Chapter 474: Yet another Story of the past… again… again part 3

A few days later, Yunas eldest son, Omura, walked through the core area of Yunas sect, the Heavenly Divine Ice Sect of Eternal Frost, followed by a large group of followers. He looked at the sign majestically showing that name and sighed deeply.

‘*Sigh* I really wonder how mother came up with a name like that. She truly is a genius.

“What are you sighing for, senor brother.”

“Dont worry about it, Yanagi; I just couldnt help by sigh when I saw the majestic name my mother gave our sect.”

Yanagis face stiffened a little as a little bit of cold sweat started flowing down his back.

“Yesyesyes, a truly majestic name… *cough*”

“Indeed, such an incredible naming sense!”

“Yes, truly marvelous!”

“As expected of sect-mistress-sama!”

As soon as Yanagi finished giving a slightly awkward answer, a few more people enthusiastically started praising Yuna. While Omura considered Yanagi to be his friend, despite the respectful tone, the others were just bootlickers.

He considered sending them away, but he usually used them as errand boys, something he didnt want his friend to become, so he decided to keep them for now.

A few moments later, a tall woman with pure white skin and two horns on her head walked past Omura. Just like Omura, a small group of people followed her around. A smile appeared on Omuras face when he noticed his half-sister, causing him to give her a friendly nod, which she reciprocated.

Although there would occasionally be some conflict between Yunas children, they usually got along rather well. Especially Omura, the eldest son, had a good relationship with most of his siblings.

While she was walking past him, Omuras eyes landed on one of the people following her, causing him to click his tongue in annoyance.

‘Time to start mothers plan.

“Do you dislike that kid, Omura-sama?”

As expected, one of his bootl… *cough* followers immediately picked up on his dissatisfaction and asked him what was wrong.

“Yeah, I dislike him. Apparently, my little sister made him one of her followers and even gave him some cultivation recourses.”

“What!? I thought he was just a servant. Why is such a meek-looking boy allowed to follow your esteemed sister?”

Omuras face darkened even further when he heard his followers question.

“I dont know. She claims that she saw his hidden potential, but I think he simply manages to sweet-talk my innocent little sister.”

“This… would you like me to… deal with him?”

The other followers gasped in surprise when they heard that offer. Obviously, they werent surprised by the proposal itself since none of them would hesitate to kill someone to get Omuras favor. What surprised them was that someone actually dared to propose something like that at all. After all, Omura was strictly against doing stuff like that.

They expected Omura to give the person who made the offer a heavy scolding, or maybe even a beating, but, to their surprise, he was genuinely thinking about what he had just heard.

“Fine, do it, but, whatever you do, you are not allowed to cripple or kill him.”

“May I ask why?”

“If you do, my mother will find out about it.”

The follower hastily nodded his head before a nasty expression appeared on his face.

“How about I do it in a way that will make it look like a natural death?”

Omura paused his steps when he heard those words. He looked at the person who just asked that question like he was this worlds greatest idiot.

“Do you honestly think you could do it in a way my mother cant see through? That mother who grew up as an orphan in a lower world and somehow reached the peak of this realms power? Do you have that kind of ability?”

A shiver of terror went through the followers spine when he realized what he had just offered.

‘Doing it in a way she wouldnt notice? Am I insane? That woman fought against the world and won… multiple times. She never joined any sect or organization and was always alone, yet, she came out on top.

“I apologize for my careless words, Omura-sama.”

Omura snorted in disdain and waved him away, causing him to leave with a wicked expression on his face. When Omura saw that expression, he could only sigh.

‘This is what you wanted, young man. You could have rejected mothers request whenever you wanted, but you decided to go through it for the sake of your revenge. You really cant blame me for this.

A year later, the previously mentioned young man entered his home in the core region of the sect. As the follower of one of the sects strongest people, he naturally had the privilege to live here. However, unlike the other houses in the region, his was smeared with graffiti, and all the windows were broken.

The young man was currently sitting in the houses only room that wasnt damaged. The cultivation room. Obviously, the room wasnt intact because of the goodwill of the people, but because the last time someone destroyed it, he was heavily punished. After all, the formations in these rooms would increase someones cultivation speed and were thus the sects resources.

The young man sat crosslegged inside a complex formation. Bruises could be found all over his body, but he had a broad smile on his face despite that. He just had another breakthrough.

At first, he honestly wasnt sure if taking the deal was a good idea, but by now, he no longer had any doubts about it. His strength was soaring at a ridiculous rate as he had pretty much infinite resources.

Usually, if someone were to overuse spirit stones like he did, their foundation would become a mess. Fortunately, there were a lot of chances for him to battle superior opponents as more and more people came after him to beat him up for “daring to stand near the princess” or something equally ridiculous.

Yes, it was painful, and he would often be humiliated, but if someone asked him whether he regretted making this deal, he would decisively answer with a no. One year, maybe two, and he would have the strength necessary to get his revenge. What he expected to take 20, 30, or even 40 years was somehow achieved within two to three.

Moments later, someone opened the door. At first, he was frowning, but a small smile appeared on his face after seeing who it was.

“Greetings, senior sister.”

“Its been a while. Congratulations on your breakthrough. Have you been roped into a few more plots I can tell mum about?”

The young man straightened his back when he heard the young womans question.

“Yes, someone asked me whether Im willing to participate in…”

And just like that, another plot targeting Yunas sect was stopped before it could happen.

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