Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 440 - He Likes To Pierce Things But Not With A Kunai

The trio reached the Uzumaki compound a few minutes later, and Sasuke and Boruto were immediately surprised by the liveliness.

”Is it really fine to have so many outsiders in the compound? ”

Although Sasuke couldn ’t tell who belonged to the compound and who didn ’t, he could at least tell that people from other clans were here as well. Most prominently, people from the Akemichi clan.

”There is no problem. If you two weren ’t with me, the clan spanning, seal-based security system would have already started attacking you. ”

”Oh? So something like that actually exists? Could you tell me who made it? ”

’Such a system doesn ’t exist in the future, but the person who made it might. It must have been one of the Uzumakis gathered here. If I had their name, I could find him in my timeline. A genius who created this shouldn ’t be living in obscurity. ’

”Who made it? Well, Naruto designed it, and I helped him set everything up. It ’s a lot of seals, after all. ”

Sasuke and Boruto both froze in place when they heard Yuna ’s words and stared at her in disbelief. The first who managed to regain their wits was Sasuke.

”I-I apologize; I must have misheard you. Who made this system? ”

”Naruto, my little brother, did. Why is that such a surprise for you? ”

”Well… ”

’Because Naruto is not smart. He might have wisened up with age, but Naruto is still Naruto. There is no way he could learn such a complex art. There is no way I can say that about her little brother. Maybe, this timeline ’s Naruto is just different? ’

”Well, the Naruto I know has no talent for sealing, so this surprised me a little. ”

”No talent, or never tried it? ”

”Sorry? ”

”Has he really no talent for sealing, or has he just never tried it? Both of his parents were highly distinguished seal masters, so I find it a little weird that their son has no talent for it. ”

”That ’s impossi… ”

Before Sasuke could deny Yuna ’s claim, he paused and thought about it properly.

’It is possible. Young Naruto had steam coming out of his head just by reading a regular book, so it is very likely that he never gave it a try, thinking that he couldn ’t do it anyway. ’

”I will ask him about it when we are back in our timeline. ”

Yuna nodded her head, and moments later, Boruto understood the implication as his eyes started shining.

”Doesn ’t that mean that I might have talent in seals as well, Yuna? ”

”Possible, but you should call me aunt Yuna. ”

”Eh? W-Why? ”

”I ’m your father ’s sister, so isn ’t that rather obvious? ”

Boruto sent a pleading glance at Sasuke, but he only looked away, telling Boruto to give.

”Err, okay, aunt Yuna. ”

A satisfied smile appeared on Yuna ’s face, which was swiftly replaced with a mischievous one when he saw a certain person walking towards her.

”Well, you can also call me mother-in-law if you want. ”

”Huh? Mother-in-law? Why would I call you that? ”

Before Yuna could answer Boruto ’s question, Hinata approached the trio. She had just finished her mission report and was in a good mood, which increased even further when she saw Yuna.

”Welcome back, Hinata. ”

Hinata ’s smile widened when she heard Yuna ’s greeting and gave her a light kiss on the lips.

”Hehe, I ’m back, Yuna. ”

Naturally, Sasuke and Boruto ’s chins hit the ground when they saw Yuna and Hinata kiss. While Sasuke was somewhat shocked, the most affected was definitely Boruto, whose mother had just kissed his aunt.

Before the two could get over their shock, Hinata inspected the duo. First, her eyes landed on Sasuke. She immediately noticed that he should be pretty strong from how he held himself. Next, she inspected Boruto and immediately squinted her eyes. Moments later, she gave Yuna an accusing look.

”Are you playing around with time travel again, Yuna? ”

While Boruto was still too shocked to even hear her words, Sasuke received another blow.


”Hey, that ’s a false accusation. The last time it was clearly Naruto ’s fault, and I ’m innocent this time as well. These two came here on their own. ”

Hinata still looked at Yuna with suspicion in her eyes, but moments later, she decided to drop the matter just in time for Boruto ’s brain to reboot. He accusingly pointed his finger at Hinata and started talking.

”Mom, why are you kissing another woman!? ”

Hinata immediately connected the dots and smiled wryly. Considering how Boruto looked, she didn ’t need to be a genius to figure out who the father was.

’Me and Naruto, huh? That ’s pretty weird. ’

Hinata and Naruto pretty much grew up together, so Hinata naturally didn ’t dislike him. In fact, she liked him a lot. However, that is only as a member of her family, her brother.

Before Hinata could answer, Yuna overbearingly snaked her hand around Hinata ’s waist and pressed her body into her own.

”Hehe, too bad, I snatched her first. Now call me mother-in-law, my son. ”

An ugly expression appeared on Boruto ’s face when he heard Yuna ’s words. That felt really wrong to him. Naturally, Yuna noticed his apprehension, and a stern expression appeared on her face.

”Oh? You don ’t want to? It seems like I have to spank a naughty child then. ”

Boruto automatically stepped back when he saw Yuna ’s stern expression as a shiver went through his spine.

”Y-You wouldn ’t really do that, w-would you. ”

He glanced at Yuna, and when he noticed that she wasn ’t showing even a hint of amusement in her expression, his glance landed on Hinata. However, Hinata only awkwardly looked away.

Additionally, Boruto noticed that Hinata appeared to be blushing a little but had no idea why that was the case.


A loud snap echoed the gathered people as Yuna had procured a belt out of nowhere and was threateningly snapping it, causing Boruto to clench his butt. Not even a second later, his resistance broke, and he started laughing awkwardly.

”Hahaha, I was just joking, you know. Nice to meet you, mother-in-law. ”

As if it wasn ’t there in the first place, the dangerous atmosphere vanished instantly, making Boruto realize that Yuna was indeed joking.

’Mhh, but why would mom look away if Yuna was joking? How weird. ’

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