Chapter 452: Assassination from another Timeline

A groan escaped Sasukes mouth as he opened his eyes.

“Are you okay, Sasuke-san?”

“Urgh, not at all.”

Sasuke slowly stood up while curiously looking around. He sighed in relief when he realized that he was back in his own timeline.

“Thank god, we made it. No, its too early to say that. There is still something I need to find out!”

Sasuke jumped towards the Hokage Tower without a second of hesitation, leaving a dumbfounded Boruto behind.

‘Please dont be here. Please dont be here. Please dont be here.

Sasuke chanted those words repeatedly as he entered Narutos office and saw Naruto.

“Oh, there you are, Sa…”

Before Naruto could finish speaking, Sasuke appeared before him and put his hands on Narutos shoulders while looking him in the eyes.

“Naruto, this is very important. You must answer my next question 100% truthfully, okay?”

Naturally, Naruto was confused by Sasukes weird behavior, but he nonetheless nodded his head in acknowledgment.

“Sure, what do you want to know?”

“Do you have a big sister, Naruto?”

Question marks appeared above Narutos head when he heard Sasukes question.

‘Why would he ask me such a weird question with such a serious tone? Especially a question he already knows the answer to.

“Not sure why youre asking me that, but no, I dont have a big sister.”

Sasukes lips quivered for a moment as his knees fell to the ground, and tears of happiness threatened to flow out of his eyes.

“Thank god I made it back properly. I managed to get away from her.”

Even more question marks appeared above Narutos head, but before he could say anything else, some markings on Sasukes shoulder started glowing, causing Sasukes face to go pale instantly.


“S-Sasuke, calm down. Tell me whats going on.”

The seals glowing intensified, causing Sasukes panic attack to become even more pronounced. He was just about to cut his own shoulder to forcefully disable the seal when the seal stopped glowing and activated.

*Splat* x2


Naruto and Sasuke both got a cake in their faces, and while Naruto immediately exclaimed in bewilderment, Sasuke didnt react in the slightest at first. However…


… moments later, eery chuckling left Sasukes mouth, creeping Naruto out quite a bit.

“Sasuke, tell me whats going on already!”

“… hahaha…”

Instead of answering Naruto, Sasukes chuckling turned into laughter.



And finally, Sasuke started laughing out loud like a mad man.

“What the hell happened to you, Sasuke?”

When Naruto realized that Sasukes mind was currently somewhere else, he gave up rushing Sasuke for answers while helplessly shaking his head.

“Whatever, I guess Ill just have to wait until he calms down.”

Around a minute later, Sasuke stopped laughing and stood up with a calm expression. However, Naruto immediately could tell that there was something slightly different about Sasuke.

‘He feels… more relaxed and free. Like a burden that was plaguing him is suddenly gone. I really wonder what significance that cake held. However, he has blood all over his clothes, this must have been a very difficult fight.

Before Naruto could ask any questions, Sasuke started reporting what he had gone through in the past three days.

“I had a big sister!?”

Naturally, this was the first thing that surprised Naruto about the different timeline. He doesnt have any siblings, and he really would like to know what it was like to have a big sister.

Sasuke continued his tale and reached the next point in the report that got a reaction from Naruto.

“Hinata is part of my big sisters harem!?”

Sasuke simply nodded his head while secretly enjoying Narutos surprised reactions.

“You might want to talk to Boruto about that. He saw them making out.”

Naruto facepalmed as a groan escaped his mouth.

“Damn, why did that happen? Thats really unlucky.”

Sasukes eyes became empty when he heard Narutos words.

“There was no bad luck involved.”


Naruto was surprised by what Sasuke said, but when he saw his empty eyes, he decided not to ask any questions.

Sasuke recovered a few seconds later and continued talking. He talked about the Uzumaki compound and about the different fates of all kinds of people. And then, he told him about the other timelines Naruto.

“Ino and Haku!? What the hell!? Wait a moment, wasnt Haku male!?”

Sasuke nodded his head and looked at Naruto with a somewhat judgemental gaze causing Naruto to frown. He wondered why Sasuke was looking at him like that, and his eyes widened when he realized the reason.

“Nonono, dont look at me like that. Whatever weird plays the other me is into has nothing to do with me!”

Sasuke coughed awkwardly, averted his gaze, and resumed talking about what he had experienced. After talking about the Uzumaki clan compounds seals, Naruto confirmed that he had indeed never tried out learning sealing arts and said that he would give it a try.

Finally, Sasuke talked about the fight against Urashiki, and Naruto couldnt help but be surprised by the ridiculous skills that were on display. He was especially amazed by the skill Hinata showed, as her strength in this timeline was far from that overwhelming.

Naturally, there was another point that bewildered Naruto greatly.

“Why can she use ice?”

“No clue, but when I asked her the same question, she answered: If I couldnt use it, no one could. No idea what that means.”

Naruto slumped into his chair and sighed in relief.

“At least there were no causalities this time.”

Sasukes eyebrow started twitching like crazy when he heard Narutos words.


Although those thoughts rampaged through Sasukes head, he didnt say anything and simply nodded his head. After chatting a bit longer, Sasukes left the Hokage Tower.

While Sasuke was walking through Konoha, he coincidently met the person he was looking for.

“Kakashi, Ive been looking for you.”


When Kakashi heard Sasuke calling him, he only hummed in acknowledgment and continued to read a small book, causing Sasuke to roll his eyes.

He flicked his wrist, causing a stack of books to appear in his hand.

“I was asked to give these to you.”

Kakashi looked up from his book and looked at what Sasuke held with disinterest. Moments later, his eyes sharpened, and he snatched the books from Sasukes hand, put most of them and the one he was reading into his holster, and started reading one of the new ones.


Sasuke was utterly dumbfounded by what just happened. He knew Kakashi was pretty fast, but this was just ridiculous. He actually moved so quickly that even Sasuke couldnt react to it.

‘What are these books?

Meanwhile, Boruto had just returned home and was currently taking off his shoes. While doing so, a small seal on his shoulder briefly lit up without Boruto noticing.

“Oh? You are back, Boruto.”

Boruto sighed in relief when he heard his mothers voice. He had half expected Yuna to pop up somehow.

“Im back, kaa-san.”

Boruto gazed at his mother, and moments later, the image of Yuna slapping Hinata on the butt while sinking her tongue into Hinatas mouth flashed through his mind, causing his face to flush crimson.

Hinata noticed Borutos flushed face and immediately became worried.

“Boruto, your face is all flushed. Do you have a fever?”

Hinata grabbed Narutos cheeks softly and held her forehead against his, causing Boruto to get even more flustered.

“K-Kaa-san, p-please stop; Im fine.”

“Mhh, at least you have no fever. Please tell me if you are feeling unwell, Boruto.”

“Okay, I will do so.”

Hinata nodded her head in satisfaction before turning around and walking into the living room, closely followed by Boruto. The moment Boruto entered the room, he froze in place.

A mature beauty with long crimson hair and blue streaks sat on the couch with a lazy expression.


When the woman saw Hinata, she smiled and walked toward her. Without a second of hesitation, she gave Hinatas butt a crisp smack and a deep kiss.

At first, Hinata was enjoying herself, but she quickly realized her situation and pushed the woman away.

“Y-Yuna, not in front of the kids.”

“Hehe, isnt it fine~ Its just a little kissing.”


Seeing what happened in front of him, Borutos mind took quite a lot of damage, and he was already swaying a little while a trickle of blood was oozing out of the corner of his mouth.

A few seconds later, a cute little girl entered the room and hugged Hinata.

“Kaa-san, I want to help you with cooking.”

“Haha, of course, Himawari.”

Then, the little girl let go of Hinata and hugged Yuna instead.

“Can you cook with kaa-san and me, Yuna kaa-san?”

Yuna happily pattered her head as a big smile appeared on her face.

“Of course, I will do it if my little girl wants me to.”

Then, Yunas eyes landed on Boruto, causing a chill to go down his spine.

“How about you help as well, son.”


That single word repeatedly reverberated in Borutos head until it was too much for him.


He fell to his knees, coughed out some blood, and then fainted.

Around five minutes later, Hinata found an unconscious Boruto in the entrance hall. She instantly noticed that he seemed to be under the influence of a genjutsu, which she quickly canceled with a worried expression on her face.

‘Why would someone put Boruto under genjutsu and then leave him here? Its almost like some did that just to mess with him. How weird.

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