Chapter 467: Unlocking more Potential

A middle-aged man with long, white, spiky hair was currently sitting in a dimly lit room. He wore the usual shinobi headband on his forehead, but instead of his affiliation, it had the word “study” carved into it. Additionally, he was constantly murmuring to himself while furiously scribbling on dozens of scrolls that were spread all around the room.

“Damnit, I can definitely break through those seals. Definitely! Im so close. Last time, I managed to break open the seal, just to be met with a stronger one, but I have reached the last one this time. Im sure of it. My guts are telling me that Im almost there. Just a little further.”

“Yo, young pervert, I wasnt expecting you to be the academic type.”

Suddenly, another person appeared in the room and started talking to Jiraiya, almost causing him to change the color of his underwear in shock.

“Shit! Dont sneak up on me like that, Yuna.”

“I wasnt sneaking up on you at all. I banged on the door for like half a minute, and when no one answered, I decided to lockpick it.”


Yuna waved Jiraiyas complaint away and sat down opposite him, glancing at the spread-out scrolls that all contained some complex sealing formulas.

‘Not bad. He reached the level of Naruto when he was around eleven years old. A few more years, and he should be able to break through the current security system of the compounds bathhouse. That is, of course, only if I dont give him a little motivation.

“There will be a war soon, and I came here to give you a little… motivation.”


Yunas eyebrows twitched in irritation when she heard Jiraiyas accusation.

‘Why is everyone instantly assuming that I was the cause of the war.

[Because its reasonable. Besides, didnt you almost cause a war with Kumo? ]

‘*Sigh* What can I say? Is it really my fault that Im so beautiful that nations are willing to go to war for me.

[Ah, I see, your ability to change your own memories at will was activated yet again.]

Yuna ignored Kuramas comeback and shook her head.

“Im not the initiator. Akatsuki has declared war against the world.”

Jiraiya sighed in relief when he heard that Konoha wouldnt have to fight the whole world and nodded his head, waiting for Yuna to resume speaking.,

“Anyway, thats not why I came here.”

As she said that, he pulled out a stack of five books and placed them on the table, causing Jiraiya to swallow some saliva.

“*Gulp* Is that what I think it is.”

“It is.”

Jiraiya moved at lightning speed, picked up the first book, and instantly started reading however…

“Its empty?”

He gave the book another glance and realized that some seals were written on it.

“Hehe, to read the content, you have to break the seal concealing it.”

Jiraiyas eyes widened in surprise, and moments later, steel-like determination appeared on Jiraiyas face. He completely ignored Yuna and got to work. Nevertheless, there is something else Yuna had to mention.

“These are sorted by difficulty, with the book on the bottom having the highest one. Frankly, after you are capable of unsealing the last book, you should be capable of breaking through the current seal protecting the Uzumaki clans womens bathing area.”

Although Jiraiya wasnt paying much attention to Yunas words at first, when she said the last part, his head immediately shot up, and he looked at Yuna in surprise.



Fire seemed to come out of Jiraiyas eyes as his determination soared to unknown heights, and he quickly resumed deciphering the seals.

‘Considering that we will likely face the Edo Tensei, an additional skilled seal master should be rather helpful for this war. This should allow him to break through his limit.

[*Sigh* he is so blinded by his desire for porn that he didnt even notice that you said “current seal”. When do you plan to upgrade it again?]

‘Naruto is currently doing it.

[*Sigh* Three people, all of whom get motivated by something perverted.]

‘It is, how it is.

A few days later, the talks about the alliance and the incoming war ended, and the five Kage returned to their respective villages to prepare for the war. Yuna and Naruto were currently inside the Hokage office and were looking at Tsunade with dead eyes, while Tsunade had a stoic expression on her face. Moments later, Yuna started speaking.

“So, just so I dont misunderstand the situation: You want to send Naruto and me to a remote, isolated Island to survey animals even though a massive war could start any time soon.”

Tsunade hardly reacted to Yunas words and only nodded her head, causing Yuna to snort in disdain.

“Tsunade, are you perchance doubting my intelligence?”

Tsunades expression faltered for a moment, and then she simply sighed in defeat.

“Look, Yuna, that stupid Raikage wanted me to send you out on a mission to prevent you two from getting captured. I insisted that there was no way you would fall for that, but that stubborn fool wouldnt budge.”

Yuna could only sigh when she heard Tsunades words as a sad expression appeared on her face.

“*Sigh* I didnt want to do it, but I guess there is no other choice. Someone just earned himself another cock slap.”

If it were a year ago, Tsunade would have probably chided Yuna for potentially causing an international incident however…

“Mah, just dont overdo it. If he dies from a heart attack due to his anger, we lose a valuable combat asset.”

… Tsunade has pretty much stopped giving a shit as well. If Sasuke were a little older, she would have already straight-up walked towards him and put the Hokage hat on him.

“Haha, no worries. I know where his bottom line is, and I also know how far I can cross it before things genuinely go to shit.”

Tsunade simply nodded her head at Yunas rather dangerous statement and pondered whether she should get herself another drink.

‘After all, why not? Why shouldnt I do it?

She glanced at the stacks of paperwork on her desk and then casually let them disappear into one of her storage seals.

“Sasuke can worry about those~ Oh no, will you look at that? All my work is already done; I guess its time to have some fun.”

Meanwhile, Yuna was still looking at the mission scroll she was holding and shrugged her shoulders.

‘Oh well, might as well go and take a look~

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