Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 446 - He Only Coughed Out Some Blood And Fainted.

Sasuke could only look weirdly at Yuna when he heard her question.

’Why would she ask a random Hyuga girl about that? How was she supposed to know of some who would only appear over ten years in the future?

Meanwhile, Hisoka smiled wryly when she heard Yuna ’s words. As soon as she saw Sasuke and Boruto earlier today, she expected this to happen.

Frankly, she had seen very little of the Boruto series as she only watched it when she heard about an interesting episode airing. Boruto meeting the young Naruto fell into that category. Unfortunately, the main villain of that arc, Urashiki Otsutsuki, didn ’t interest her in the slightest, so she remembered very little about him. Hell, she didn ’t even tell Yuna about the possibility of him popping up any time since she didn ’t feel like it was necessary. After all, who defeated Urashiki in the end?

Naruto, who could only use two-tails worth of Kurama ’s chakra.

Boruto, who was just a normal genin at that point, who frequently stumbles into battles between demi-god and somehow is always the key to winning the fight.

Jiraiya, who seemed to have forgotten that he could use sage mode.

And finally, Nerfsuke, who was out of chakra, again, and forgot that he had the Sharingan.

In conclusion, Urashiki was no threat, so Hisoka didn ’t bother informing Yuna about him.

”That is the weirdo who uses a fishing rod as a weapon, right? ”


The sound of glass breaking echoed through the room as Sasuke just crushed the teacup he was holding while looking at Hisoka in disbelief.


Hisoka glanced at Sasuke in pity and continued talking.

”Well, I don ’t remember too much, but I think he can teleport. The fishing rod drains chakra, and I vaguely remember him powering up after… eating his own eyeballs. ”

Everyone except Yuna had ugly expressions on their face when they heard that last part.

”Seriously, why does everyone have an eyeball fetish? It ’s always about the eyes, isn ’t it? ”

Naruto nodded sagely before anyone else could comment on Yuna ’s words and started speaking.

”That ’s just how it is, nee-san. If you are powering up with your secret move, and your eyes don ’t change while doing so, can it even be called powering up? ”

Yuna rolled her eyes at Naruto ’s comment but actually agreed with him. After all, her eyes change as well when she uses Kurama ’s chakra.

”How? ”

Sasuke uttered a single word, causing everyone ’s attention to wander towards him. Currently, his eyes seemed almost lifeless as he was staring at Hisoka in bewilderment.

”How do you know about all of that? ”

Hisoka shrugged her shoulders when she heard Sasuke ’s question while chuckling in amusement.

”What a weird question. Haven ’t you time-traveled here in the first place? Why does it seem so unbelievable that there is someone else who knows the future? ”

Sasuke felt like he was struck by lightning when he heard Hisoka ’s words as he finally connected all the dots in front of him.

’She ’s from the future as well! Maybe, she is Hinata ’s child? But Hinata is currently dating Yuna, so it can ’t be her child. Well, they could have broken up, but I don ’t think Yuna would allow the child of her current girlfriend and her future boyfriend to roam around here so casually. So, what is going on? Did she come for Urashiki as well? Is there a second Urashiki!? IS THERE A SECOND YUNA!? ’

Sasuke started hyperventilating a little as sweat started flowing down his back like a river due to imagining there being another Yuna. His mind was already rather close to breaking, so having a second Yuna here would probably end badly for him.

”Ara, ara~ Are you guys having fun without me? How naughty~ ”

A busty beauty with wide hips and long red hair with blue streaks suddenly appeared in the middle of the room, almost causing Sasuke to have a heart attack.

”Ohh, Yunatwo, you are here as well. ”

”That I am, Yunatwo. ”

”Ohh? Why are you still calling me that, Yunatwo? Didn ’t we agree that I would be Yuna, and you would be Yunatwo, Yunatwo. ”

”Oh? Sorry, I wasn ’t really listening to the conversation, so I thought it would be the other way around, and you would be Yunatwo, Yunatwo. ”

”I ’m honestly not sure since I did the same, Yunatwo. ”

[My worst nightmare seems to have manifested itself. It ’s just as bad as I thought it would be.]

’What are you talking about? This is fun~ ’

While Boruto didn ’t really know what to do with the situation, and everyone else, except for Sasuke, was trying to hold in their laughter, Sasuke was near the brink of collapse as he watched the two Yunas arguing which one of them would get a ”two ” added to their names.

’I need to get out of here before they set their sights on me! ’

Unfortunately, just as that thought appeared in his mind, the duo looked away from each other and focused on Sasuke instead, instantly causing a shiver to go through his spine.

” ”Well, Sasuke, today is the day we unearth one of humanity ’s greatest mysteries. Are you ready, Sasuke? ” ”

”Err, no. ”

” ”So you are ready, that is good. ” ”

Sasuke could feel his mind slowly sink into darkness as Yuna casually ignored his answer and pretended he said something else.

”Well then, the mystery is~ ”

Everyone ’s eyes were on the two Yunas as she spoke slowly to increase the tension.

” ”Is it incest or masturbation if you literally f*ck yourself? ” ”

As the two Yunas asked that question, the one still sitting on the couch got up, causing Karin to grumble in dissatisfaction, and left the room h*lding h*ands with her older counterpart, leaving everyone else in the room behind.

Moments later, the room was in turmoil as Anko explosively stood up from the couch and ran after Yuna.

”Wait! I am also interested in solving this ancient mystery! ”

Then, Karin got up from her kneeling position with equal vigor and ran after Anko.

”Guehehe, getting punished by two Yuna-samas at the same time! Today I will experience heaven~! ”

After Karin left, all eyes landed on Hinata, who started blushing harder by the second before standing up and running out of the room as well.


The room was covered in an awkward atmosphere, as Naruto started whispering into Ino and Haku ’s ears, coaxing them to do some ”mystery-solving ” themselves. Hisoka only shook her head when she noticed that the main event was over and left the room. At the same time, Boruto ’s face was flushed crimson, and Sasuke had a blank expression.

Moments later, Sasuke ’s body started swaying left and right, and after coughing out some blood, he fainted due to the sheer absurdity he had just experienced.

Meanwhile, Yuna had dispelled the ice clone she made to mess with Sasuke and nodded in approval when she saw Sasuke coughing out some blood through monitoring seals she installed in the room previously.

”Mission success. Flawless victory. ”

[*Sigh* I want to feel pity for him, but then I remember that he is an Uchiha, so there is only one thing I can do: BWAHAHAHAHA!!!]

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