Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 474: Yet another Story of the past… again… again part 3

Chapter 473: Yet another Story of the past… again… again part 2

“You want me to get bullied?”

Question marks popped up above the young mans head when she heard what kind of mission Yuna had for him.

“Im sorry, I dont understand what you mean by that, sect mistress.”

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. I want you to be my sects weakest link.”

The young man pondered on Yunas words for a short moment before realizing what she wanted him to do.

“I see. You want me to continue using my face-changing technique, and the more I get bullied, the more I will change back to my original appearance, making people think that I resent this sect.

Then, there is a high chance that enemies of this sect will try to use me as a tool, making me somewhat of a double agent.”

Yuna nodded in approval at the young mans conclusion. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders, greatly pleasing Yuna.


Before the young man could continue his thoughts, Yuna interrupted him.

“However, why would someone approach you with your current status. After all, you have only recently joined my sect and have no connections worth mentioning.”

He nodded in agreement as he patiently waited for Yuna to continue. Clearly, she had already planned everything. Yunas gaze wandered from the young man to her ten children.

“That is where you ten come in. I want one of you to take him in as a follower, while I want the other nine to look down on him openly.”

Before anyone could answer Yuna, her gaze returned to the young man.

“However, before we do anything else, I would like to know if you are willing to do it? Naturally, you will be compensated for your trouble.”

The young man couldnt help but be surprised that he actually had a choice. He expected Yuna to simply order him to do what she wanted while ignoring his opinion. However, he didnt ponder Yunas question for long.

‘How can I not agree? My actions will help the sect discover spies, and I might even be able to sniff out some hidden plots. By making such considerable contributions, surely there will be a massive reward waiting for me.

He was just about to agree when Yuna continued talking.

“Before you agree, I want you to think about this properly. If you decide to take this role, you will be frequently beaten and humiliated.”

Yunas words caused the young man to pause as he restarted thinking about his actions.

‘She is right. Living in this sect will probably be like living in hell, if I agree. However, I dont care. There is nothing Im not willing to do for my revenge. So what if I have to live through hell for a few years? As long as I reach my goal in the end, I dont mind.

Yuna saw a ruthless glint pass through the young mans eyes, causing her to smile.

‘As expected, revenge-crazed people are still the easiest to control. Dangle a chance to get their revenge in front of them, and they instantly become obedient.

“Before I agree or disagree, may I know what kind of compensation I will receive?”

Yuna was even more impressed that the person in front of her had at least the ability to think somewhat rationally. Other people with his mindset would probably jump at the opportunity without giving it a second thought. This one is at least smart enough to ask what he will get.

“10000 medi… *cough* low-level spiritual stones per da… *cough*… we… *cough* month.”

When Yuna was about to reveal what kind of compensation she would offer, one of her children quickly connected to her with telepathy and started scolding her for wanting to give the young man way too much wealth. Considering drool was almost coming out of his mouth, that was probably correct as he seemed to be overwhelmed by getting “just” 10000 small spirit stones per month.

Well, Yuna usually got her wealth from robbing gra… *cough* gaining the inheritance of some venerable ancestors, so she had ridiculous amounts of wealth and no idea what it was actually worth.

Although the young man was drooling a little due to how many spirit stones he could get, he still wasnt sure if it was worth it. Although having pretty much-unlimited spirit stones would definitely speed up his cultivation, there was a big problem with that.

Before he could think about it any further, Yuna resumed talking, instantly blowing away all his troubles.

“Additionally, you will be allowed to pick one cultivation technique from my sects library. Except for the forbidden ones, you can choose freely.”

Yes, that was the problem the young man had. Having a lot of spirit stones was definitely a good thing, but if he only had a mediocre cultivation technique, what would be their use? Not everyone could be a monster like Yuna, who created and evolved their cultivation technique by instinct.

The young man stepped forward and bowed to Yuna again.

“Im willing to accept this mission.”

Yuna nodded her head as her gaze landed on her ten children.

“Well, which one of you will take him in?”

Moments later, a woman with pure white skin and two small horns on her head stepped forward.

“Im willing, mum. One of my followers has a nasty attitude, and I was about to send him away, but I think he might be helpful for this.”

Yuna nodded in approval as she eyed her other children.

“You nine know your job. A few derisive comments should be more than enough to make your followers take action. However, and I can not stress this enough, if one of them goes too far and cripples or even kills our “bully-victim”, there will be severe consequences. Is that understood?”

While asking her last question, intense pressure filled the room, causing Yunas ten children to straighten their backs. They realized that that last question wasnt asked by Yuna in her role as their mother but by her role as the leader of this sect.

“”””””””””Yes, sectmistress!””””””””””

Yuna nodded in approval when her children realized what her last question meant. Her gaze returned to the young man since she wanted to say a few more words, but her face stiffened as soon as her eyes landed on him.

The young man was lying passed out on the ground.

“Thats definitely not my fault. He must have some hidden sickness.”

All ten of her children rolled their eyes in tandem when they heard Yunas shameless excuse.

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