Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 463: Oh? Another Enemy for Life? Its been a while~

Chapter 462: Yet another Story of the Past… again.

Inside a highly decorated room with complex-looking formations spinning on all the walls, a mature woman with pure blue hair and white eyes was sitting crosslegged on the ground.

She had been sitting like that for multiple days by now. However, after a few more minutes of sitting like that, she took a deep breath and stood up. Surprisingly, the breath manifested as white mist and hit one of the walls, freezing a small patch of it.

“As expected, after my breakthrough a few hours ago, Ive reached a bottleneck. There is no point in further cultivation for now.”

The woman looked around the room and sighed deeply.

“Guess its time to abandon this place as well. Although I have killed very few young masters over the course of the last few years, who knows who is currently hunting me down.”

The woman nodded in approval at her own words, walked towards the only door into the room, and opened it.

“”Welcome, Yuna-sama and congratulations on your breakthrough.””

As soon as she opened the door, she was greeted by two women. One of them had a very soft-looking face, long brown hair, and most prominently, a pair of dog ears on her head and a bushy brown tail growing just over her butt.

The other woman had a much sharper face. She had black hair and cat-like blue eyes. Additionally, she had a pair of cat ears on her head and a black cat tail growing out just above her butt.

Additionally, both of them were wearing black collars around their neck.

The woman, Yuna, couldnt help but smile warmly when she saw the duo greeting her. Without a moment of hesitation, she started petting the duos head, causing the doggirl to wag her tail while the catgirl began purring.

After the incident with Kazumi, it took some time for Yuna to take in another servent, but ultimately she decided to do so. When you spend multiple days holed up in one room, constantly cultivating, having someone to serve you is somewhat helpful.

“Thank you for guarding the room. How about a little reward? I can release you two from the slave collars if you want.”

The catgirl immediately pouted when she heard Yunas suggestion.

“Yuna-sama, please stop with that joke. We have already mentioned that we belong to you multiple times, and we dont want that to change.”

Yuna chuckled in amusement when she heard the same answer she had received many times by now and continued petting the duos heads.

Unlike with Kazumi, Yuna didnt hide her emotions in front of her two servants, which caused the two to warm up to her quite a bit.

Obviously, she didnt blame herself for Kazumis betrayal all these years ago. She might not have shown her any emotions, but Yuna never mistreated her. In fact, considering she occasionally gave her some cultivation resources that Yuna no longer needed, most people in her position would probably be jealous of her. After all, she was just a mortal slave Yuna had bought cheaply. People like that were usually only used for manual labor, sexual relief, or even worse things.

“Well, that might be the case, but I still would like to reward you two for how well you have served me so far.”

After Yuna said that, the duo briefly glanced at each other, and after they saw the glimmer of determination in each others eyes, they nodded their heads at each other and focused on Yuna. The doggirl was the first to speak.

“Yuna-sama, we know that it is a rather outragous request, and we hope that you wont get angry at us for making such a request.”

Yuna couldnt help but be curious when she saw how the duo suddenly started fidgeting while a slight blush crept upon their faces.

“Very well, make your request. I swear that I wont get angry, no matter what it is.”

Yet again, the duo nodded at each other as the catgirl started speaking.

“I-If possible, we would like to serve Yuna-sama…uhhh … well… *cough* at night.”

At first, Yuna didnt know what exactly she meant, but after pondering on it for a short moment, she realized what the catgirl meant.

“Ohh? So you want to have sex with me.”

The duo blushed furiously when they heard Yunas bold words and meekly lowered their heads. Meanwhile, Yuna was deep in thought about what she should do.

‘Well, I never had sex before, and I cant deny that Im slightly interested. I have already noticed that my preference seems to be females instead of males. Additionally, Im rather fond of this duo, so I wouldnt mind getting closer to them.

“Sure, lets do it.”

The duos heads snapped up in surprise when they heard Yunas nonchalant answer. However, they couldnt help but be happy that Yuna agreed. Both of them thought of Yuna as their savior. After all, instead of becoming the sex slaves of some random old man, Yuna bought them, resulting in them becoming something like highly regarded servants that were even allowed to cultivate.

They never expected their life to take such a sharp turn, so they wanted to return the favor to Yuna with everything they got. Both of them preferred the fairer gender, and since there was nothing else they could offer, they decided to at least offer Yuna to pleasure her at night. They werent certain whether she would agree or not, but since she did, they couldnt help but get excited to repay some of the favor they owed Yuna.

“Alright, Yuna-sama. We will make sure to make everything as pleasurable as we can for you.”

Yuna simply nodded her head, and then the trio returned to the room Yuna had just exited. Moments later, the sounds of three people moaning started echoing out of the room for a long time.

Around two hours later, Yuna stood naked in front of a window; her two servants passed out on the bed.

Surprisingly, the bottleneck she previously felt blocking her cultivation was loosened quite a bit.

“I see: balance. Sex is also a part of life, so it can be used to balance out all the hard work I previously did. Well, it being rather pleasurable obviously is a bonus as well. However…”

Yuna glanced at her two passed-out servants and shook her head.

“… Im not satisfied yet.”

Yuna looked out of the window for quite some time, and after a few dozen minutes of doing so, enlightenment struck her as she started speaking with a voice seemingly containing the worlds greatest wisdom.

“I will make a harem.”

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