Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 428 - Yunas Schemes Get Exposed

***Author Note***

Some of you might or might not have noticed, but I dropped a few hints that I might write: Yuna in Bleach after I ’m done with this story, so hikari_izuki (yurei on scribble), the one who made the stickers and is largely responsible for the design of Yuna on the cover, made some fanart for Yuna in Bleach

You can find their pixiev here: pixiv net/en/users/16309252

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”I ’m here to fetch my big brother ’s body. ”

Yuna pondered Sasuke ’s sentence for a moment before hitting her palm with her fist.

”Ah, I completely forgot that I still had it. ”

[Ding! Due to unique action title: ”Hoarder ” was acquired.]

’As I said, I ’m not a hoarder. I only collect things I might need in the future. For example, Itachi ’s corpse, which I will need right now. ’

Yuna felt Kurama roll his eyes while she put her attention back on Sasuke.

”Well, you can have it, Sasuke. ”

”Huh? Just like that? ”

Although Sasuke came here intending to get Itachi ’s body back, he was not expecting Yuna to make it so easy for him. Yuna chuckled in amusement when she saw Sasuke ’s bewildered expression while shrugging her shoulders.

”Well, there are actually two things I want from you. First, I want you to tell me whether you plan to use his eyes for yourself or not? ”

Sasuke stiffened when he heard Yuna ’s question as he uncomfortably looked around the room. Frankly, he didn ’t know that himself.

”I ’m… honestly not sure. ”

”Well then, interested in some advice? ”

Sasuke was taken aback by Yuna ’s offer. Did Yuna just offer him some advice? No matter how he looked at it, that has got to be a trap. Despite that, he couldn ’t help but be morbidly curious about whatever advice Yuna wanted to give him.

”What do you suggest? ”

”If I were you, I would implant his eyes. ”

Yet again, Sasuke was surprised. Even he could understand that implanting someone else ’s eyes in your head wasn ’t exactly something normal to do, so he somewhat expected Yuna to tell him not to do it.

It showed rather clearly that Sasuke wasn ’t in Konoha for over three years now since he expected Yuna to choose the normal option. Despite his surprise, he continued the conversation.

”Could you tell me why you would choose that option? ”

”Obviously. In fact, I think there are two different reasons for you to do so. The first one is that this is what Itachi wanted you to do. He gave up his life to save you and even made sure that you were the one to kill him, so your Mangekyou Sharingan awakens. Would someone like that really be fine with leaving you a pair of defective eyes that slowly lose their light? ”

A deep frown appeared on Sasuke ’s face as he pondered Yuna ’s question.

’She is right. Big brother sacrificed so much for me to get these eyes and even told me how to evolve them further. Since he planned to die that day anyway, there was no purpose in telling me about the evolution condition if he didn ’t want me to use it. ’

A determined expression appeared on Sasuke ’s face when he finished his thought process, and he focused back on Yuna.

”I will probably do it, but what is the second reason why you would do it. ”

”Simple, wouldn ’t it be great if Itachi could continue to see the world through his eyes you are using? ”

[Oof, that ’s a low blow.]

’Well, if it works, it works. Look! He is almost tearing up a little. Hahaha, such an easy manipulation. ’

[Easy there, your horns are almost showing.]

It took Sasuke a few seconds to regain his wits, and after taking a few deep breaths, he nodded his head in acknowledgment.

”I will do the implementation. ”

”Haha, good, then are you ready to know what else I want from you in exchange for Itachi ’s body? ”

Although a scowl appeared on Sasuke ’s face when Yuna treated Itachi ’s body like a commodity for trade, he didn ’t say anything and motioned Yuna to continue speaking.

”I want the pair of eyes you currently possess. You won ’t need them anymore, right? ”


Sasuke immediately put his guard up when he heard that Yuna wanted his Sharingan.

”What do you want to do with it?! Do you want to implement it into yourself like Kakashi!? ”


”Not at all; I just want to do a few experiments. I might talk down on the Sharingan quite often, but I still think it ’s quite a fascinating ability, so I want to dissect an almost fully evolved one to see how it functions. Maybe, I can even understand why they turn blind and theorize countermeasures. ”

[Okay, that ’s a straight-up lie. What are you planning to do?]

’Well, the rumor is that you need to implant the Mangekyou Sharingan of a relative to get its perfect form, so I want to figure out whether that is true or not. ’

[Nagato, huh?]

’Correct. Additionally, I would like to know if implanting another pair gives him different abilities. Heck, even seeing the pattern change might be interesting to research. There is a lot of information that is still unknown about the Sharingan. ’

Meanwhile, a doubtful expression appeared on Sasuke ’s face. He won ’t doubt that knowing more details about the Mangekyou Sharingan would be a good thing; could Yuna really do stuff like that?

Yuna saw Sasuke ’s doubts and rolled her eyes at him. Somehow, Sasuke still hasn ’t realized that doing important stuff with more than one person was an option.

”Obviously, I will contact Tsunade and request her help instead of doing everything alone. My seals and her medical knowledge should yield us some results. ”

An awkward expression appeared on Sasuke ’s face when he realized that Yuna had sen through his thoughts. As far as he knew, Yuna had no medical knowledge, so he felt it was slightly weird that Yuna wanted to complicated stuff like that. But after Yuna mentioned that she would ask Tsunade for help, his doubts vanished.

”Fine, but you are not allowed to implant them in anyone else. The Sharingan should be exclusive to the Uchiha clan. I can still somewhat tolerate Kakashi, but no more than that. Additionally, I want to be informed about everything you find out. ”

Yuna visibly rolled her eyes at Sasuke, like she couldn ’t believe that Sasuke still didn ’t entirely believe her that she wouldn ’t take the Sharingan for herself.

”Yeah, yeah, I will make sure that it won ’t be implanted into myself, my family, friends, and obviously not in some randoms either. Naturally, I will share all the information we get with you as well. ”

[What a suspicious formulation.]

’Well, Sasuke doesn ’t know me well enough to catch that. I don ’t consider the Uzumaki clan my family, but my clan instead. So Nagato is neither my family nor my friend; he is part of my clan, therefore not making him someone random either. ’

While Yuna was talking with Kurama, Sasuke thought about Yuna ’s words before nodding his head in agreement.

”Very well, I agree. ”

’See? Easy. ’

[Honestly, that guy was never the brightest light in the shed, so I ’m not really surprised.]

’True. ’

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