Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 414 - You Want A Little Smooch?

The moment Yuna stabbed the chakra transmitter into her hand, Nagato felt like a mountain had crashed on him while he immediately coughed out blood from the pressure he felt.

He couldn ’t even feel Yuna ’s chakra that was supposed to contest with his as the sheer force of her will overwhelmed and utterly crushed him.

Nagato always thought that he posses an unbendable, steel-like will. Now, however, Yuna showed him that he was wrong. Compared to Yuna ’s will, his seemed to be as fragile as glass.

Shortly after stabbing herself, she pulled the chakra receiver out of her hand, and after activating Kurama ’s chakra, the small wound left behind knit itself back together.

”Well, did you enjoy the ride? You want another taste, Nagato? ”

As soon as Yuna finished speaking, she stabbed the black metal rod towards her hands again, causing Nagato ’s eyes to widen in fear.

The exposure to Yuna ’s will made him feel like a fish on a chopping board, and he would rather not go through that experience again.

”DON ’T… ”

Meanwhile, Konan couldn ’t help but be shocked by what she had just witnessed. Yuna not only defeated Nagato in their battle, she utterly annihilated him to such a ridiculous degree that Nagato was afraid of going through the experience again.

Yuna ’s hands stopped just a few centimeters before the metal pierced her skin, making Nagato sigh in relief. He never expected that the metal rods he used to control his Six Paths would create such a ridiculous weakness.

When Yuna saw Nagato ’s panicked expression, a broad smile appeared on her face.

”Oh, it seems like you have finally learned your lesson~ ”

Nagato clenched his fists when he heard Yuna ’s teasing words. He wanted to dismiss her words, call himself a god, and tell her not to act so insolently, but he didn ’t dare to.

Instead of that, he had something else he wanted to say.

”What are you? You can ’t possibly be a human. ”

”Hahaha, that ’s just rude. I ’m a human, you know. ”

[Please don ’t.]

Nagato ignored the verbal tick, which he assumed Yuna did to make her appear Uzumaki-like and shook his head in denial.

”So you are unwilling to tell me, huh. I guess I shouldn ’t be surprised. ”

Konan was shocked by these words. After all, they were laced with resignation. All that determination and conviction Nagato usually possed when he spoke was gone and replaced with resignation.

”What the hell did you do to Nagato! ”

Seeing Konan ’s outburst, Yuna chuckled in amusement and disappeared from her position. Before Konan could react, Yuna ’s hand landed on her shoulder while her mouth moved next to her ear as she started whispering.

”I showed him the immensity of heaven and earth… ”

A shudder went through Konan ’s spine when Yuna suddenly started whispering in her ear. She wanted to turn into paper or retaliate, but to her surprise, she couldn ’t move her body in the slightest.

”… and if you get in my way, I might have to give you a spanking, little girl. ”

Another shudder went through Konan ’s spine as she heard Yuna ’s words and saw her predatory facial expression. Considering the rumors circulating about Yuna in the Elemental Nations, she did not doubt that Yuna would actually make her words come true.

That, and the fact that Yuna somehow managed to stop her from moving just by touching her shoulder immediately made her want to get away from Yuna.

Seeing the desire to run away appear in Konan ’s eyes, Yuna ’s smile widened even further as she started wiggling her fingers in front of Konan ’s face.

”Ohh? Still not moving out of my way? It seems like I will have to make my threat a reality then. ”

Obviously, Konan still couldn ’t move. If she could, she would definitely have started cursing Yuna by now for her shameless behavior. On one hand, Yuna tells her to move, and on the other, Yuna stops her from moving. It was apparent that Yuna was messing with her.

Suddenly, a painfilled scream echoed through the room, causing Yuna and Konan, who could suddenly control her body again, to look at the source of the scream.

A black creature was growing out of the ground right next to Nagato and was currently reaching for Nagato ’s face. There was a bloody Rinnegan in both of its hands, making it relatively clear what its goal was.

”NAGATO!!! ”

Konan immediately reacted as millions of paper pieces shot towards the black creature. But before any of those attacks could reach it, it sank back into the ground, taking the two Rinnegans with it and causing Konan ’s attack to pierce the ground harmlessly.

Seeing all of this happen in front of her, Yuna secretly nodded in approval.

’Finally! That guy has been stalking me the whole day. I almost started digging him up and directly handing him the Rinnegan. Seriously, I even had to start flirting for him to finally make his move. ’

[*Snort* I ’m calling bullshit. I know how you work: Yuna see woman, Yuna flirt woman.]

’Well… you are not entirely wrong, but I have standards, okay? ’

[Yeah, they need to be female. I got that part.]

’Now, that ’s just not true. Some species out there have more than two genders, and I have my own preferences regarding those. ’

[Right, make it sound like that didn ’t support what I just said. Let ’s go with that.]

’Yup~ ’

Yuna shook her head in amusement and put her focus back on Nagato, who had just lost both of his eyes, and Nagato, who tried to help him however she could without knowing what to do.

”Anyway, you two. Let ’s get this over with. ”

Konan immediately got vary when she hurt Yuna ’s words as she prepared herself for combat, while Nagato was still in pain due to losing both his eyes, making it pretty much impossible for him to continue fighting.

”Well then, follow me to the Uzumaki compound. ”

Nagato and Konan both had the same reaction towards Yuna ’s words.

”Huh!? ”

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