”Sure, keep telling that to yourself. ”

While Yuna continued teasing Konan, Tsunade thought about Yuna ’s words, causing her to frown.

”All of that might sound nice on paper, but at the end of the day, they are still wanted criminals. I can ’t allow Konoha to shelter them. ”

Yuna immediately wagged her finger at Tsunade when she said that. ”Wrong, neither of these three has an active bounty on them. ”

”Bullshit! There is no way that is possible. Konan aside, Kakuzu has been a bounty hunter and is guaranteed to have a bounty or two, while Nagato is the leader of the world ’s most wanted organization. ”

”Hehe, wrong again. As you said, Konan has no bounty. People in Amegakure call her Angel, but outside of Ame, she is pretty much unknown.

And what do you mean by Nagato is the leader of Akatsuki? Look at him! He is just an old, blind man. The leader of Akatsuki is obviously Madara Uchiha, the masked man.

And finally, Kakuzu, how about telling Tsunade about the people that put bounties on you. ”

Kakuzu got out of his daze when Yuna called his name and started a brief contemplation.

”Well, before my fight with Hinata, at least one of their hearts was technically still alive. As for the others… well, let ’s just say I like bounty hunting, but I don ’t like having a bounty on my head. ”

Tsunade couldn ’t help but groan when she heard those excuses that technically worked but not really. Well, Konan and Nagato would probably be fine, but Kakuzu is giving her a severe headache.

’Damnit, hasn ’t that freaked lived for almost 100 years? Who knows how many grudges he has piled up in all these years. This is seriously troublesome. ’

Tsunade closed her eyes and started thinking, causing the room to be covered in silence that was only interrupted by a perverted giggle that would occasionally echo through the room that pretty much everyone seemed to ignore.

Around five minutes later, Tsunade reopened her eyes and met Yuna ’s gaze.

”You will take responsibility in case something happens? ”

”Correct~ ”

”Very well, welcome to Konoha, you three. ”

Konan, Nagato, and Kakuzu couldn ’t help but be surprised that Tsunade actually allowed them to stay inside Konoha, just because Yuna listed up a few technicalities and gave her a guarantee that she would take responsibility.

All three has the same thought at the same time.

’ ’ ’ She must trust her quite a lot… ’ ’ ’


A massive glass bottle was placed on the table, and with a loud *pop* the cork sealing it closed was removed with a flick of Tsunade ’s thumb.

”Alright, time to get smashed. ”

Yet again, the trio ’s thoughts synchronized.

’ ’ ’… she gave up thinking, huh… ’ ’ ’

Tsunade was just about to start chugging when Yuna grabbed the bottle and stopped Tsunade ’s movement.

”Wait, there is something else! ”

”Damnit, what else can there be!? ”

Yuna flicked her wrist, causing a small glass container with two Sharingan swimming inside of it to appear.

”I need you to implant these into Nagato. ”

Tsunade froze when she saw the two Sharingans. She looked from the Sharingans back to Yuna and then back to the Sharingans again. The more she did so, the more shocked, angry, and terrified she became.

”Please tell me you didn ’t take these from the gullible idi… *cough* the next Hok…*cough* Lord Uchiha, the hero of our village. ”

”Nah, don ’t worry. I had these for a while now. ”

”Oh, okay. You should have said so sooner. That gave me quite the shock. You want to start the operation right away? ”

’ ’ ’…. she ’s a lost case. ’ ’ ’

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