Seeing that some calm returned to the room, Sasuke decided that it was finally time to speak about why he was here.

”Right, back to the main topic. Or rather, let ’s start with the main topic. Boruto and I are here because… ”

*Knock, knock*

”Nee-san, it ’s me. You told me to come over since something fun is happening. This better not be another attempt to trick me into dating another woman. ”

”Haha, it isn ’t; come in, Naruto. ”

Although Sasuke could feel rage flooding his body due to being interrupted yet again, it was at least a relevant person this time.

The door opened, and Naruto entered the room, quickly followed by Ino and Haku. They immediately started inspecting the room diligently and relaxed as soon as no foreign women were present. What should be mentioned as well was that neither of the trio showed the slightest surprise about Karin ’s current situation.

Naruto walked towards the third, still empty couch and sat down, quickly followed by Ino and Haku, who sat down next to him. Then he casually put his arms around Ino and Haku ’s shoulders, leaned back, and started inspecting the two guests.

Meanwhile, Sasuke ’s eyes widened in utter disbelief when he saw this timelines Naruto. Naruto was probably the person he knew best, and the person in front of him seemed to be someone entirely different.

’He still seems to have his outgoing and happy atmosphere around him, but the rest feels utterly different. While young Naruto was an attention seeker, this one expects people to pay him attention. A trait that all people who grew up in positions of power share if they are competent.

Somehow, I don ’t think that the two people sitting next to Naruto are just his friends either. However, that is Haku, isn ’t it? Pretty sure Haku is male. Urgh, whatever perverted relationship these three have, I want nothing to do with it.

However, the most surprising thing is that I can actually feel a sense of danger from him. I have never sensed danger from Naruto, even while we were fighting at the valley of the end. After all, Naruto is a happy-go-lucky fool who would happily spare his enemies whenever he could. Although that would usually result in his enemies becoming his friends somehow, that is beside the point.

This Naruto is different. He is willing to kill and has done so before. And most importantly, he is strong. Very strong. So strong that I don ’t think I can win against him without Indra ’s inheritance.

What a monster. ’

As that final thought crossed his mind, he glanced at Yuna, whose presence he still couldn ’t feel at all. With Hinata, he could at least tell where she was while his instincts were more or less telling him that she was more than the eye could see, but there was no such feedback from Yuna.

’No, the real monster is Yuna, not Naruto. Just how strong is she? ’

While Sasuke was deep in thought, Naruto finished observing Sasuke and Boruto, and a deep frown appeared on his face while he started speaking.

”Well, I have two questions… ”

*Author Note*

Damn, it has been a while since I produced such a steep cliff.

*End of Author Note*

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