Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 476: Yet another Story of the past… again… again final part

Chapter 475: Not a Chapter

Sorry, my internet is down, and I cant get my chapter uploaded, so have a rant about all the things I tried to do to upload a chapter instead (and still failed)

Anyway, since I couldnt get the original chapter, I decided to write the next one and released them out of order ( past life story ends next chapter so that it would have been fine.)

I wrote the whole thing, and after I was done, I realized that I wrote it on my computer, which had no internet. In my defense, I wasnt expecting to be without proper internet for the whole day.

No problem, I take a USB stick, put it on there, transfer it to my laptop and then give my laptop a hotspot with my phone.

First try: I put everything on the stick and try to put it on my laptop. doc file corrupted, the whole thing is gone. I thought I just lost the chapter, but after a bit of googling, I found out how to restore files with a tmp data.

Second try: I put the document on the stick (make a safety copy) and try again. Word on my computer and on my laptop are different versions. I cant open it.

Third try: I copy the words from the doc file to a txt file, put it on the stick, and try again. The txt file was straight up not on the stick.

Fourth try: It actually fucking works.

I activate the hot spot on my phone, change the way setting on my laptop, and… I cant use the internet for some reason.

So, Im giving up.

I will probably post two chapters tomorrow.

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