Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 423 - Delivering The Letter

The trio shivered in fear when they heard that. As one of the five major hidden villages, they naturally had some spies in Konoha and knew about the Uzumaki compound. They especially knew about the failed attempt of Itachi and Kisame to break into it. It was an impenetrable fortress.

Rather than a clan compound, it felt more like they had to enter the dean of a lion to these three people. Naturally, Yuna saw their facial expression and decided to ignore them completely.

”Well, what are we waiting for? Let ’s go. ”

Before any of them could issue a complaint, Yuna told them to continue moving and entered the clan compound, resulting in three people with rather ugly expressions following her in.

However, as soon as they entered the compound, their expressions visibly relaxed due to the vibrant atmosphere covering the whole area. There were big smiles on everyone ’s faces as they played all kinds of games and ate all sorts of foods at different stalls spread all over the place while happily chatting with each other.

”Err, Yuna-dono, could you tell us why the whole village seems to be in such a festive mood? ”

Yuna heard Samui ’s question and nodded her head in acknowledgment before explaining what was going on.

”A few days ago, Akatsuki attacked the village, but our forces crushed them. After everything was accounted for and all the wounded were healed, my Uzumaki clan decided to hold a little party. Well, things escalated a little, and the party somehow extended to the whole village, turning it into a festival. ”

The trio froze in place when they heard Yuna ’s explanation. After all, if Killer Bee ’s kidnapping was their main reason for coming here, the other one was dealing with Akatsuki. Apparently, Konoha had already done the first step with that endeavor as well.

”C-could I ask how many people attacked? ”

Samui ’s question actually had two purposes. The obvious one was that she wanted to gather information on how many Akatsuki members attacked and died in the conflict. The other one was to gauge Konoha ’s strength. The Uzumaki compound is deep inside Konoha, so they had seen quite a bit of Konoha and didn ’t notice any damaged building at all. If a considerable force attacked Konoha and they managed to defeat them with this little damage, then Konoha was significantly stronger than Samui expected.

”Yes, I think you can. ”

” ” ”… ” ” ”

”… ”

Silence followed Yuna ’s words, confusing the trio. After pondering the situation for a short moment, an annoyed expression appeared on Samuis ’s face as she resumed speaking.

”With how many people did Akatsuki attack Konoha? ”

Yuna chuckled in amusement at Samui ’s annoyed facial expression and answered her question.

”A pity you made the question that specific. I would have loved to mess with you some more and bring up some old war statistics after you asked me how many people attacked Konoha.

Anyway, it was seven people and six copses controlled by one of those seven. Two fled, three switched sides after we kicked their asses, one is sealed in my basement, and the last one died. The six controlled bodies all got destroyed. ”

The trio looked at Yuna in bewilderment when she finished speaking. They didn ’t know what to think about the controlled corpses, but they at least knew that all members of Akatsuki were S-Rank criminals. That would mean that Konoha had enough strength to defend itself against a force of 7 S-Rank criminals while barely being damaged. That was ridiculous.

’She has to be lying. ’

That was the conclusion Samui immediately came up with. Frankly, she expected Yuna to exaggerate the number of attackers a little to make Konoha look more powerful, but she didn ’t think she would go that far. Especially the information about three of them switching sides bother Samui. There is no way three S-Rank criminals would conveniently switch sides, and it was even more impossible that the Hokage would allow people like that to remain in the village. Samui had already decided that she would try to gather some information about what really happened if she got a chance to do so.

Naturally, Yuna noticed Samui ’s doubts but wasn ’t too bothered about them. She only told the truth, and if someone decided to doubt that, it was their problem and not hers. Well, it wasn ’t the entire truth since not all corpses were destroyed. Yahiko ’s was still intact.

While Samui was coming up with all kinds of plans to find out the truth, a loud gulping sound could be heard from Yuna ’s direction, attracting her attention. Her as bulged as she saw Yuna take a big swig from a bottle that clearly contained alcohol.

”Fuah, that hit the spot. I could almost feel myself getting sober. ”

Naturally, Samui and her two companions were bewildered by Yuna suddenly drinking.

”Err, why did you suddenly start drinking, Yuna-dono? ”

”Mhh? What do you mean by ’start drinking ’? I have been drinking for three days. ”

”Huh!? Why have you been drinking for three days. ”

”Hahaha, it ’s a festival after all! ”


”What can I say? My Uzumaki clan knows how to throw a party. ”

”What about sleep? ”

”Sleep? I know about the concept. If you have any questions, ask away. ”

While Karui and Omoi had exited the conversation a long time ago, Samui was still trying to understand somehow what was going on. Frankly, she couldn ’t care less how Yuna spent her last three days, but there was one problem with all of this.

’How in the world did a sleep-deprived, drunk, Jinchuuriki sneak up on us at the gate?! ’

Samui was frantically trying to come up with an excuse for failing to notice Yuna ’s approach when loud chanting started echoing over the Uzumaki compound.

” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”CHUG!!! CHUG!!! CHUG!!! ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

She looked at the source of the chanting in bewilderment and saw a massive group of people surrounding a stage. On top of the stage, a man with spiky red hair and a woman with long blond hair were currently chugging a one-liter container, undoubtedly filled with alcohol.

A short moment later, the woman smacked her glass on the table and roared victoriously, causing the crowd to become even louder.

Samui looked at that scene and felt that the woman who had just won the drinking contest seemed to be somewhat familiar, which she found rather weird. After all, she knew no one from Konoha. Before she could figure out who the woman was, Yuna interrupted her thoughts.

”Well, there is Tsunade. Do you want to talk to her now or wait until her next contest is over? ”

”Huh? ”

Samui looked at Yuna in confusion as her eyes looked where Yuna was pointing, but no matter how often she did it, her gaze always landed on the woman who had just won the drinking contest.

Samui gave the woman another look, and moments later, her eyes bulged, and her jaw hit the ground.


”Well… I mean… She won, so isn ’t it fine? ”


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