Ohh, although I expected it to be something like that, that ’s a pretty interesting technique. Oh well, that means that even if I were to kill you, you wouldn ’t actually die, right? Guess it ’s time to finish you then. ”

”You sound rather confident; I wonder if you can actually back it up with your actions. ”

Yuna ’s grin widened as the sword she was holding became bigger and longer.

”Naturally. ”

Yuna vanished from where she stood and reappeared in front of Itachi, causing his eyes to widen in shock. He was not expecting Yuna to be capable of moving that fast. Nonetheless, he reacted to Yuna ’s attack and lifted up two kunai to block her sword. However…

”Useless. ”

… Yuna ’s sword cut through both kunai like they were made of paper and cut through Itachi ’s body vertically.

Itachi looked at the cleanly cut kunai he was still holding in disbelief before his consciousness faded away, causing the body he used to return to its original appearance.

Yuna nodded in satisfaction and jumped back to where Naruto was currently fighting Kisame, just to see a pie hit Kisame in the face.

He was about to fly into another fit of rage, but before he could do so, what still remained of the pie started shining, causing Kisame ’s body to freeze up for a moment. Naruto appeared in front of him at that exact moment, with wind chakra already gathered on his hand, and just like he previously did with the water wave, he slashed his hand downwards, cutting Kisame in two halves.

”Hehe, as expected, pie reigns supreme. ”

”That is quite the claim you just made there, Naruto. ”

Although Naruto flinched when he heard Yuna ’s voice, he still puffed out his chest with confidence.

”It ’s the truth, after all. ”

”Hoo? You ’re rather gutsy to make that statement in front of me. It seems like we need to find out whether your claim is valid or not after we saved Gaara, hehehe. ”

”Of course, you can come at me any time, nee-san, hehehe. ”

Meanwhile, Sakura, Chiyo, and even Karin decided to take some distance from Yuna and Naruto, who were currently surrounded by a dangerous aura and were cackling like they had gone crazy.

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