Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 428 - Yunas Schemes Get Exposed

individual, huh. Outstanding.]

’I know, right? ’

While Yuna and Kurama were bantering with each other, Yuna was frantically searching through her pocket, pretending that she handed over the wrong scroll to Sasuke by accident, and moments later, she pulled out another one.

”Hehe, oops, I accidentally gave you the wrong one again. This one is the real one this time. ”

Sasuke easily caught the next scroll with a skeptical expression. Yet again, he opened it only to be greeted with an incomprehensible amount of seals that immediately gave him a headache.

”Don ’t worry about the complexity. That isn ’t a simple storage scroll that only stores something. It puts it in stasis as well to prevent it from decaying, which means that even if you took out Itachi ’s corpse after five years, it still wouldn ’t have deteriorated. ”


’Hehe, you know me so well, Kurama. Not sure if I will need it in the future, but if he activates that seal, it will make it possible for me to reduce the power-up he gets from Orochimaru ’s seal to zero while maintaining the transformation. ’

[Oh? Is that all? I expected more.]

’Mah, just a little something I decided to add. ’


’Yup, really~ ’

[Pah! Bullshit! Are you looking down on me? Come on, what else did you add? No point in playing games with me.]

’*Cough*, fine. I might have added a little something to analyze the Indra destiny Sasuke received at his birth. Although I hate fate shenanigans, the bullshit it is capable of doing is always rather interesting. ’

[As expected, there was something else mixed in there.]

Meanwhile, Sasuke ’s eyes widened in surprise when he heard that as he gratefully nodded his head. Honestly, he was slightly angry at himself for delaying this matter for such a long time. But since Yuna put Itachi inside a seal that would stop his body from deteriorating, there was no problem at all.

Moments later, Sasuke got up and gave Yuna an atypical grateful look.

”Thank you for going out of your way to preserve big brother ’s body. I will be leaving now to prepare to give him a proper funeral. ”

Yuna nodded her head and casually waved him away.

”Fine, fine, go ahead. Oh, and while you are at it, how about a tour through the Uzumaki compound? I ’m sure there are lots of exciting things to see. ”

For some reason, that suggestion sent shivers through Sasuke ’s spine as he quickly fled the room, causing Yuna to chuckle in amusement. She lifted up her teacup, only to notice that it was empty, resulting in a frowning at Karin.

”My teacup is empty, and you didn ’t ask me for a refill. How dare a lowly maid neglect her duties like that? You will have to be punished! ”

[So you decided to straight-up continue the play, huh?]

For a split second, excitement flashed over Karin ’s face before she submissively lowered her head.

”Ye… *cough* No, please don ’t punish me, Yuna-sama! ”

Despite her words, Karin immediately started stripping as soon as she finished talking, causing Yuna to roll her eyes.

’Despite requesting roleplay rather often, she is pretty bad at it, huh? ’

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