Since I didn ’t want to laze around all day and do nothing, I asked her for something to do, so she offered me a job as a gardener, which I greatly enjoy. ”

A deep frown appeared on Sasuke ’s face when he heard that Yuna wanted to research their bodies while secretly wondering why Jugo, who was quite strong, would be satisfied with being a gardener.

”Is she experimenting on you? ”

Jugo understood that Sasuke imaged Yuna doing some Orochimaru-style experiments, causing him to shake his head.

”It ’s not like you think, Sasuke. One time she requested me to transform back and forth a few times, and there were two instances of her wanting a blood sample. That ’s all the so-called research she did on me so far, and as far as I know, it ’s the same with Suigetsu.

Hehe, you should have seen his face when she stabbed the syringe into his arm to get his blood and actually managed to do so without Suigetsu being able to turn into water. I still have no clue how she did that. ”

Sasuke was satisfied with that explanation. Although he traveled only a short time with Jugo, he still wouldn ’t want him to get experimented on in any harmful way.

”Is Suigetsu doing well as well? ”

When Sasuke asked that question, Jugo stiffened slightly, which Sasuke quickly noticed.

”Did something happen to him? ”

”Well, yes and no. First of all, he isn ’t wounded in any way, but his pride took a huge hit. ”

”Mhh? His pride? What happened? ”

”He challenged the wielder of Kubikiribocho for his sword and got pretty much handled like a naughty child instead of a shinobi. He even got scolded at the end. ”

Disbelief was clearly visible in Sasuke ’s eyes when he heard that. After all, he knew the wielder of Kubikiribocho and even met him around four years ago.

’Since when was Zabuza that strong? Although he was pretty dangerous all those years ago, was he really someone who could toy with Suigetsu like that? He must have gotten stronger, but how did he manage to increase his strength by such a considerable degree? After all, the last time I saw him, he was already a fully grown adult, so such an explosive increase in power should be almost impossible. ’

Sasuke shook his head to get rid of his idle thoughts and focused back on Jugo, who was still carefully tending to some flowers.

”I assume you won ’t rejoin me, Jugo? ”

After carefully snipping off a few leaves, Jugo shook his.

”No, I ’m sorry, Sasuke. I have found my peace here. I always wanted a peaceful life, and now that I have it, I ’m satisfied. ”

”Very well, then I wish you farewell, Jugo. ”

A chuckle escaped Jugo as he amusedly shook his head.

”Farewell? Aren ’t we old teammates? I might not be willing to fight anymore, but we can still meet occasionally. There is more to this world than fighting and getting stronger, Sasuke. You should sometimes sit back and relax a little. It will be good for you. ”

Sasuke snorted when he heard that. He had no time to relax since he had to do everything he could to get stronger. In his opinion, relaxing couldn ’t make him stronger, so he wouldn ’t do it.

”Anyway, I ’m leaving. ”

”See you later, Sasuke. ”

Sasuke paused for a moment when he heard Jugo ’s words, and after a few seconds of hesitation, he said a few more words before walking away.

”Fine, see you later. ”

A small smile appeared on Jugo ’s face as he stood up and walked to the next flower field.

’Well, it ’s something. ’

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