Urashiki was angry. Very angry. So far, he had been toyed with the whole fight.

His eyes granted him the ability to travel back in time a few seconds. When he first awakened it, he could only use it defensively to get out of sticky situations, but after acquiring considerable combat experience, he could travel back in time again and again and perfectly predict his enemy's movements, turning it into offensive skills.

This ability was the reason why he could dodge most of the attacks of the person, he assumed to be Naruto, so effortlessly. However, that ability didn't seem to work on the red-haired woman, whom he later found out to be called Yuna.

Well, that wasn't entirely correct. The ability worked. He could still travel back in time as he wished, but no matter how often he tried to get an advantage over Yuna, he always failed. He adjusted his action to counter what she would do perfectly. She did something else. He did the same to counter her new actions. She did it again.

Urashiki could not comprehend how someone could adjust their battle plans at such an obscene pace.

Anyway, everything was still somewhat fine up to this point, but as soon one of the women standing on the sidelines yelled something about being done with something, things changed.

Yuna and Naruto teleported next to him, which didn't bother him too much as he could just teleport away. However, the teleportation failed, resulting in a small moment where he was distracted. Despite that, he still managed to dodge the duo's attack almost perfectly and only received a little scratch.

However, just when he was about to finish readjusting his mental state, he felt a powerful sense of danger washing over him, so he tried shifting his body away, just to have someone pierce a sword through it.

This was where Urashiki finally snapped. He would take in as much energy as possible and force himself to evolve. First, he absorbed all the chakra he had stolen with his fishing rod, which he stored inside the pot hanging around his waist.

However, he instantly noticed that that wasn't enough for him to evolve, so after a short moment of thinking, a mad glint passed through his eyes as he found the solution.

Without a second of hesitation, he ripped his right eye out and swallowed it, quickly followed by his left. He felt power coursing through his body, making him smile. He succeeded.

“Ohh! It's the start of the second boss phase!”

“Let's see what it looks like, nee-san.”

A white screen appeared in front of him, and as he passed through it, his whole appearance changed.

“Meh, the transformation scene was only so-so.”

“I'm not convinced either. That's a point deduction.”

Moments later, Urashiki emerged from the other side of the screen, revealing his new look to the world. Now, his face was almost entirely black, as only a few rectangular white places remained. Despite just having eaten his eyeballs, he got a new set, which were pure golden, while a third eye appeared on his forehead. It looked like a golden Rinnegan. Additionally, wing-like protrusions appeared on his head, while his overall look turned more avian-like.

“Meh, I'm not convinced of this design.”

“At least he feels somewhat strong, nee-san.”

“Hahahaha, time to beat all of you to death! I'm going to crush all of you to death! Everyone except for you, Naruto Uzumaki! I will capture you and slowly torture you unt…”

While Urashiki was talking, Sasuke gave him a bland look.

“Can we attack him now that he has fully transformed?”

Yet again, the people around him seemed to be outraged by his words.

“Can't you see he is monologuing? Who attacks while the villain is monologuing? That's just awful.”


That's all Sasuke gave as an answer to what Anko just said. He had pretty much given up at this point.



While Sasuke's face became emotionless, Boruto came running towards the spectating group, but before reaching them, another cake smacked him in the face, and he was teleported away.

When Sasuke saw the teleportation cake, he only nodded his head in understanding.

“I see, that makes sense.”

Meanwhile, Urashiki finished his monologue and looked at Yuna and Naruto like they were ants. He propelled himself at the duo significantly faster than he previously could, causing Naruto to teleport away hastily. However, Yuna still stood in place with an unreadable expression on her face.

Urashiki thought that she was incapable of dodging at this speed, but that notion quickly changed when he saw something that terrified him out of his mind.

A grin.

An inhumanly twisted grin that radiated insanity.

Despite that, Urashiki continued his assault and punched Yuna, resulting in her casually lifting her hand. Urashiki's fist collided with Yuna's hand, which was now entirely covered in ice, resulting in a considerable impact. However, Yuna's body didn't move a single centimeter.

“Ohhh? So you will torture my little brother, huh, insect? Guess it's time to take off the training wheels. I will teach you what it means to stand before this venerable one!”

Before Urashiki could comprehend Yuna's words, he felt like a train just smashed into his stomach, sending him hurling away.

“Naruto, time to go all out!”

“Ohh! I was waiting for this!”

As soon as Naruto heard Yuna's words, the yellow chakra cloak coating him was coated by another layer of rampaging wind chakra that tore apart everything it touched.

Simultaneously, an ice armor started covering Yuna's chakra cloak as an enormous two-handed blade appeared in her hands.

Additionally, although only Yuna noticed it, the water armor surrounding Hinata grew significantly denser as she activated her Byakugan, increasing her persecution even further.


As Sasuke saw Yuna's whole body getting covered in ice, cries of despair echoed over the battlefield. He fell on one knee while covering his mouth, coughing out some blood yet again.

When Anko saw that, she could only shake her head.

“Why have you still not gotten used to it?”


Although those thoughts instantly appeared in Sasuke's head, he decided not to speak them out aloud.



Boruto arrived again, but this time a pie hit him in the face, yet again teleporting him away. Sasuke stared at what just happened with a blank expression.

'I need to get out of this timeline.'

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