Chapter 459: A little Lemon

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After the meeting was over and everything was decided, Mifune offered everyone to stay the night. An offer that all the Kage accepted.

Currently, two naked women lay next to each other on a bed. One of them had a relaxed expression on her face while casually resting her head on her arm, while the other was gasping for breath and sweating heavily. These two were Yuna and Hinata.

“Damn, stamina monster.”

Yuna chuckled in amusement when she heard Hinatas complaint and lightly scratched her fingernail over Hinatas skin, giving her goosebumps.

“Its not just the stamina thats important; its the technique as well~”

“Y-Yuna, s-stop it *moan*. Im still sensitive.”

“Mhh, no~”

Yuna continued teasing Hinata for a bit longer before calmness returned to the room. After a few minutes of comfortable silence, Yuna opened her mouth and started speaking.

“I think I will go and eat up Mei now.”

Hinata pouted when she heard Yunas words but didnt say anything in return. Yuna grinned when she saw Hinatas reaction and moved her body, resulting in her sitting down on Hinatas stomach, her face only a few centimeters away from Hinatas, while their breasts were touching.

“No comment on that, Hinata?”

“Mmph, do what you want.”

Yunas grin widened as she leaned down even further, causing the duos noses to touch.

“Hehe, I want your permission before I go.”

Hinata couldnt help but get annoyed by Yunas words. It was rather obvious what she was doing after all. By now, Hinata was more or less fine with Mei joining them but still acted aggressively against her. It was rather similar to how Hinata started out with Anko.

So, Yuna wanted her to admit that she was okay with Mei joining instead of just “not preventing” it.

“No, I wont give it.”

“Hehe, dont be like that, Hinata. Isnt she a beautiful woman? Just take a look at those breasts; wont your head feel amazing sandwiched between those?”

Hinatas face blushed crimson as she heard Yunas questions, and she averted her eyes.

“N-Nonsense, the only breasts Im interested in are yours, Yuna.”

After that sentence left her mouth, Hinata managed to blush even harder, causing Yuna to chuckle in amusement.

“Hehe, is that so? I remember rather clearly how you were happily fondling An…”

“D-Dont say it!”

Before Yuna could finish her sentence, Hinata quickly covered her mouth, forcing her to stop speaking.

“I-Its fine; you can go to Mei. Y-You have my permission.”

Yunas smile widened as she pushed Hinatas hands aside and gave her a deep kiss.

“Remember, I will never stop loving you, Hinata.”

Hinata couldnt help but smile warmly at Yunas words.

‘Indeed, Yuna is someone who has a lot of love to give. Far more than a single person can handle. Well, I had already accepted that there would be others when our relationship started, so there is honestly no longer any point in arguing about it.

Seeing the acceptance on Hinatas face, Yuna gave her another kiss and wanted to get off of Hinata, but Hinata gripped her hand before she could.

“Wait, although I gave you my permission, there is a condition attached to it.”

Yuna raised her eyebrow when she heard that. A condition? That was not something she expected Hinata to say, but she decided to listen carefully for now.

“So, what is it.”

A surprisingly devious expression appeared on Hinatas face as she said her condition.

“I want Mei to be unable to walk properly tomorrow.”

Yunas eyes widened in surprise, and moments later, an equally devious expression appeared on her face.

“That is very evil. I love it.”

After all, it was rather obvious why all the Kage decided to stay here, in enemy territory. This was the perfect opportunity to have some conversations between fellow village leaders and maybe even a chance to fish for some information. If Mei were unable to walk probably during all that… Well, it would be rather comically.

Yuna leaned down again, giving Hinata another kiss. This time, their tounges started fighting each other as the duo exchanged salvia. Yuna could feel Hinatas hands move down her hips until they finally reached her butt and fondled it.

The duo separated a few seconds later, an excited expression on both of their faces.

“Another round?”

“Yes, but this time you will do all the moving, Yuna.”

“Hehe, as princess Hinata commands.”

Around two hours later, Yuna left the room with a satisfied expression on her face.

Meanwhile, Ao and Chojuro were standing in front of Meis bedroom, and while Ao had a guarded expression, only boredom could be seen on Chojuros face.

“Do you really think we need to guard Mei-samas room the whole night, Ao-san?”

“Of course! That is our job, after all!”

Chojuro could only sigh and continue standing around. For some reason, Ao decided that there was a high chance that Mei would be attacked tonight, so he was currently on edge.

Meanwhile, Ao certainly thought Mei might be attacked, but things werent exactly as Chojuro expected.

‘That damn monster is definitely coming after Mei-sama tonight. I can feel it. I will protect Mei-sama no matter what.

Two hands appeared next to his head as those thoughts went through his mind. One covered his mouth, silencing him instantly and the other one, glowing with an arrangement of blue seals, touched Aos head, causing him to fall unconscious immediately.

Then, the two hands gripped him and pulled him towards the sealing, where he vanished into the darkness.

“Say, Ao-san, wouldnt it be bet… Ao-san?”

Chojuro didnt notice Aos disappearance at all, and resumed talking to him. While doing so, he moved his head and saw that Ao was suddenly gone. Before he could do anything else, the two hands reappeared next to his head and gave him the same treatment Ao received, ultimately pulling him into the darkness.

“Hehe, that was too easy.”

A figure wearing nothing but black with only their purple eyes visible appeared where Chojuro previously stood and glanced at the lock keeping the door closed with interest.

“Well, this shouldnt be too hard.”

A professional-looking lockpicking set appeared in the figures hands, and after taking two of the tools, it disappeared again.

The figure inserted the first tool to put tension on the lock and then moved the other on.

“Lets see, thats a click out of one. Two is binding. Oh, nice click out of three~”

And so, the figure casually started lockpicking the lock to Meis room.

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