Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 413 - He Finally Came Out!

Yuna shakily stood up from her kneeling position and surveyed her surroundings with a satisfied smile on her face.

An average person would freeze to death within a few seconds if they were to stand so deep within the world of ice, but to Yuna, it felt incredibly comfortable.

After all, this could be considered to be her world. Her realm. Within the area, she froze; she could control everything. Obviously, there were some limitations to that, but Nagato simply didn ’t have what it took to overcome these limitations, even if it was his real body standing in front of her.

Yuna pondered for a moment before shrugging her shoulder and asserting her will on her surroundings, causing the atmosphere to shift slightly due to something changing about the ice in the area.

’Let ’s keep this area like this. I stopped my ice from spreading, so I ’m sure there is nothing to complain about from Tsunade ’s side. ’

[Except for you creating a deadly tundra with a radius of a few hundred meters near the village.]

’Meh, just some insignificant details. Anyway, let ’s get this over with. ’

Yuna started sprinting towards where she previously felt Nagato ’s presence since she didn ’t want him to get cold knees at the last moment and run away.

Although she couldn ’t hear it due to the distance, Black Zetsu immediately started cursing when he noticed Yuna running towards the correct destination. He was banking on her still having to look for Nagato ’s location, but apparently, she was already aware of it.

’Damnit, should just run? No, there is still a chance to get the eyes. Maybe she doesn ’t take them from the start, and there is the possibility that I will get an opportunity to sneak in and grab them as well. This isn ’t over yet. ’

A few moments later, Yuna arrived in front of a giant tree that seemed to be entirely made out of paper, which fascinated her a little.

’Wasn ’t everyone always raving on and on about wood style? Here is actually a person who can control paper, which is just processed wood. Could Hashirama control paper as well? ’

[He had never done so, as far as I ’m aware. At least not in his fight against Madara.]

While Yuna was admiring the paper tree, Nagato was still in a daze due to what had just happened. He was already dumbfounded by the amount of chakra Yuna could display, but before he could understand what was going on, the connection with Yahiko ’s body broke off. Or, to be more precise, the connection he had to the black rods inserted into his body.

Even if one of his bodies got defeated, he could still feel the metal rods inserted into their bodies if they weren ’t too far away, so he could only conclude that Yuna either sealed the body away or destroyed all the rods at the same time.

Since it happened instantly, he didn ’t think that seals were involved, which only left the second option, confusing him further.

’I didn ’t even see her move before the connection was broken. What in the world did she do? ’

”Nagato, what happened? ”

Nagato got out of his daze when he heard Konan ’s voice and shook his head.

”I don ’t know. Whatever she did, she did it instantly while getting rid of my chakra transmitters at the same time. I ’m not even sure if my Chibaku Tensei was enough to deal with her. ”

As soon as Nagato stopped speaking, Konan ’s head snapped towards the entrance of their hide-out and prepared herself for battle.

”Someone is coming! ”

”Hello~ I ’ve come to play~ ”

Nagato and Konan couldn ’t help but stiffen a little when they heard Yuna ’s carefree singsong voice. As soon as they saw Yuna, whose clothes were still pretty much unruffled, their facial expressions became ugly.

Nagato used his strongest technique, yet his enemy was pretty much without a blemish. Although they still didn ’t know how Yuna managed to defend against Nagato ’s attack, it appeared like she did so without much effort.

Naturally, that assumption was utterly wrong, and Yuna was actually pretty exhausted due to using such a big move, but she would never show that to her enemy.

Neither Nagato nor Konan said a word as Yuna leisurely walked towards them.

”Now that is just rude. This is the first time we are meeting in person, Nagato. Shouldn ’t you at least greet me back? The same goes for you, Konan. Such bad manners~ ”

Yuna continued approaching the duo, and as soon as she was only a few meters away from them, a glint passed through Nagato ’s eyes as a black rod shot out of a hidden compartment of his walking machine.

’If she is this close, I will be able to control her with this. ’

However, before the rod could reach her, Yuna effortlessly snatched it out of the air and started inspecting it.

”So this is what you use to control the other bodies, huh. Pretty fascinating stuff. ”

As Nagato was stewing in anger due to Yuna preventing another one of his schemes, Yuna continued inspecting the chakra transmitter. She didn ’t have any time to do so yet, but she decided to do so now since the fight was pretty much over.

”You are crazier than I thought, Nagato. You should be aware that my chakra is stronger than yours, so you must be banking on overpowering me in the will department. Not a great idea. ”

Nagato snorted in disdain when he heard Yuna ’s words.

”What kind of firm will could someone who ’s drowning herself in women and pleasure every day possible have. I burdened myself with bringing peace to this world. Nothing can overpower my will to succeed. ”

Yuna chuckled in amusement when she heard Nagato ’s answer and started twirling around the chakra transmitter in her hand.

”Is that so? Then how about we find out who has the stronger will between us two? ”

A ferocious smile appeared on her face as she lifted up the black rod and stabbed it into her hand.

’I wonder if Hinata will scold me for getting penetrated by someone else. ’

[Since you are the one who did the penetrating to yourself, isn ’t it fine?]

’Ohh! A nugget of true wisdom from the grumpy fox. I ’m impressed. ’

[*Urgh* I used up all my sarcasm energy and actually played into your joke.. It ’s been a long day.]

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