Chapter 468: Yunas Defeat

Deep underneath the Uzumaki compound, Yuna and Anko stood opposite of each other. While Yunas face was filled with curiosity, there was a cocky smile on Ankos face. A few minutes ago, Anko challenged Yuna to a sparring match, claiming that she had found Yunas weakness.

Did Yuna believe that she had no weaknesses? No, that would be absurd. Being perfect in combat is impossible. However, did Yuna believe that Anko had the skills necessary to see through Yunas weaknesses? No.

So, Yuna didnt believe that Anko had found a weakness in her technique for even a second. Yuna wasnt looking down on Anko or anything like that, but the difference between raw combat experience and the amount of time they refined their techniques was simply too huge a gulf to cross.

There was only a single conclusion: Anko had found some other weakness she could use to distract, trick, or even bribe Yuna with. As far as she knew, there was nothing like this, so she was somewhat interested in what Anko was planning.

Moments later, the fight started, but neither of the combatants moved. Yuna waited for Anko to make her move, while Anko didnt even take a combat stance and started talking instead.

“Well, I have to say this cultivation stuff you taught us is really incredible. Somehow I feel my strength increasing every day.”

Although Yuna was somewhat confused about why Anko suddenly started chatting, she decided to humor her and answered.

“Yeah, but you shouldnt get too used to it. Someday you will reach a point where even a hundred years wont make much of a difference.”

Anko nodded her head in understanding and happily continued chatting.

“Say, I always wondered how widespread the practice of cultivation was in your previous world.”

Yuna pondered Ankos question for a short moment before answering her.

“Honestly, that depended on how high-ranked a world you were on. While there were worlds that had only very sparse Nature Energy, there were also higher worlds with incredible thick Nature Energy.

In the former, it wouldnt be unusual for there to be almost no cultivators at all. Usually, those kinds of worlds tended to focus on technology instead. Since having too much Nature Energy in the air would mess with the law of physics, those technologies were rarely seen in higher worlds.

As for worlds with extremely dense Natural Energy, pretty much anyone would be born with some cultivation.”

Ankos smile widened when she heard Yunas words, confusing her immensely. Anko was clearly leading her somewhere, but she couldnt tell where Anko was going with this at all.

“I see~ However, this world seems to work on different principles, doesnt it?”

Yuna nodded her head at Ankos question.

“Indeed. Although the Nature Energy in the air is decently thick, technology is still striving to some degree. Well, the presence of chakra is weird in itself for me, as no such energy existed in my previous life.”

Anko seemed to be satisfied with that answer and happily continued talking.

“Yeah, I thought so. However, despite there being quite a bit of Nature Energy, we have never met another cultivator before, have we?”

Yuna felt that she was slowly getting ensnared in a trap, but she couldnt find out how no matter how she looked at it. Frankly, she was very intrigued.

“Correct. Frankly, I find that a little weird as well, but since most people arent even aware of the existence of Nature Energy, I guess I shouldnt be too surprised. Maybe, in a few hundred years, someone will pop up who makes the first step towards cultivation by themself.”

Anko couldnt help but chuckle at Yuna, who clearly knew that she was walking into a trap but didnt know what kind of trap it was. Frankly, she had expected Yuna to realize what she was getting at for a while now, but maybe Yunas mind was subconsciously suppressing those thoughts. So, Anko decided to make the big reveal.

“I see, so no one in this world knows about it, while most people in your previous life did at least know about cultivation.”

Yuna had a terrible feeling right now. She felt like she was sinking deeper and deeper into Ankos trap without knowing what it entailed. It had been a long time since Yuna felt like this, and she couldnt help but be excited by whatever Anko prepared for her.

A massive grin appeared on Ankos face as she said her following words.

“In that case, couldnt you have chosen a different name for cultivation when you introduced it to us?”

Yunas whole body froze when she heard Ankos words. However, not only her body but even her mind came to a complete standstill. That had not happened even once since she reincarnated into this new body.

‘I-I could have given it another name?

It took a while, but her brain rebooted, and this was the first question that popped up. She never thought about that at all. After all, everyone called it cultivation in her previous world, so Yuna did the same without even thinking about it.

‘I-I could! No one in this world knew about it after all. I could have given it a better name. A name that was much more awesome.

Yunas body swayed a little as her face paled when she made that realization. However, she quickly realized that there was something even worse. She no longer could think about it calmly as she shouted out her grievances with a despair-filled voice.


Yuna coughed out blood as her knees landed on the floor, her face twisted in regret and despair. Her dead eyes landed on Anko as she started speaking.

“I love you, Anko. Tell the rest of my harem that I love them as well.”

After her last words, Yunas body collapsed, but before she could fall to the ground, Naruto appeared next to her and cradled her limp body to his chest. Tears were streaming out of his eyes as he tilted his head back and opened his mouth.


However, Yuna quickly reopened her eyes and glanced at Anko again.

“Oh, and dont forget to give Karin a smack on the butt from me.”

Then, her body slumped over again… just for her to reopen her eyes a second time and look at Naruto instead.

“Oh, and the Raikage earned himself another mannequin-cock slap; I leave it to you, Naruto.”

Then, she slumped over a third time, causing Narutos eyebrows to twitch in irritation, while Anko chuckled in amusement. Yet again, Naruto opened his mouth.


Narutos “grief-filled” yell came out a little dull this time.

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