Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 437 - Messing With Future Sasuke

*****Author Note*****

Wow, okay. There was an overwhelming amount of people who wanted the time slip arc to happen, so here we go.

For those that didn ’t want me to write this arc: Don ’t worry, I will make this fun 🙂

*****End of Author Note*****

Eight days were left until the start of the Kage Summit, and Yuna was presently lazying around in her living room. Hinata and Anko were currently both on a mission, while Naruto was making Teuchi rich by enjoying the additional Ramenday he earned. Well, considering how much ramen the Uzumaki clan consumed, Teuchi was already rich.

Yuna was pondering whether she should call over Karin to have some fun, teleport over to Kiri and have some fun with Mei or do some work as the head of the Uzumaki clan. Since the third option got eliminated instantly, only two options were left.

’Maybe I should combine them? ’

[Why did you even bother adding ”doing some work ” to the list if you cross it out immediately?]

’Mainly for appearance sake. ’

[Wow, did I just get an honest, reasonable, and believable answer out of you? Am I having a stroke? Is the world ending? No, wait! You must have trapped me inside a genjutsu!]

’It ’s good that your dao is still advancing, Kurama. ’

[What!? What dao am I advancing at? Hey! Don ’t ignore me! Tell me what is going on!]

While Yuna ignored Kurama, she decided to call over Karin to have some fun. She was just about to activate a few seals to call for her when her eyes widened in surprise, and she quickly stood up from the couch she was lying on.

’No way. Seriously? This might be quite interesting. ’

[Tell me what dao you were talki… What happened? Did a beauty you want to seduce enter the village?]

’Truly a steady advancement in the dao. Anyway, I just felt some time fluctuations, and I ’m pretty sure some people from a different timeline just appeared inside Konoha. ’

[I-Is it you from the future? Please don ’t tell me it ’s you from the future. I might not be able to kill myself, but I will kill myself if another you appears before me.]

’Calm down, Kurama. Do you really think that there could be another person like me? ’

[F*ck me, I pray to god every day that there isn ’t.]

’Why are you praying to me? That ’s a little weird. ’


’Anyway, let ’s go and see who came here. This should be fun~ ’

Meanwhile, a man with smooth, black hair, black eyes, and a missing arm and a teenage boy with spiky, blond hair, blue eyes, and two whisker markings on each of his cheeks appeared on a roof in the middle of Konoha.

The man, Sasuke Uchiha from the future, looked around the village with a frown on his face. His eyes immediately were drawn to one part of the village that was covered by a massive barrier he had never seen before.

’This isn ’t the Konoha I know. Although it looks like Konoha before Pain ’s attack on it, I have never seen that barrier before. What is going on? Where are we? ’

While Sasuke was confused about the current situation, the teenager, Boruto, the son of Naruto and Hinata from another timeline, looked around Konoha in wonder.

”Awesome! What is going on here? Everything looks completely different, you know. ”

Sasuke ’s eyebrows twitched in irritation when he heard Boruto ’s words. After all, someone ’s home suddenly looking completely different is not something that should excite the person; it should absolutely terrify them.

”I ’m not sure, but this doesn ’t look like the Konoha we know. In fact, this looks somewhat familiar to the Konoha before Pain ’s attack. ”

Boruto nodded his head in understanding when he heard Sasuke ’s words. Pain ’s attack on Konoha was an important historical event, so he naturally learned about it in school.

”You said ’somewhat ’, is there something that doesn ’t look familiar? ”

Sasuke nodded his head at Boruto ’s question as his eyes were still fixed on the massive barrier in the distance.

”Yes, first of all, there seem to be more people on the streets than I ’m used to and, most importantly, I have never seen that barrier before. I wonder who is responsible for that. ”

”Well, that would be me and my little brother~ ”

Before either Sasuke or Boruto could react, a hand casually landed on Boruto ’s shoulder as a lazy voice answered Sasuke ’s question.

Sasuke ’s first instinct was drawing his sword and attacking, but since Boruto was currently in the grasp of the person who just appeared, he decided against doing so.

Meanwhile, Boruto was terrified out of his mind as someone managed to sneak up on him without him noticing at all.

Sasuke inspected the person who had just arrived and couldn ’t help but be bewildered by her appearance.

’Who is that? That red hair with blue strands is ridiculously conspicuous, so how come I don ’t know her. Additionally, if this is genuinely before Pain ’s attack on Konoha, then there is no way there could be someone who is capable of sneaking up on me unnoticed. Who is this person? ’

”Who are you? ”

For now, all Sasuke could do was ask that question, causing Yuna to chuckle in amusement, which sent another wave of terror through Boruto ’s spine.

”What a rude question to ask~ Aren ’t you the one who invaded my timeline? If anyone had any right to ask questions, it would be me, right? So, who are you? ”

Although Yuna could make a pretty good guess on who the two people in front of her were purely based on their appearance, she still decided to ask for confirmation.

Naturally, Sasuke was surprised that the person in front of him instantly knew that he and Boruto were time travelers, and after a short moment of hesitation, he decided to just tell the truth. After all, the person in front of them already knew about their situation, so what ’s the point in lying?

”I ’m Sasuke Uchiha, and this is Boruto Uzumaki, and we are both from the future… I think. ”

Yuna nodded her head at the answer she pretty much expected to come and started her own introduction.

”I ’m Yuna Uzumaki, Naruto Uzumaki ’s older sister and the one responsible for forcing Sasuke Uchiha to turn into a woman every time he fights seriously. ”

” ”WHAT!? ” ”

Naturally, her words caused quite the explosive reaction from the duo in front of her, making her nod in approval.

’Yep, I will have a lot of fun with these two. ’

[Be careful about those devil horns showing.]

’Still steadily advancing, huh? Good job. ’

[Seriously, what is this about?]

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