Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 432 - Shikamarus Thoughts About Yuna

It ’s been a few days since the festivities ended, and today was a big day for Sasuke Uchiha. Yesterday, he had the operation for his new eyes, and today was the day when he would use them for the first time. He was currently slowly unraveling the bandage blocking his eyes, and after it fell to the ground, he slowly opened his eyes with an excited expression.

”What incredible power. With this, I will finally be able to get my revenge. ”

Thinking about his revenge, he remembered what had happened a few days ago. Sakura confessed her feeling to him. Naturally, he rejected her, claiming that he had no time for stuff like that until he had his revenge, greatly confusing Sakura. After all, she thought that Sasuke was already done with that. Sasuke could have done without the looks of pity Sakura gave him after citing Yuna as his target.

What followed was Sakura challenging him to a sparring match, which he won not as easily as he expected. Additionally, Sasuke found out the hard way that trying to arrogantly catch one of Sakura ’s punches was not a great idea. Although he didn ’t remember it too clearly anymore, he flew at least through two trees after the attack.

After the fight, Sakura claimed that she wouldn ’t give up and would continue pursuing him with surprising amounts of determination, impressing Sasuke at least a little. Considering how useless she initially was, her growth is undoubtedly remarkable.

Anyway, after unveiling his new eyes and feeling their power, Sasuke made his way to the Uzumaki compound, and after walking for a few minutes, he reached the familiar building where he had previously met Yuna.

”I ’m Sasuke Uchiha, and I ’m here to meet Yuna Uzumaki. ”

Although these were the same exact words he previously said to the building ’s guard, their reaction was slightly different this time.

”Ohh! Yuna-sama said you might come over soon and informed us to lead you to her. Please follow me; she currently isn ’t in this building. ”

Sasuke nodded his head and started following the guard towards a different building. The building had ”Training Ground 1 ” written above its doorstep, bringing Sasuke to conclude that Yuna was currently training.

”This is the Uzumaki compound ’s first training ground, and it ’s exclusively reserved for Yuna-sama and the people close to her, you know. ”

Sasuke idle nodded his head at the guard ’s small talk and entered the building closely behind him.

”Well, rather than training, it ’s primarily used in case a minor squabble needs to be resolved. ”

”Huh? Why would they need a training ground for that? ”

”Haha, we Uzumaki ’s are a bit temperamental, so having a little fight while arguing is pretty normal, you know. ”

Although that felt a little weird to Sasuke, he simply shrugged it off. He had already noticed that the Uzumaki clan was a bit weird, so quirks like that weren ’t that surprising.

”Ohh, here we are! ”

After walking down a few sets of stairs, the duo arrived in front of a solid metal door that had thousands of minuscule seals drawn all over it. Despite that, the guard simply ignored the seals and directly went for the door handle, easily opening the door without the slightest resistance.

The moment the door opened, a ridiculous amount of battle intent paired with outlandishly dense chakra washed over him, almost causing him to stumble.

”Ohh, it seems like Yuna-sama and Naruto-sama are still at it, you know. ”

As soon as Sasuke saw what was behind the door, his jaw hit the floor. It was a vast hall, far more extensive than the building they had previously entered. However, Sasuke didn ’t even notice that, as his eyes were firmly fixed on something else.



Two 100 meter tall foxes, one yellow with black markings and one blue with a few red and white spots, were currently charging attacks that Sasuke estimated to contain around ten times the chakra he had in total, making him tremble in fear.

”Oh? It seems like we arrived at a bad time. ”

As he said that, he closed the door again and injected some chakra into it, resulting in all the seals emitting a slight glow before the door became transparent.

”Probably should have done this from the start. Opening the door when those two attacks collide, might have been a little bad, you know. ”

When the guard stopped speaking, Sasuke looked at him in disbelief.

’D-Did I just almost die because of the forgetfulness of this idiot? ’

Moments later, an earth-shaking explosion echoed through the building as Yuna and Naruto ’s attacks collided, dousing the whole training room with deadly wind blades and ice shards, while Sasuke and the guard spectated everything from the outside.

’Are they dead? They have to be dead after this, right? This is not exactly how I planned my revenge to go, but I will take it. ’

Moments later, the chaos calmed down, revealing Yuna and Naruto standing in front of each other, seemingly having come to a compromise. Sasuke had no idea how that happened since he didn ’t notice them talk at all, but he had other problems to worry about, so he shelved it for later.

”Seems like they are done. Let ’s enter. ”

Before Sasuke could gather his thoughts, the guard happily opened the door and entered the training ground, attracting Yuna and Naruto ’s attention.

”Yuna-sama, Uchiha-sama want ’s to meet you. ”

Yuna ’s gaze landed on Sasuke, making him shake a little. However, he managed to regain his bearing shortly after.

’This is it. This is my chance to kill her. Not only have I become much stronger, she just went through an intense battle as well. ’

Sasuke opened his weapon holster and took out a scroll, which he tossed towards Yuna.

”My old eyes are sealed in there; with this, our deal is over. ”

Then, Sasuke turned around and walked away.

’I-I have a bit of a stomach ache, so fighting her now is not a good idea. I-I need to be in top condition to win this. T-That ’s right; my day will come soon. ’

Meanwhile, Yuna looked at the back of Sasuke in confusion.

’Okay, that was a bit weird. ’

[I wonder why he didn ’t attack you.]

’Maybe he smartened up a little? ’


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