*****Author Note*****

Well, as some of you might or might not know, there is an arc in Borute where Sasuke and Borute travel back in time. Personally, I considered writing a few chapters about the duo appearing in the current timeline. (from the canon timeline)

On the one hand, I think the interactions between a more mature, adult Sasuke and Yuna could be pretty fun, with lots of other interesting moments in-between.

On the other hand, that would result in my fanfic containing the character Boruto…

Anyway, here is the voting poll: https://strawpoll.com/polls/NPgxk12KQn2

*****End of Author Note*****

After the conversation with Gamamaru ended, the visit to Mount Myoboku finished without any other significant events happening. Well, Yuna tried to stir the group back to Fukasaku and Shima ’s house so Naruto and Jiraya could partake in another one of their ”favorite meals ”, but the duo managed to get away by claiming that they had a lot of things to do back in Konoha.

Anyway, a few days later, Yuna found herself in Tsunade ’s office yet again.

”Although it is rather redundant to say it by now, I guess I ’ll do so anyway. Like always, whatever happened, I ’m entirely innocent and have not in any shape, form, or fashion participated in whatever is currently irritating you, Tsunade. ”

Tsunade rolled her eyes at Yuna ’s usual banter and started speaking like she didn ’t hear what Yuna just said.

”There will be a meeting of the five Kage in ten days, and we are allowed to take two guards with us. ”

Yuna pondered Tsunade ’s statement for a short moment and nodded her head. Naturally, she managed to see through Tsunade ’s scheme.

”And I assume you don ’t want to make me one of those guards. ”

”Obviously. ”


The moment the word ”Obviously ” left Tsunade ’s words, Yuna placed a glass bottle on the table. Tsunade glanced at the small bottle and sneered in disdain.

”Do you honestly think you can bribe me that easily? ”

”Hehe, of course not. ”

Yuna took the bottle and injected some chakra into it, causing a cluster of seals that were covering the whole bottle to start shining. Moments later, the bottle started growing under the bewildered eyes of Tsunade.

”Just so there is no confusion about this, this was a shrinking seal I deactivated, not a growing one I activated. ”

Tsunade could only sigh in disappointment when she heard Yuna ’s words.

’So I can ’t just get myself some small bottles and enlarge them, huh? A pity. Wait! Wouldn ’t only the bottle get larger without the content increasing? How does that work with the shrinking seal? …..Oh well, who cares. ’

”Alright, we ’ll start traveling tomorrow morning. ”

Although Yuna nodded in approval when Tsunade accepted that she would be one of the guards, she started shaking her head a few moments later.

”Why do we start traveling so early? Isn ’t the meeting in ten days? ”

”Well, it ’s a long journey, no? ”

Yuna rolled her eyes as she flicked her wrist and made a snowflake-shaped kunai appear in her hand.

”Or, we can just teleport there directly and not bother about traveling there by foot. ”

”You have a marker in the Land of Iron? Wait! Don ’t answer that question. What a stupid question, of course, you do. ”

”Hehe, that ’s right. ”

”Fine then, we ’ll go over there in nine days. ”

”Fine by me. Bye bye~ ”

A perverted chuckle echoed through the room as Yuna said that and vanished from the room, making Tsunade look at the empty space enviously while completely ignoring the laughter.

”Damn, that ’s so convenient. ”

One day later, Tsunade was yet again sitting in her office. However, unlike the previous day, she sluggishly sat at her desk with her right, chakra-covered hand on her head.

’Urgh, as always, the stuff I get from Yuna is no joke. ’

The drinks Tsunade occasionally received from Yuna were far from normal alcoholic beverages. After all, if it was just normal alcohol, why would Tsunade get so easily bribed by it?

Firstly, the rate at which it got Tsunade drunk was ridiculous. Tsunade was a powerful shinobi, so she had quite the high alcohol tolerance. Well, tolerance to poison in general. However, the drinks Yuna gave her always hit much harder than drinks with regular alcohol content should.

Secondly, they were delicious. Like, ridiculously delicious. Obviously, that was the main reason why Yuna could bribe Tsunade with them.

And lastly, the following day ’s hangover was much more challenging to cure than usual. Usually, Tsunade could heal an average hangover within a few minutes, but she had already spent an entire hour on healing her current condition and still wasn ’t done.

Moments later, a young woman with dark blue hair and white eyes appeared in the middle of the room, causing Tsunade to… not react in the slightest. By now, she didn ’t even flinch anymore when someone appeared in the middle of the room without her noticing.

”I would like to discuss something. ”

Tsunade opened her eyes and looked at the ’intruder ’ and noticed that it was someone she knew.

’Hinata, huh? I wonder what she wants. Too bad it isn ’t Yuna; I wouldn ’t mind getting my hands on another bottle. Shit! Did I just say, ”Too bad it isn ’t Yuna ”? Guess I ’m still drunk. ’

”What can I do for you, Hinata? ”

”I want to be one of the two guards following you to the Kage Summit. ”

Tsunade couldn ’t help but be slightly confused by that. Considering Hinata ’s strength, Tsunade didn ’t mind making Hinata one of the guards. Additionally, she might even help restrain Yuna a little. However, it was somewhat weird for Hinata to take a guard job. She usually preferred taking missions that needed good stealth since it was one of her specialties.

”Why do you want to be one of the guards, Hinata. ”

”My Yuna-senses are telling me to follow Yuna to the Summit. ”

”… ”

As another perverted chuckle, that Hinata and Tsunade both ignored, echoed through the room, Tsunade could only speechlessly look at Hinata when she heard her answer.

’What the hell are Yuna-senses? Is she messing with me? No, Hinata isn ’t the type to do stuff like that, so she must genuinely mean what she said. ’

Tsunade pondered Hinata ’s words some more before she nodded her head and decided to deal with this in the same way she handled most cases involving Yuna…

”Sure, we ’ll teleport over there in eight days. ”

”Yes! ”

…She stopped thinking about it.

And, just like Yuna did the previous day, Hinata vanished from Tsunade ’s office without her noticing, causing Tsunade to shake her head in disbelief.

”What ridiculous stealth.. As expected of Yuna ’s harem of monsters. ”

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