Chapter 478: Was it really Evil Yuna?

Naruto couldnt believe what he was currently seeing. Yuna was sitting cross-legged a few meters away from him, and she seemed to be genuinely struggling with her so-called evil self. Well, Naruto briefly considered if she was currently fighting her good self and not the other way around. Anyway, Naruto couldnt remember if he had ever seen his older sister struggling with anything.

“So its like that. The only thing that can stop nee-san, is nee-san.”

Although Bee wasnt sure what Naruto was mumbling about, he was somewhat confused about the current situation as well. Yuna had been sitting there for almost an hour, which was far longer than he had ever seen someone sitting in front of the Waterfall of Truth. In fact, even ten minutes would have been pretty long.

“She has been sitting there for a long time now; I think something must have gone wrong. I think we should wake her up.”

Naruto pondered Bees words for a short moment and nodded his head. He walked over the water towards the small island Yuna was sitting on and was just about to wake her up when a shiver went through his spine.

His instincts were screaming at him not to wake up Yuna.

He hesitated a little longer before turning around and returning to Bees side.

“I think we should give her a little more time.”

Bee looked at Naruto in confusion before simply shrugging his shoulders. He sat down on the ground, took out the book he had previously received from Yuna, and started reading while occasionally taking notes.

Naruto glanced over his shoulder and took a peek, causing him to look at Bee in pity. Every page of the book contained multiple naked muscular men doing all kinds of things with each other. To make matters even worse, most of them looked similar to A and Bee.

Naruto gave the book another glance and quickly analyzed the almost impossible to notice seal arrangement covering the whole thing.

‘I see; its attuned to Bees chakra signature, so he is the only one who sees it as a book filled with lyrics.

[Im sure that isnt the only nasty thing that book can do.]

‘Probably, but I dont want to look too deeply into it.

[Probably a smart choice.]

A few hours later, Yuna stood up with an annoyed expression on her face.

‘Damn, why does this thing have a time limit? We were just about to get to the good parts.


‘Err, three?


‘Mah, if it wasnt two digits, then its still fine~

“Nee-san, are you alright?! That must have been a very intense fight for you to take so long.”

While Yuna was talking with Kurama, Naruto ran towards her with a worried expression.

“Hahaha, yeah, it was very intense. She almost got me a few times, but Im not someone who gets f*ucked so easily.”

“Isnt itfucked over?”

“Sure, lets go with that. Anyway, as expected of evil me, this was fun.”

When Naruto heard Yuna call her other self “evil me” some doubts appeared in his head.

“Nee-san, are you sure it was an evil version of you?”

“Naturally. Her eyes were pitch black; there is no way she could not have been my evil version.”

Although Naruto still wasnt entirely convinced, he decided to just shelf the issue. However, Yuna still had something else to add.

“Now that you breached the topic, there was really something weird about the other me. For some reason, she was wearing pure white clothing. Doesnt that kind of miss theevil version status? Shouldnt she have worn darker colors than me?”

Naruto looked at Yuna with a knowing smile before dismissing the topic as just something weird that happened.

‘As expected, so it was a good version of her.

[Honestly, Im not even surprised.]

Moments later, Bee reached the duo as well.

“Yo, what took you so long?”

“Dont worry about it. I just got into a pretty f*cky situation, and we had to do back and forth quite a lot. You know, just endlessly pounding our bodies against each other.”

Although Bee found the way Yuna explained the situation a little weird, he didnt comment any further on it. However, a light bulb appeared above Narutos head when he heard Yunas words. The way Yuna talked only sounded weird to Bee, but Naruto had lived with Yuna for a long time, so he could easily understand what she meant.

‘She f*cked her other self, didnt she?

[She probably did.]

‘Wait, if her other self was a good version of nee-san, why would she partake in something like that?

[The perversion runs too deep. Whether good or evil, she will always be a pervert.]

‘That… makes sense?

[Of course, it does.]

While Naruto was chatting with Kurama, Yunas eyes landed on him.

“Well, then, Naruto. Its time for you to meet your evil self.”

A frown appeared on Narutos face when he heard Yunas words, but after thinking about it for a short moment, he simply shrugged his shoulder.

“Sure, why not. Honestly, Im rather curious what an evil version of me will act like.”

“I wonder if he will act like a young master~”

Narutos body froze in place when he heard Yunas teasing words. He wanted to deny Yunas words, but he couldnt. He was the second most influential figure of Konohas strongest clan. Frankly, there is no way an evil version of him would NOT act like an arrogant young master.

“Be sure to give me a recording of the fight, Naruto.”

Naruto shuddered a little when he heard Yunas words. He inspected his body for hidden recording seals but couldnt find any, which didnt improve his concern by much. Despite that, he sat down cross-legged on the small island, and just like Yuna before him, he started meditating.

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