A few moments later, food got served and the few people started eating in awkward silence. Well, Ino felt awkward, Hinata and Naruto were already used to Yuna creating situations like this, so they didn ’t mind.

After everyone finished eating, Ino could finally ask her questions.

”I have a few questions about what happened yesterday and especially about Sasuke. ”

”Mhh, alright. I don ’t mind answering some questions, but first, I would like to know why you would ask me, of all people. ”

”Well, the first group of people I considered asking is one of my female friends, but after coming to understand how we have been acting around Sasuke, that felt rather off. ”

There clearly was some shame on her face, but Yuna ignored that for now and only nodded her head.

’Let ’s at least wait until the conversation is over before I start teasing her about that. ’

”Next, I wanted to ask my parents, but err… ”

”Your father would have snuck out of the room before the conversation was over, so he can assassinate Sasuke. ”

Although Ino didn ’t answer her, considering how red her face was, she probably agreed with Yuna ’s assessment.

”I see, so I was pretty much the only option left, huh? Oh well, ask what you want to ask. ”

Ino gave Yuna a nod and then asked her first question.

”Did you know Sasuke would answer like this, Yuna? ”

”Yes, I did. ”

”How did you know that he would have no qualm abandoning me? ”

Yuna took a while to ponder how exactly she was supposed to answer this question. After all: ”because it ’s obvious ”, doesn ’t seem to be that great of an answer.

”Well, how should I put it? I am good at reading people. Very good, in fact. The way he moves, the way his eyes move, how he tries to isolate himself from everyone, and, of course, his general attitude towards those around him. Sasuke has a goal in front of him. He has decided that he will reach his goal with his own method and won ’t accept help from anyone. Anything in the way of his goal is something he is willing to get rid of. No matter what or who it is. ”

Ino was naturally shocked by this. If it was yesterday, she would have probably started yelling at Yuna, but after speaking with Sasuke yesterday her opinion of him took quite the beating.

”What is his goal? ”

”I believe that is not something I should tell you, but if you want to find out, it is pretty easy to investigate. ”

This felt rather weird to her. Yuna basically said: ”It is a secret, but it is easy to find out. ”

”Why doesn ’t he want any help? Whatever his goal may be, wouldn ’t it be easier to achieve with more people? ”

Yuna couldn ’t help but chuckle at that.

’Of course, it would be easier, but if he asked people for help, then he wouldn ’t be able to monopolize all that angst and hatred for himself. ’

[Seems like he is following the footsteps of his ancestors. If it is about brooding, then no one can compare with the Uchiha.]

”He doesn ’t want any help, because he is constantly telling himself that only the weak need help, that only he can do it, and that everyone else will just get in his way. Let me be serious with you, Ino. Just leave him alone. Attempting to help him will only make him angrier. I personally don ’t mind helping someone in need but that is only when that person wants help. If you need help, but don ’t want it, then why should I bother? ”

Ino didn ’t answer. She just sat there, deep in thought.

’I had a crush on Sasuke, but now that I know he would happily sacrifice me for his goal, those feelings are gone. Yuna told me that Sasuke has some grand goal he wants to accomplish; do I want to support him?… No. Yuna is right. If he doesn ’t want help why should I help him? ’

Although it took Ino a while to think everything through, Yuna quickly noticed that she has made her decision and nodded in satisfaction.

’Seems like she is at least capable of thinking things through properly when her head isn ’t occupied thinking of Sasuke all the time. ’

”Thank you for answering my question, but there is actually something else I want to ask about. ”

This actually got Yuna quite curious.

’What else could there be? That incident in the classroom was probably the first time we talked with each other, after all. ’

”Go ahead, then. ”

Ino cleared her throat, quickly stood up and pointed her finger at Hinata, who was currently chatting with Naruto.

”What the hell is this all about!? ”

While Naruto and Hinata were puzzled by what Ino was talking about, Yuna only had one thought: Oops.

Hinata was the first to react to Ino ’s question.

”Sorry Ino, but I am not sure what you are talking about. ”

”I ’m talking about you of course! Who are you? Where is the shy and meek Hinata, that couldn ’t even get a sentence out without stuttering? ”

Hinata completely froze up when she heard Ino ’s question. As soon as she got home, she dropped the act she kept up at the academy and completely forgot that Ino didn ’t know her secret. Her first instinct was to look towards Yuna for help, but both she and Naruto had vanished and considering the background noise, were currently cleaning the dishes.

’Fast! When did they leave? More importantly: Did they just abandon me? What the hell? Well, this is pretty much my fault, but still, what the hell!? ’

Hinata sighed in annoyance at the antics of the twins.

”It is a secret concerning the Hyuga clan and me. I hope you won ’t tell this to anybody since it could seriously mess up my life. ”

Ino, however, had a sly smile on her face.

”How about you tell me the whole story and in return, I won ’t tell anybody about… ”

Ino was just about to finish her sentence when two hands landed on her shoulders from behind as a shudder went through her whole body. To Ino ’s surprise, Hinata was no longer sitting in front of her either.

”Ino-chan~… ”

Another shudder went through her whole body when she felt someone ’s… Hinata ’s breath touched her ear. Ino felt pressure press down on her as cold sweat flowed down her back when she heard Hinata ’s sweet-sounding voice.

”You won ’t tell anyone about my secret, will you~ ”

”N-n-no, o-o-o-of course n-not. ”

”That ’s so nice of you, Ino-chan~ ”

Hinata disappeared again and reappeared on her chair with a kind smile on her face. Ino, however, was terrified out of her mind.

’What the hell was that? What was with that speed? What about the pressure? Has Hinata already spent some time on a battlefield? Are the twins like this as well? ’

More and more questions kept popping up in her head, but she didn ’t dare ask any of them. Hinata ’s ”kind ” smile prevented her from asking more questions.

Hinata has, of course, never stood on a real battlefield, but that doesn ’t mean she isn ’t used to combat. When she fights against Yuna, she always attacks with the intention to kill. Yuna taught her how to fight lethally and non-lethally and told Hinata that during fights with Yuna she should always go all out, since this is the fastest way to grow stronger. At first, Hinata was worried of actually killing Yuna during combat, but that notion quickly got thrown out of the window by Hinata. Even getting a proper hit in is almost impossible. No need to even talk about killing her.

Just when the silence became suffocating for Ino, Naruto reentered the room. His blonde hair was gone and instead replaced with black hair, while his blue eyes turned completely black. He looked like he was currently brooding over something. He didn ’t acknowledge anyone in the room, walked towards his chair, sat down and started looking out of the window.

Ino found this scene slightly familiar, but didn ’t know where to put it, while Hinata was trying to suppress her laughter. She already could guess what would happen next and as she expected, the door burst open, revealing Yuna with platinum blond hair and light blue eyes.

Ino was just about to ask a question, when Yuna started speaking.


Ino immediately blushed crimson red, when she heard that scream that was so similar to her own, a week ago. She wanted to say something to intervene, but Yuna reacted faster. She quickly approached the still sitting Ino and glared at her.


Ino ’s face somehow managed to get even redder. She wanted to say something, but had no idea what to say. Unluckily for her, that was exactly what Yuna had expected.


Naruto, however, only gave a disinterested grunt as a response.


Yuna was just about to say the next sentence, when Ino slammed her hand on the table.

”FINE!!! I get it, okay? I was acting really stupid. Can you stop this now? ”

Naruto and Yuna both gave her a nod in acknowledgment and transformed back to normal.

”It is good that you realized it Ino. Now if you will excuse me for a moment, I have something important to do. ”

As soon as she finished her sentence, Naruto and Yuna collapsed on the floor and started laughing. Hard. A few seconds later, Hinata started laughing with them and a bit later, even Ino joined in. She herself could see how ridiculous her behavior was. She was still embarrassed about it, but now that she has let go of her crush, she could also laugh about it.

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