horrible. I guess only someone with a heavily mutilated soul, like Orochimaru, can use this jutsu without any discomfort to revive multiple people. ’

The coffin opened, revealing a man with long black hair, pale skin, and golden slitted pupils that made him look like a snake.

”Kukuku, so that ’s what it ’s like to be reanimated, how uncomfortable. ”

Obito heard the man ’s creepy laughter, causing a frown to appear on his.

”I have something for you to do, Orochimaru. ”

Orochimaru eyed the man in front of him with interest as his focus was immediately drawn to his single new eye.

”Ohh~ Did you manage to steal one of Pain ’s eyes? Mhh, what was your name again? I don ’t believe you gave me your name the last time we met. ”

”I am Madara Uchiha. ”

”Hee~ is that so, kukuku. ”

Obito ’s eyebrow twitched in irritation when he realized that Orochimaru was clearly not believing him but dismissed the matter since it was of no importance.

”I am starting a war against the shinobi world. I have enough footsoldiers, but I ’m missing elite troops. You will provide me with those elite troops through the Edo Tensei. ”

”That is impossible. Controlling more than four bodies at once is beyond what I can handle. ”

Obito scoffed at that, and moments later, space in front of him seemed to twist as a white humanoid-looking corpse well to the ground.

”White Zetsu. A creature that is even more aligned with nature than Hashirama Senju himself. ”

Greed flashed through Orochimaru ’s eyes when he heard Obito ’s words. Something like that was probably an even better test subject than Jugo, the origin of Orochimaru ’s curse seal.

”That certainly is a rather exciting offer. There is a good chance I can do something with this to improve the number I can control. By the way, while I was dead, did someone find out why people close to that monster can absorb Natural Energy so casually? ”

Obito was slightly taken aback by that question but nonetheless answered Orochimaru ’s inquiry with a shake of his head.

”In that case, you wouldn ’t mind if I use a few of the summons to capture one of them, right? If I had their method, I ’m certain I could control even more summons. ”

Obito only shrugged indifferently when he heard that question.

”I couldn ’t care less. This war ’s ultimate goal is capturing the Kyuubi, so taking out the people close to her first is a viable option. ”

”Kukuku, very good. I can ’t wait to pay back the humiliation I received from Anko by thrice the amount. ”

While Obito and Orochimaru were discussing their plan, Zetsu had a deep frown on her face as his gaze lingered on Orochimaru.

’Orochimaru is a terrible ally. As long as it serves his own agenda, he will backstab whoever he has to. However, his presence might actually be advantageous for me. He is sure to start sniffing around as soon as Obito stops observing him, so maybe I should use that chance to ”accidentally ” show him where Madara ’s real body is hidden.. A reanimated Madara should be a useful trump card in the ensuing battle.

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