A few minutes later, dinner was finished, and the group found themselves in front of a huge ancient-looking toad, Gamamaru the Great Toad Sage.

”Ojiji-sama, we brought the person you wanted to meet. ”

The giant toad seemed to go into a slight daze when he heard Fukasaku ’s words, and after a short waiting period, he looked at Yuna with confusion clearly visible in his eyes.

”Who is that? ”

Yuna rolled her eyes at the slightly senile toad and glanced at Fukasaku.

”Can I leave now? ”

”*Cough* Please wait a moment, Yuna. Ojiji-sama, this is Yuna Uzumaki. You told me you wanted to meet her. ”

Focused returned to Gamamaru ’s eyes as an uncharacteristically severe expression appeared on his face.

”Ahh yes, the anomaly. I asked you to come here because I can ’t see you. ”Why is that the case? ”

Yuna looked around in confusion when she heard Gamamaru ’s question.

”Well, I ’m not an ophthalmologist, but my first suggestion would be getting yourself some eyeglasses. Well, if you can ’t see me despite me being this close to you, it might be already too late for eyeglasses. ”

[So you are just going to ignore the anomaly part, huh?]

’I mean… he is right. ’

Despite Yuna ’s joke, Gamamaru still had a serious expression on his face as he glared at Yuna.

”I can not see you in my visions, and even now, when you stand right in front of me, I can ’t even get a glimpse of your future. It is as if… ”

”I ’m not affected by fate. Yes, that is indeed the case. ”

Gamamaru eyes buldged out when he heard Yuna ’s words. He had never heard of someone not being affected by fate. In fact, how could someone even exist if they had no fate?

”How is that possible? Everything is affected by fate. It might not influence day-to-day interaction, but there are a lot of things that are fated to happen. ”

Yuna snorted in disdain when she heard the old toad ’s words as a disgusted expression appeared on her face.

”That is why I loath it so much. I don ’t reach my goals because I was fated to do so; I reach them because I painstakingly carved my way towards them. ”

A somewhat shocked expression appeared on Naruto ’s face when he saw Yuna ’s current facial expression. Yuna always showed a plethora of emotions, but as far as Naruto knew, she never had displayed such heavy loathing for anything.

Naturally, Gamamaru was surprised by Yuna ’s sudden shift in mood as well. However, after gathering his thoughts, he continued the conversation.

”Your feeling for it aside, you still haven ’t said why you have such a weird condition. ”

”Those that once severed their fate shall never be fettered by it again. ”

At first, Yuna considered simply not answering, but after thinking about it for a short moment, she decided that she might as well say how it is. It ’s not like Gamamaru could do anything with the explanation she deliver anyway.

In Yuna ’s previous life, fate was considered a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it could help you reach the top, make you the hero that kills the demon king and saves the princess. On the other hand, it could make you the demon king that gets killed by a hero one-tenth of your age with the power of friendship.

Both scenarios had something in common. They were random. Although some random factors during cultivation couldn ’t be avoided, the less randomness, the better. So, most powerful cultivators severed themself from fate. After reaching a certain level of power, that was possible. The stronger someone was entangled in fate, the harder it became to break free.

Meanwhile, Gamamaru had a frown on his face when he heard Yuna ’s answer. After all, she just implied that she wasn ’t born like this but actively did something to get rid of her fate. Shouldn ’t that be impossible?

Gamamaru shook his head to get rid of his idle thoughts. There were more important questions to ask than this, after all.

”What do you plan to do with this world? Considering how fast your strength grows, it is only a matter of time before you become unstoppable. What are your goals when it has reached that point? ”

Yuno rolled her eyes at the old toad paranoia. Frankly, she wasn ’t surprised that he was asking something like this. People that could glimpse in the future were always like this. As soon as an individual appears whose future they couldn ’t see, they would immediately start cooking up all kinds of possible plots in their minds.

”Mah, no need to act all paranoid. My alignment might not be towards good, but it certainly isn ’t evil either. ”

[I ’m calling bullshit.]

’Hey, I at least don ’t kill innocent people, okay? ’

[No, you just shatter their minds.]

’*Cough* Okay, I might occasionally do that. But how am I supposed to know that a bunch of little pranks would garner such a huge reaction? ’

[Not aligned towards evil, my ass.]

”Fine, but what are your true goal? ”

Yet again, Yuna rolled her eyes as she decided to humor the old toad in front of her.

”Fine, fine, I will give you a step-by-step list so we can get this farce over with. Step one: Become the strongest. ”

Gamamaru nodded at this. Frankly, it was only a question of time until Yuna reached that goal.

”Step two: Gather a lot of beautiful women. ”

Now, Gamamaru was getting somewhat confused. Gather beautiful women? What ’s the purpose of that.

”Step three: Put them in my harem. ”

Well, now Gamamaru at least understood what the women were for, but he still couldn ’t see where Yuna was going with this.

”Step four: Have a MASSIVE month-spanning orgy with them. ”

Gamamaru almost fell out of his seat when he heard Yuna ’s fourth step. Meanwhile, a perverted grin appeared on Yuna ’s face when she mentioned this step.

’Is she messing with me? What ’s the purpose of all of this? And why the hell can ’t I direct any lies in her words. ’

”Step five….profit. ”

Gamamaru could only facepalm as it became rather evident that Yuna had forgotten where she wanted to go with this due to being lost in a fantasy of having a giant orgy.

”*Sigh* Whatever, I detect no lies in your words, as ridiculous they may be. ”

When Yuna heard Gamamaru ’s words, she snapped back to attention and chuckled in amusement.

”Oh? Why are you so sure that I wasn ’t lying? ”

A grandfatherly smile appeared on Gamamaru ’s toad face as he chuckled in amusement.

”Haha, I have lived for a long time. Seeing through the lies of a youngster like you is no big deal for me. ”

”Oh? Is that so? In that case, my real goal is slaughtering every living being on this planet and burning it to ashes, leaving behind nothing but scorched ground and skeletons. ”

” ” ” ”… ” ” ” ”

Heavy silence covered the room as cold sweat slowly started flowing down Gamamaru ’s back.

’I-I didn ’t detect any lies? What ’s going on? Can someone so young really trick me like this? ’

Before Gamamaru could regather his thoughts, Yuna snapped her finger, attracting everyone ’s attention.

”Quick question. Why was that a lie? Reward: An additional ramen day or something equal in worth. ”

Naruto ’s hand instantly shot into the air when Yuna mentioned the reward.

”Yes, Naruto. ”

”If you really meant it, you would have used ice instead of fire. ”

”Hehe, correct. Good job, Naruto. ”


While Yuna and Naruto were playing around, everyone else could only look at the duo with empty eyes.. Despite all of them being rather annoyed, they could only sigh in relief that at least Yuna aiming for total destruction was a lie.

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