While all those fights were happening, Zetsu and Obito stayed on the sideline, simply spectating what was going on. They had their own agendas and wouldn ’t risk exposing themselves. Naturally, they knew that Yuna ’s sensing range was rather ridiculous, so they stayed as far away as they possibly could.

Obviously, both of them wanted the Kyuubi to be captured, but they also had a follow-up plan in case Nagato failed.

They had to secure the Rinnegan. While Obito wanted it for himself, Zetsu still wasn ’t entirely sure about how he would proceed in case Nagato failed.

He wanted to resurrect his mother as fast as possible, so he preferred to continue pushing forward, but Yuna was a massive variable that he was unsure how to handle.

Usually, he would just ignore whatever anomaly would pop up and do everything he could to resurrect Kakuya since no one could kill him anyway, but he was relatively sure that Yuna was an exception.

He didn ’t understand how, but she could kill him somehow. His instincts were telling him so. And if she did, everything would have been for naught. So, the additional factor of him surviving entered the equation, making everything even more complicated.

At first, that was not much of a problem as he had plenty of pawns to rely on, but as the fights within Konoha progressed, that number started decreasing at an alarming rate.

So, he continued watching as more and more of the Akatsuki member got annihilated by Yuna ’s people with an increasingly ugly expression.

”What is that fool doing? ”

That was what Black Zetsu had to say when he saw Nagato flying towards the Uzumaki compound. Unlike Nagato, Zetsu had seen the Uzumaki clan ’s glory days, and a frontal assault on their main base was nothing but a suicide attack, in his opinion.

It took the combined forces of three villages and devastating losses to take out a single clan. Nagato might be strong, but he was far from being comparable to such a ridiculous force.

Additionally, he had seen the barrier Naruto created on the spot when he fought Obito and was pretty sure that that thing could even tank a Bijudama from the Kyuubi despite being mainly used for locking space. If a temporary barrier that wasn ’t even focused on defense was already that strong, then what could a permanent one do? Frankly, Zetsu trembled a little at that thought.

And, just as he expected, Nagato ’s blast was blocked… well, reflected. Zetsu could only shake his head at that. There was no purpose in attacking the Uzumaki clan. Even if Nagato had succeeded, it would have had barely any impact on their goals. In the end, this move only drained his chakra while shortening his lifespan.

”It seems like we will have to retrieve the Rinnegan. ”

Zetsu heard Obito ’s words and nodded in agreement. However, before taking action, Zetsu hesitated for a moment, and after thinking for a short moment, he started speaking again.

”No, we should wait a little longer. He still has one move left. ”

Obito rose his eyebrows at that before nodding his head in understanding. Although he didn ’t know what else Nagato could do, since Zetsu said he still had some fight left in him, he would wait and see.

The duo noticed how Yuna and Nagato started talking yet again before Nagato seemed to snap due to something Yuna said and clapped his hands together.

Even Obito couldn ’t help but feel awed at how much chakra was oozing out of Nagato as a small black orb appeared in between his hands.

After allowing the orb to fly away from him, it immediately started pulling in the surrounding terrain, causing Obito ’s eyes to widen in surprise.

”This is… ”

”The jutsu the Sage of the Six Path is rumored to have created the moon with. Yes ”

Although he had already guessed it, Obito couldn ’t help but be a little excited when he heard that that was the case. He didn ’t believe that Nagato could perform at the same level as the Sage of the Six Paths, but he was still intrigued to see such a legendary jutsu.

Additionally, his confidence that Nagato could capture Yuna rose significantly when he used such a powerful technique.

On the other hand, Zetsu was looking forward to seeing whether Nagato could do it or not as well. After all, he had significantly more knowledge about what happened in the past and knew how powerful this technique was. In his opinion, this was the perfect move to capture someone as powerful as Yuna.

However, as if she wanted to mock the awe Obito felt towards Nagato ’s chakra density and jutsu and Zetsu ’s confidence, Yuna activated her chakra cloak showing off chakra so dense that it cracked the ground around her.

Her presence seemed to enlarge as she clapped her hands together, and moments later… the world froze.

Zetsu and Obito could only look in bewilderment as everything around Yuna was turned into ice within a blink of an eye.

The frozen tundra Yuna just created was far away from them, but they could still feel a chill despite that.

There was no slow spreading. No projectiles. No wave of chakra. Everything just froze over instantly.

It was like Yuna imposed her will on the world around her, and the world obeyed.


While Obito had not the slightest clue what just happened, Zetsu shuddered in absolute terror when he saw what Yuna had just done.

Although he couldn ’t understand it either, he was confident about one thing. If he were in the vicinity of whatever Yuna just did, he would be dead, no questions asked. While it previously was only a guess and an instinctual feeling, he no longer had a doubt now. Yuna could kill him. And the technique she could use to do so was so fast that he wouldn ’t even notice how he died.

”I ’m retrieving the Rinnegan right now! ”

Zetsu didn ’t even wait for an answer from Obito as he instantly sunk into the ground.

Zetsu was terrified. He was terrified of meeting Yuna eye to eye, and he would do everything he could to prevent it from happening.

His only pawn left was Obito, and frankly, he considered simply discarding him and hiding away for the next hundred or two hundred years, but he could ponder on that later. For now, he would get the Rinnegan and see where things would go from there.

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