Chapter 456: Sorry, I acted on Instinct.

After Mifune regained his wits, he straightened his back and looked at the five attending Kage with a severe expression on his face.

“Please put your hats on the table. You are here today because Raikage-dono called for this meeting. Im Mifune, and I will be your moderator. Lets begin the meeting.”

As soon as all hats were on the table, A started talking.

“I gathered you here today to talk about Akatsuki, an organization that had undoubtedly caused all of us some trouble.”

Except for Tsunade, every Kage in the room nodded their heads when they heard As words. Naturally, A noticed Tsunades behavior, and a frown appeared on his face.

“Are you disagreeing with my words, Hokage-dono?”

“Mhh? No, not really. Its just that Konoha has already got rid of most of them, so I dont see them as much of a big deal. How many are even left right now? Its like two, I think.”

A snorted in disdain when he heard Tsunades words.

“Are you seriously trying to spread that nonsense propaganda you feed your citizen in a meeting with all of us?”

Tsunade tilted her head in confusion when she heard As words.

“Propaganda? Im not sure what exactly you are talking about.”

“Isnt that obvious? The nonsense that almost all of Akatsuki attacked Konoha and that you repelled them easily. Like a single person in the room would believe something so ridiculous.”

Tsunade pondered on As words for a short moment before realizing that that was indeed quite the ridiculous story. She couldnt help but glance at A with a combination of pity and envy.

‘Ahh, poor man, he still isnt used to Yuna yet. How pitiful, yet enviable.

“*Sigh* I can understand where you are coming from, so I guess a little peek is fine. Yuna, if you would?”

Yuna, who was currently getting her waist pinched by Hinata because she tried to massage Hinatas butt, jerked up when she heard Tsunades words and looked around the room in confusion. While doing so, she met eyes with Samui, who was here as one of As guards, and gave her a wink, causing her to blush.

“Sorry, the whole conversation was incredibly boring, so I wasnt paying attention.”

While some peoples eyelids were twitching due to Yunas dismissive words, Tsunade, who was seemingly expecting that answer, only nodded her head and patiently started explaining the situation again.

“Well, Raikage-dono doesnt believe that we repelled Akatsuki so easily.”

Yuna nodded her head and looked at A, who was currently looking at her provokingly. After looking at A for a short moment, Yuna shook her head and looked back toward Tsunade.

“I dont give a shit what he believes.”

After fighting the reanimated Third Raikage, Yuna no longer had any interest in the current one, who apparently was weaker than his predecessor, while using similar techniques.



As fist smashed on the table, and as soon as it did, all people assigned as guards except for Tsunades sprung into action and appeared in front of their respective Kage.

While Hinata didnt move at all, Yuna appeared in the middle of the table, a dense, almost entirely blue chakra cloak covering her body, nine chakra tails surrounding nine chakra chains growing out of her body. Additionally, all of that was covered by highly ornamented ice armor.


Incredibly powerful pressure engulfed the whole building, causing most of the samurai in the building to tremble in fear or straight up faint. While the people in the conference room fared better, most of them had pale faces due to the pressure they felt from Yuna. None of them believed they could actually contest against her strength.

However, just when a fight seemed inevitable, someone yanked on the scruff of Yunas neck yet again and pulled her off the table.

“No deathmatches!”

“Come one, Hinata, just a little one.”


“Hehe, then let me fondle your butt as compensation.”

“D-Definitely not!”

“Hehe, in that case, I will just forcefully take what I want~”

“Y-Yuna, d-dont do that, or I *moan* s-stop it!”

Seeing Yuna fondling Hinatas butt while Hinata was resisting, while not really resisting, the tension vanished instantly. Instead, it turned into an awkward silence, where everyone still had their weapons drawn, but there wasnt any intent to fight in the air.

After everyone awkwardly put their weapons away, Tsunade chuckled in amusement.

“Well, I assume you know realize how we managed to repel so many Akatsuki members.”

As face grew solemn when he heard Tsunades words. Considering what he had just seen, there was only one conclusion.

“A perfect Jinchuuriki.”

Tsunade couldnt help but chuckle in amusement when she heard As words.

“Hehe,a perfect Jinchuuriki, arent you missing something?”

A frowned when he heard Tsunades words, but his opened wide in terror moments later.

“Impossible, the brother as well!?”

Yet again, Tsunade chuckled but didnt confirm or deny As guess.

“Why are you willingly revealing so many of Konohas secrets?”

This time, it was Oonoki who asked that question, getting yet another chuckle out of Tsunade.

“Hehe, yes, if Im willing to tell you something this important without any hesitation. It makes you wonder what else Konoha is hiding, doesnt it?”

A and Oonokis faces grew solemn when they heard Tsunades words. The power of their Jinchuuriki was usually one of a hidden villages most important secrets, so the fact that Tsunade so willingly gave that information meant that she was bluffing or Konoha was significantly stronger than they assumed.

Additionally, even if she was just bluffing, the presence of two perfect Jinchuuriki alone was already a massive deterrent for A and Oonoki. After all, Kumogakure had only one Jinchuuriki while Iwagakure had zero. And to make things even worse, it was the Kyuubis Jinchuuriki, the most powerful of the Bijuu.

Before anyone could say anything else, a weird plant-like creature burst out of the floor and started speaking.

“Hellooo~ Im here for a little anounc…~”


Before the creature could finish speaking, a cake hit it in the face, causing quite a few gazes to wander towards Yuna.

“Sorry, I acted on instinct.”

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