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A few of you mentioned that Kisame absorbing Naruto ’s Senjutsu Chakra should turn him into stone, which is a reasonable conclusion. But I think the only reason Petra Path Pain turned into stone was that he absorbed the Natural Energy Naruto was gathering and not the actual Senjutsu Chakra. So, to reach the same outcome, Naruto would have to cling to Samehada while gathering Natural Energy, and I don ’t think Kisame would allow him to do so, nor would Naruto do something like that. Well, canon Naruto might…

*End of Author Note*

Kisame frowned when he saw Naruto hurling another Rasenshuriken at him. Although he tanked the first one, he would rather not go through the same experience a second time. After all, getting one ’s body repeatedly shredded to piece was a rather painful affair.

So, he leaned Samehada on his body and formed the ram hand seal while gathering massive amounts of water chakra.

”[Water Style: Great Exploding Water Shockwave] ”

A tsunami ’s worth of water erupted from under Kisame and collided with Naruto ’s jutsu. At first, the Rasenshuriken sliced through Kisame ’s water with ease, but after a short moment, it started slowing down and finally exploded, sending deadly wind and water projectiles flying everywhere.

Kisame ducked behind his sword to black the aftermath of the collision, however…

”[Bijudama] ”

”SHI… ”


Naruto teleported behind him again, but instead of using a Rasengan, he went straight for the Bijudama.

The moment Kisame realized how bad of a situation he was in, he instantly fused with Samehada, giving him a more sharklike look and, more importantly, allowing him to absorb chakra with his skin.

So, the moment Naruto ’s Bijudama made contact with his skin, he started absorbing its chakra like crazy. Unfortunately, that was far from enough to stop Naruto ’s attack, so Kisame was engulfed in a massive explosion moments later.

Naruto, who had already teleported out of the explosion ’s area of effect, vigilantly peered into the approaching dust cloud and waited for it to settle so that he could see Kisame ’s condition.

However, before that could happen, the massive amounts of water Kisame previously generated with his jutsu started moving and formed a gigantic water dome.

Naruto frowned at the approaching water dome and quickly noticed that Kisame was swimming in the middle of it and that it was following his movements so that he would always be in the center of the dome.

Additionally, Naruto could clearly see that there was a large wound on Kisame ’s back and that significant parts of his body were burned. Although the damage was healing at a visible pace, it would still take some time before he was back in his top condition. Kisame facial expression showed a mix of pain and hatred, as his eyes were fixed on Naruto. It was relatively clear that he had utterly discarded his mission to capture Naruto alive and that he would do anything he could to take Naruto ’s life.

Obviously, Kisame wanted to trap Naruto within his water dome, but since getting trapped within the dome would be somewhat troublesome, Naruto jumped back a few meters while gathering his chakra.

”[Wind Style: Thousand Wind Blade Gale] ”

A massive storm of wind blades collided with Kisame ’s water dome, chipping away at its mass, but before his attack could even cover half the distance, it was already swallowed by the water dome, causing a frown to appear on Naruto ’s face.

’Guess I have to go with quality instead of quantity. ’

Naruto gathered even more chakra but concentrated it around his right hand this time. He lifted his hand and slashed it down like a sword, resulting in a single enormous wind bland shooting towards Kisame.

”[Wind Style: Massive Wind Blade] ”

Despite Naruto still firmly resisting Yuna ’s naming sense, his jutsu turned out to be quite powerful and cut into Kisame ’s water sphere almost unhindered, forcing Kisame to use another jutsu.

”[Water Style: Shark Bullet Technique] ”

Kisame created a giant chakra shark that immediately swam towards Naruto ’s jutsu and collided with it, causing another massive explosion that ripped apart significant parts of Kisame ’s water sphere, which regenerated pretty much the moment the collision ended.

However, Naruto was far from done with his assault. While Kisame was distracted due to having to create another jutsu, Naruto stealthily took out another needle with a teleportation mark and tossed it above Kisame ’s current position.

From what his senses were telling him, the distance between the top of Kisame ’s jutsu was smaller than the distance to the sides, meaning that Kisame wasn ’t in the middle of a sphere but somewhere above it. Obviously, the less water-filled space Naruto ’s attacks had to cross, the better.

So, just when the jutsu collision ended, he teleported above Kisame while creating another Rasenshuriken. However, unlike the previous ones, Naruto had to use both his hands since he was going for a bigger size this time.

”[Giant Rasenshuriken] ”

Another pathetically short name escaped Naruto ’s mouth as he threw the spinning chakra ball towards Kisame, causing it to rip through the water like it wasn ’t even there.

Kisame ’s eyes bulged when he saw Naruto use an even deadlier jutsu than he preciously did and concentrated pretty much all the chakra he had left into his own jutsu.

”[Water Style: Great Shark Bullet Technique] ”

Kisame created an even bigger shark than he previously did. Additionally, this version of the jutsu would also absorb the chakra of the opponent ’s jutsu and use it to empower itself.

The two jutsu collided, and Kisame ’s shark immediately grew in size, meaning that it stole some of the chakra Naruto put in his jutsu. However, not even a second later, Kisame ’s shark was sliced apart by Naruto Rasenshuriken, which was now slightly smaller than it previously was but still bigger than the standard version.

Before Kisame could react, Naruto ’s jutsu hit his body, resulting in even more of its chakra getting absorbed. However, that was just a mere trickle to the amount it contained, so before Kisame could utter a single word, he was engulfed in a deadly whirlwind containing thousands of wind blades that cut his body apart, killing him in the process and causing his water sphere to collapse.

Naruto landed on the ground a few seconds later and sighed in relief. He honestly didn ’t expect to have such a hard time with Kisame.

”Damn, chakra absorption is such a cheat. ”

Suddenly, a shiver went through Naruto ’s spine as his head snapped towards Konoha ’s direction.

”Is it just me, or is it getting colder? ”

Naruto thought for a moment and quickly made a decision. He slammed his hands on the ground, created a huge earth pillar, and took out some binoculars.

Whatever Yuna was doing, he wanted to see it while not being close to it, so this was pretty much the only choice.

”Seems like nee-san is having fun~ ”

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