Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 424 - Touring The Uzumaki Compound

Currently, Samui, Karui, and Omoi had rather stiff expressions as a clearly still drunk Tsunade was glaring at them for interrupting her fun. These four people were currently sitting at a table in one of the secured rooms inside the Uzumaki compound while Yuna was sprawled out on a couch in the background.

”Err, Tsunade-dono, this is rather important. It would be more appropriate to do this in private. ”

Obviously, Samui was hinting at sending Yuna out since she was only supposed to bring them here and not listen in on the conversation.

”Meh, if you can make her leave, then be my guest. In fact, if you find out how to do it, tell me the method. ”

Naturally, Samui was dumbfounded by that reply.

’Isn ’t Tsunade-dono the Hokage? Why doesn ’t she simply order her to leave? ’

Samui glanced at her two companions, but they also had clueless expressions. While she was pondering what to do, there was a knock on the door, and moments later, a woman holding a tray with four teacups on it walked into the room and arranged the cups on the table.

”Thanks, Shizune. ”

Tsunade thanked her assistant and took a sip of tea, causing her to frown.

”Yuna. ”

Although Tsunade only said her name, Yuna immediately understood what she meant as a small bottle appeared in her hand, which she swiftly threw towards Tsunade. Tsunade caught the bottle, opened it, and casually poured some of its content into the tea, causing Shizune to facepalm.

”Tsunade-sama, I bought you tea to sober up. What ’s the point of mixing alcohol in it? ”

”Getting sober slows down my drinking speed. I still have a few challengers left. ”

”Hehe, one of them is my guard captain; he ’s quite the heavyweight. ”

”Pah, I will crush him like the others before him. ”

A smug expression appeared on Tsunade ’s face as she took a sip of her tea, making her frown.

”Yuna, did you give me poison? ”

Yuna got up from her lying position and glanced at the bottle she had just thrown towards Tsunade.

”Err…define poison. ”

”A liquid toxic enough that if an average human were to drink it, they would either suffer heavily or die. ”

”Oh, in that case, yup, that was poison. ”

[That exchange felt somewhat familiar.]

Tsunade nodded her head in understanding and took another sip under the disbelieving eyes of everyone except for Yuna.

”Surprisingly, it tastes great. ”

”I know, right? People always look at me like I ’m the weirdo for liking to drink stuff like that. ”

Meanwhile, Samui could only stare at the bizarre exchange that just happened in bewilderment.

’What in the world is going on here? I knew that Yuna-dono was a very chaotic person from the start, but how come Tsunade-dono isn ’t acting much better either? ’

While Samui sank deeper and deeper into a chasm filled with bewilderment and confusion, a deep sigh escaped Shizune ’s mouth as she decided not to bother with the situation anymore.

’Poor Tsunade-sama. She is sinking further and further into madness. I really hope she can retire from the Hokage position soon. ’

Moments later, Samui snapped out of her daze because Karui elbowed her in the side.

”*Cough* Hokage-dono, I ’m here to deliver a letter personally written by Raikage-sama. ”

”Right, hand it over, and let me have a look. ”

Samui sighed in relief when the situation returned to something more regular. Tsunade opened the latter and pulled out the envelope, causing her to frown instantly.

”Why is this a picture of a naked woman? Is your Kage playing a prank on me? ”

” ” ”Huh? ” ” ”

Naturally, the trio was dumbfounded by that. There is no way the Third Raikage would play a prank during an emergency situation. Well, the emergency was already over, but he didn ’t know that when he wrote the letter. Before either of them could come up with an explanation, a chakra string was attached to the picture and pulled it out of Tsunade ’s hand.

”Sorry, that ’s mine~ ”

The picture was leisurely caught by Yuna, who let it disappear into her pocket, before taking out another piece of paper, quickly folding it into a paper airplane and letting it fly towards Tsunade.

”Here is the real one. ”

Tsunade caught the paper airplane and pondered what had just happened for a short moment before simply nodding her head and starting to read the letter.

On the other hand, Samui, Karui, and Omoi were utterly bewildered by what they had just witnessed.

”W-Why do you have the letter? ”

Yuna looked at Samui weirdly, like she just asked an especially stupid question.

”Well, where do you think I got it? I obviously pickpocketed it from you. ”

Although Samui was enraged when Yuna admitted to pickpocketing her, there was another emotion that was more dominant: She was utterly terrified.

’How did she do that? As far as I remember, she didn ’t even get close to me while she was guiding us. Was it genjutsu? Or maybe, a clone? Aren ’t I a jonin? I don ’t dare to claim that I could win against her in a fight, but I should at least be able to notice her pickpocketing me, no? Well, f*ck, apparently not. ’

”By the way, I also stole the panties you were wearing while I got the letter. ”

”WHAT!? ”

Samui subtly checked whether that was the case or not, and sight in relief when it was not, causing Yuna to chuckle in amusement.

”Just kidding. I only do that to my harem. Well, I can ’t really do it to Karin since she rarely wears any panties. ”

While Samui ’s mental facilities were slowly collapsing, Tsunade finished reading the letter and chuckled in amusement.

”Well, considering Yuna ’s preferences, I assume she already told you what we know about Killer Bee ’s situation and the Akatsuki? ”

Samui snapped out of her contemplation when she heard Tsunade ’s question and nodded her head.

”Yes, Yuna-dono had already informed us about that. Still, our mission was to deliver the latter, so we did it despite knowing that the information was outdated. ”

Tsunade nodded her head in agreement, and after a short moment of thinking about the situation, she made a decision.

”Might as well hold a gathering between Kage anyway. Akatsuki is not done yet, and an alliance between the five major villages can only be considered as something positive. ”

Samui nodded her head in agreement.

”I will deliver your message to Raikage-sama as soon as possible. ”

After saying that, the trio was just about to flee the room when Yuna stopped them, causing the trio to flinch. Yuna took out three yellow tokens and tossed them towards the trio.

”Carry one of these each. You don ’t want to walk around the Uzumaki compound without one of these. Trust me. ”

The trio shivered when they heard Yuna ’s words as they remembered the intel Kumogakure had gathered about the Uzumaki compound. They had completely forgotten the existence of these tokens. Although it wasn ’t well known what happened to people who tried to enter without them, it would certainly not be something good.

Naturally, Kumo tried to find out how these tokens worked and even got a few low-level ones as samples. However, every attempt to decipher the seals involved would inevitably lead to a cake in the face. Well, the newer ones could shoot pies as well for some reason.

So, the trio took the tokens and obediently nodded their heads before quickly fleeing out of the room, making Yuna and Tsunade chuckle in amusement.

”I assume you put a teleportation mark on the one with the big breasts, Yuna? ”

”Obviously. She was the group ’s leader, after all. Why did you ask? ”

”Sure, let ’s go with that excuse, and I was just curious. ”

After saying that, Tsunade picked up her teacup and took another sip, causing her to nod in approval.

”Delicious. ”

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